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Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Adventure Ride is scheduled for Saturday November 1 2008- UPDATED 10/31/2008

Saturday, November 1st All Soul's Day Bike Ride. It will be a night ride and we are planning on stopping at some "haunted" locations, at least three cemeteries and possible a few other stops. The ride will start at 7PM since it gets dark early . Possibly 30-40 miles total. This will be a "choose your own adventure" type ride. We will have a list of locations to visit and then we will pick a route as we ride. The ride will end at

Por Vida!
a Day of the Dead celebration!
Host: Kat Moya
Type: Music/Arts - Opening
Start Time: Saturday, November 1, 2008 at 10:00pm
Location: junctionview studios
Street: 889 williams ave
City/Town: Columbus, OH

$3 cover charge

If interested email me at raymondmgeorge [at]

Originally we planned for Halloween ride, but the multitude of events going on have forced the reschedule.

I want to add a power sensor to my crank. What can I do?

The CinQo Power Sensor

Tired of being told which head unit to use with your power sensor? Make that a thing of the past with the CinQo. Its compatibility with the ANT+Sport network now gives you choice! You can use the CinQo with any other computer that is on the ANT+Sport network.

2.4 GHz Digital Wireless
ANT+Sport compatible
10 Strain gages
User Replaceable CR2450 battery

Projected 130 grams
± 2% Accuracy

The website...

Hans "No Way" Rey on Trans World Sport

I remember Hans Rey from the 80's when he ruled trials. This video is amazing.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bikin Bob rides

I heard through the grapevine that Bob has decided he will NOT be scheduling his rides for this winter. : (
I may try to get out and ride some 50 - 75 mile loops each weekend. Please feel free to email me if interested.
raymondmgeorge [at]

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mark your calendar: February 27 – March 1, 2009

Welcome to the world’s leading handmade bicycle show! I would like to invite you to register for the 2009 North American Handmade Bicycle Show, to be held in Indianapolis, Indiana, February 27 – March 1, 2009

The site...

Not bike related, but very cool: One Week Jobs

Between Feb 2007 and March 2008, Sean Aiken completed an epic journey around North America, working 52 jobs in 52 weeks.
Sean Aiken graduated from college and didn’t know what he wanted to do for a career (or what he wanted to do with his life).
Instead of take the first job that came along, he found a unique way of figuring it out: the One Week Job project.

Here is his story...

Looking for used (and new) equipment that the Pros use?

Buy it directly from the a pro team. Team Toyota-United sells their used (and sometimes new) equipment on their website. You can make an offer on a wide variety of equipment. Go to the homepage and look for the link in the lower left corner.

The website is here...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ride 10/27/08 Report

Not much to report since I didn't show up. The report was 9 people showed. 4 people left early. Then another person left, leaving on 4 to ride which didn't go very far.

Maybe next week.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Kona Utility Bikes - Ute and Sutra

Kona 7005 Aluminum Urban Utility Frame • Kona P2 Disc Fork • Kona Engraved Wooden Platform Rack System • Hayes MX4 Mechanical Front/Avid SD-5 Rear Brakes • Smoky Mudflap Fenders • Big Ute Bag • Centermount Kickstand

PRICE* $1199 USD
Kona Cromoly Butted Frame • FSA Omega MegaExo Triple Crank/BB • Shimano Deore XT/Bar-Con 9 Speed Drive Train • Mavic A317 Disc Rims • Avid BB7 Road Disc Brakes

Kona's website is here...

Own a iPhone 3G and want to map your rides?

iMapMy (powered by MapMyFitness is a location-based application that uses the built in GPS technology on your iPhone to allow runners, cyclists, (or any outdoor fitness activity) to track their daily training data, including:

Total Time
Total Distance (in miles or kilometers)
Pace (minutes per km/mile) or current speed
Average Speed / Pace (km/mile)
View your running maps directly on your iPhone
Training Log including Distance, Calories Burned, Time, and Date
Add Your Workout to Twitter
There is no need to buy a separate watch or GPS device, all your training and mapping needs can be met with your iPhone and iMapMyRun/iMapMyRide application. This amazing technology is directly linked to the most powerful social networking, mapping, and fitness training site on the internet today at or Our sites are famous for its mapping technology and now with iMapMyRun/iMapMyRide you can instantaneously download and view your maps on the site or in Google Earth, post them to your blog or website, email them to friends, or print them out for an event or group run!

With more than 1 Million visitors a month and 2.6 Million running & cycling maps in the database for you to search, try, and rate there is no better way to enhance your training. (running) and (cycling) have forums with thousands of other users to help your answer questions about training, where to run or ride, and just about anything that you need to know about fitness. Our community section has more than 3,000 running and cycling clubs to help you find training partners and with our recently released private messaging service you can communicate with other members directly. In addition, to these features you can find events in your area, create maps from scratch, download famous marathon or tour routes, and see stories written by other users. There is no better place on the web to connect with other like-minded users and store your training.

MapMyFitness provides active individuals with the tools and community they need to succeed and excel in their athletic pursuits. The MapMyFitness, LLC suite of Web sites is the premier source for community-based fitness content, tools, calculators, and mapping technologies on the internet today. MapMyFitness subscribers are able to visualize their health and fitness training progress through the use of interactive online maps, workout logs, fitness calculators and tools, mobile devices, and subscriber-led community groups.

Here is the site... Get riding!

Derny Racing

A Derny is a motorized bicycle designed and built for motor-paced track cycling events (e.g. motor-paced races in six-day and Keirin racing) or motor-paced road races.

More from the Wiki...

I will post some more pics and links when I get a chance.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Freecycle has nothing to do with bicycling

But, it does have something to do with FREE and recycling.

Welcome! The Freecycle Network™ is made up of 4,619 groups with 6,013,000 members across the globe. It's a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns. It's all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. Each local group is moderated by a local volunteer (them's good people). Membership is free. To sign up, find your community by entering it into the search box above or by clicking on “Browse Groups” above the search box. Have fun!

The org's site

Columbus site

I love graffiti

The website covers a wide group of cities from around the world.

Lay down some paint...

Cardboard Bicycles

Chris Gilmour

by Guido Bartorelli

The work of Chris Gilmour provokes surprise and amazement beyond what could appear to be a mere process of reproduction. In returning to the value of making and strongly emphasising it, these works reveal a process of understanding that lets us see everyday reality with new awareness and appreciation. This practice avoids a withdrawal into the limbo of craft, and implies an intimate and profound quest towards the reason of things.

Gilmour has imposed a strict logic on his works he makes objects using only cardboard and glue. There is no supporting structure, no wooden or metal frame. His interpretations of everyday objects are created in adherence to the use of a pure and single material, but instead of the marble or bronze of classical statues, he has chosen one of the most humble and commonly found of our industrial times.

Packaging cardboard is, by its very nature, intended to contain but it is then discarded. Gilmour, however, uses it to contain the work’s own identity and to highlight the displacement between the original object and the one made in cardboard. This displacement is marked by difference: his sculptures (and apart from the use of such a poor material, they conform to all the accepted precepts of sculpture) are not mere copies, but rather translations from life. This translation brings with it a process of knowledge- the knowledge of the small things within which the sense of daily existence is hidden.

The artist compares his sculptures to drawing, a way of seeing objects by observing and measuring them. There is a process of deconstruction, followed by the actual construction process. It is in this process of making, in an almost instantaneous and immediate construction, as if Gilmour was using a pencil on a piece of paper, that the subtlety of diversity is embodied.

Gilmour’s work includes stunning virtuoso life-size objects, as well as cruder and more essential reproductions, sometimes left at a stage that calls to mind drafts or models. These are however all based on objects we have all experienced first hand- a typewriter, a car, a bicycle, a wheelchair. These objects are always carefully chosen for their evocative and conceptual power, for the potential for mnemonic narration that they contain. They offer a blank canvas upon which the viewer can project their own memories or experiences, recalling collective perceptions or the gestures and the rituals of daily life. All the objects have an uncanny power to provoke a sensation of attraction and a desire to interact in the viewer. The ordinariness of the actions associated with these objects causes the viewer to unthinkingly act out the gesture associated with it- to type, or to open the car door- and it is this contradiction between the seeming functionality of the objects and the fact that in reality they are “fake”, this peculiar conceptual short circuit, which increases the bewildering effect of the works and lets us into a poetry of pure plastic forms.

The artist website

What is going on here?

Revelation Cycling Rack Long Term Review

Revelation Cycles Rack

Here are some pics of the rack in use. I will post my comments about the rack and accessories when I am able.

The Revelation Cycling website

I have a child that needs a road bike. - What bikes are available?

There a couple of options for child sized versions of "adult" road bikes.

Blue website...

Pinarello website...

Felt Racing website...

Have you seen any other child sized versions of adult bikes? Editors Note - I do not have a child. This is supposed to be information for people asking that question. I appreciate the comments received and recommendations for children's bikes.

Gary Fisher Simple City 8 - Available in mens and womens models

Gold Series aluminum

Alloy front hub/Nexus 8spd rear hub w/roller brake, alloy rims

Nexus internal hub rear derailleur, Shimano Alfine shifter, Bontrager Nebula crank, Rear Shimano roller brake, front alloy caliper brake | (Full Specs)

Cromoly unicrown


MD (18.5") | LG (21") | XL (23.5") | (Sizing)

Gloss Sand

the website

MonkeyLectric Monkey Light in Columbus

The MonkeyElectric light system is in the wild! I saw the system in action on Saturday night on a friends bike. To get the effects shown on their website I think you either need to ride really fast or tinker with the settings. I will post some pics when I get a chance.

Is it time for change in Columbus? The City wants us to revise the Traffic Code UPDATED


This group has, at some point, expressed willingness to review
Columbus' draft updates to the Traffic Code as it pertains to bicycle
operation. I have also added a few of my long-time contacts that might
be interested in this process. (please feel free to identify other
persons that might want to help)

The process:

An invited/appointed stakeholder group has met twice in the last 6
weeks to provide input & guidance to City Staff in their preparation
of a set of draft updates to the Traffic Code. Our stakeholder group
expects to receive the draft updates at a meeting tomorrow (Wed.)

Quick turnaround expected:

The City has set a tentative feedback deadline for the draft updates
of next Friday (Oct 31)…which means I would need to gather your
feedback a day prior to compile and present.

So…I'm asking you to "standby" and look for me to forward the draft
Code updates to you by the end of this week for your

On behalf of both my roles with Consider Biking and the Columbus
Transportation & Pedestrian Commission, I thank you for your
willingness to ensure Columbus adopts the most progressive Traffic
Code regarding bicycles in the country. I value the feedback from this

Jeff Stephens, Executive Director

ed. note - It was requested that the initial versions of the changes are not public "ready." There will be public hearings on the changes and I will keep everybody up to date.

Friday, October 24, 2008

NetJets gift establishes cycling event to benefit cancer research at OSU

As part of the March 12, 2008 announcement to expand NetJets’ Columbus based operations, NetJets made a $12.5 million gift to establish a unique community based cycling event to benefit cancer research at The Ohio State University. Pelotonia reflects this commitment to the City of Columbus, the State of Ohio and the fight against cancer.

The goal of Pelotonia is to fund cancer research while creating an inspiring and emotional experience. Over the long term, Pelotonia will raise roughly $40mm over the first five years. Starting in Columbus, and extending across the state, over two thousand cyclists, as well as volunteers and other participants will enjoy a unique three-day experience while raising millions of dollars for cancer research for The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center-Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital & Solove Research Institute (The James).

“This is a long-term investment in one of the world’s leading comprehensive cancer centers.” said Daniel Rosenthal, Office of the Chairman, NetJets Inc. “Our intent is to invest in a new experience that can attract additional funding far above and beyond the initial investment and which lasts into perpetuity to benefit cancer research.”

NetJets is proud to be a part of this unique event and employees will have the opportunity to volunteer during the event and throughout the year.

Pelotonia is inspired in part by the Pan-Massachusetts Challenge (PMC), the largest single athletic fundraising event in the United States today. Established in 1980, the PMC is an endurance cycling event benefiting the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. In 2008, PMC raised more than $34 million.

The name Pelotonia is derived from and inspired by “peloton”, a French word meaning small ball or pellet, which is a cycling term describing a pack of riders who benefit from working together. Pelatonia routes will include a single day 50 mile loop and a two day 190 mile tour. The tour will include a “century” ride, at least 100 miles in a single day, with an overnight stay and ride back to Columbus. For participants, the tour will consist of hard work and achievement; shared and celebrated with the community as a whole.

In road cycling races, the peloton travels as an integrated unit, with each rider making minor adjustments in response to nearby riders in order to stay in formation, reduce wind resistance and benefit from efficiencies. Against the peloton, rogue cyclists are hunted down and exhausted.

It is this concept that inspired the name Pelotonia as a way to describe a community of individuals joining together to hunt down cancer. Just as a peloton enables a group of riders to be more successful against rogue individual riders, Pelotonia will enable the community to be more successful in its fight against cancer.

In its first year, 2009, Pelotonia riders will be required to raise a minimum of one thousand dollars. 100% of all money raised will be donated to fund cancer research at The James.

Cyclists will travel from across the country to ride in Pelotonia. Many will ride in honor of a family member or friend fighting the disease. The average cyclist will train for three months in preparation for the tour.

Tom Lennox, former Vice President of Corporate Communications and Public Relations of Abercrombie & Fitch, was appointed Executive Director of Pelotonia in July 2008. Lennox is a cancer survivor, having been diagnosed with colon cancer in June 2007.

“I am a cancer survivor, having fought this disease with help of the excellent physicians and staff of The James just last year,” said Lennox. “I know how critical it is that we continue to make research a priority, particularly the funding of new researchers, many of whom must wait years in order to receive funding to explore new treatments.”

In September, Lennox established headquarters for Pelotonia in the Arena District at 351 W. Nationwide Boulevard. In early October, Jessica Kinman, most recently with a Columbus based non-profit organization and graduate of The Ohio State University, accepted the position as Director of Publicity and Communications. Kelley Griesmer, formerly a partner with Jones Day, accepted a senior management role with Pelotonia as Director of Operations.

Both Lennox and Dr. Michael Caligiuri, Director of the OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center and Chief Executive Officer of The James, rode in the PMC this year, each riding over 160 miles over two days.

“Pelotonia is more than just an event,” said Dr. Caligiuri. “The challenge and the cause will draw riders and supporters from across Ohio and well beyond, spreading awareness about our shared battle against cancer. Pelotonia will not be simply a fundraiser; it will be an intense and memorable experience, having a profound impact on participants and patients alike.”

Pelotonia’s board of directors consists of representatives from NetJets Inc., The Ohio State University and community leaders. Current board members include:

* Dr. Michael Caligiuri – Director, Comprehensive Cancer Center and CEO, James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute

* James Christiansen – President, NetJets Aviation

* Cindy Hilsheimer – Principal, SC Search Consultants

* Thomas Lennox – Executive Director, Pelotonia

* Daniel H. Rosenthal – Office of the Chairman, NetJets Inc.

* Peggy Santulli – Community Volunteer

* Robert H. Schottenstein – Chief Executive Officer, M/I Homes, Inc.Peter B Weiler, Senior Vice President of Development and President, The Ohio State University Foundation

About Pelotonia

Co-founded by NetJets and The Ohio State University, Pelotonia was established with the objective to fund cancer research. Pelotonia is a three-day experience that includes an ambitious weekend of cycling, entertainment and volunteerism. With a goal of attracting over 2,200 cyclists, each raising a minimum of $1,000 and 100% of every dollar raised funding research; Pelotonia challenges cyclists to endure a variety of routes including a 190 mile tour across Ohio in effort to raise millions of dollars.

The site is here...

Chris King Bottom Brackets are now available

We've been making our own sealed bearings here at King for over 32 years and never has there been a component that benefited more from their strength and durability than the bottom bracket. Yes, the Chris King bottom bracket is here and ready to take on the most challenging conditions your cycling adventures can deliver.

The Chris King bottom bracket is specifically designed for Shimano-compatible external type crank/bottom bracket systems and delivers every benefit you've come to expect from King and in the wide array of colors only King can do.

An available grease injection tool allows the bearings to be purged of existing grease and debris and new grease run through. What better way to maximize the life of your bearings than to do routine maintenance? Especially when it's this easy.

Racers take note! With the Chris King bottom bracket and injection tool, you can train day-to-day with a durable high-viscosity grease and race with a light, fast-rolling low-viscosity grease or oil. Imagine your current Friday night leg-shaving ritual finishing with a few minutes in the garage to get your bike as smooth as you are.

The site...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Third Hand Bicycle Co-op's Post-critical Mass Halloween Bash

Friday October 31st, 2008
174 E. Fifth Ave.
This is a fundraising event

Their website...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bontrager Seatpost Issue

I have been experiencing a ton of issues with products this year. I totally forgot about this problem until I went back to Wheeling over the weekend and received my warranty replacement. I had a Bontrager Race carbon seatpost. It started to wobble and when I checked the junction between the carbon and the aluminum head it was slipping. I pulled that one and went and bought a Performance Forté Precision Carbon Seatpost.

On the ride after installation, I was riding along when all of a sudden the head slipped and shredded the teeth embedded into the carbon. So I trashed two seatposts in two weeks. I headed back to Performance and took my credit and bought the Thomson aluminum seatpost. If I can break this seatpost, I should become a full-time product tester.

So back to my trip back to Wheeling. I stopped in to see Andy Wallen and he handed me a Race X Lite ACC seatpost. It is a carbon seatpost with an aluminum sleeve inside to reduce clamping issues. Plus, it keeps "big" people from breaking it as easily as the old product because the head is part of the aluminum sleeve. I would definitely say it is an upgrade. $30 seatpost vs. $100.

Now I am torn over whether I should swap the Thomson for the Bontrager... Hmmm, what to do?

Twelve tips for cool weather bicycling - Marion Star

Use these tips to enjoy cycling when the temperature drops:

Wind chill - Since bicyclists move faster than pedestrians, they create their own wind chill in cool weather. If you keep almost all of your skin covered, you will negate the wind chill.

Keep your head warm - Cool air in the ear canal can be painful. Experienced cyclists often wear thin balaclavas to keep their heads warm when the temperature is below about 55 degrees. Balaclavas easily fit under a bicycle helmet, and can be adjusted to cover the mouth if desired. Several balaclavas can be layered when the temperature drops further.

Eyes - A pair of wrap-around sunglasses will keep the cool air out of your eyes.

Hands - Many cyclists keep their hands warm with their regular winter gloves while riding. Others wear thin "liner gloves" under their bicycling gloves, and (as the temperature drops further) pull on a pair of "lobster gloves" over their cycling gloves and liner gloves. Lobster gloves are a cross between mittens and gloves, with thumbs and two "claws."

Dress in layers - For a short trip, a winter jacket works fine. For a longer trip, a wicking material near the skin (such as polypropylene long underwear) will help to keep you warm and dry. A brightly colored jacket that blocks the wind makes a great outer layer, and a wool sweater will provide insulation.

Legs - Cycling tights will help to keep your legs warm, and it's easy to add a pair of long underwear underneath on cooler days. Sweatpants will also work. Some riders purchase cool weather tights, which have thick windproof material in front and a fleece-like material in the back.

Feet - Many cyclists ride in winter hiking boots when the temperatures drop. Others pull neoprene booties over their cycling shoes.

Cool first mile - It may take a mile or so for cyclists to start generating body heat, so they are often a little cool at first. In a few minutes, they will usually be comfortable.

Accept slower speed - For many reasons, bicycle riders tend to go slower in the cooler months. The thicker clothes on our legs add resistance to the pedal strokes, and we may be wearing heavier footwear that does not stay on the pedals as well. We're not riding as often, so our conditioning is not as good. Cool air is a bit thicker than warm air, so there may be a little more wind resistance.

Spin - If short days or treacherous road conditions won't permit a bicycle ride, or you just can't bring yourself to go outside in the cool weather, consider riding a trainer (an indoor bicycling device) or joining a spinning class at the YMCA. My cycling friends who take spinning classes are in great shape when spring arrives.

Hike - Many organizations offer peaceful hikes during the cooler months. The Heart of Ohio Tailwinds Bicycle Club offers winter hikes, as do Columbus Outdoor Pursuits, Columbus Metro Parks, and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

The entire story is here...

editor's note. - I only count eleven.

Smart car with bicycle rack

I keep running across photos from my trip to London and Amsterdam. This was taken as we were walking through the streets of London. I bet the bicycle is wider than the car.

NYC Bicycles via pinhole camera

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

London Calling - alleycat - Video by Lucas Brunelle

Lucas Brunelle video site

The front shifter could be dead... or not

Introducing the Hammerschmidt.

Truvativ developed two Hammerschmidt models. One is an all-mountain build comparable to Stylo cranks while the other freeride build uses cranks along the lines of the venerable Holzfeller. An included shifter looks remarkably similar to a SRAM X.0 model, but has only two positions.

There are several advantages to a single-ring, planetary-drive crankset. Riders can shift gears under incredible torque loads, while the cranks are stationary, or while pedaling backward. During the official unveiling, SRAM spokesman Greg Herbold was quick to point out that he could even shift while airborne. And shifting is more instantaneous than conventional derailleur systems—the gear mechanism uses a set of pawls to quickly engage a ramped gear, and they do it faster and more reliably than a conventional chain with a row of lifting ramps.

The review site

The Truvativ site

10/20/08 Ride Report

I think the main group did 17 miles. I did around 27 miles.

Highlights? Not much...
Casey led the ride.
No flats or mechanicals that I can remember.
Team UnderRoos was represented.
We rode through the Ohio State Fair Grounds. I haven't seen that many souped up golf carts/estate vehicles since I left the Ohio Valley.
We had mutiny at the gas station on Airport and Cassady. One group wanted to go to the bar, the other back to campus area. We split heading west on 5th.

More later, if I can remember. The GPS may be brought out of mothballs, i.e. the backseat of my car, for next weeks ride.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hit and kill a cyclist - Get awarded money from the jury

Award reduced in fatal bike crash
A Montgomery County judge said a judgment of $350,000 against Blacksburg was excessive.

A Montgomery County judge has ordered that a $350,000 jury award against the town of Blacksburg stemming from a fatal car crash be reduced. And that ruling may have reignited the 8-year-old liability lawsuit.

In a written ruling dated Friday, Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Ray Grubbs reduced the damages owed to Blacksburg resident Sharon Knight to $50,000. Grubbs denied the town's motion to set aside the jury's verdict.

The case will likely continue, however.

Continue reading here...

KryptoFlex® 1218 Key Cable Lock Follow-up

Well. I called Kryptonite and they sympathized with my situation. I received a new lock in the mail and sent the old broken lock back. They wanted to review it to see what went wrong. I will tell you what went wrong. Poor design. I doubt I am strong enough to break the lock if it was designed correctly. Keep in mind the lock was not compromised, only the mounting hardware, but it was annoying.

PBR Bike Frame

Those that ride fixed know it's not a trend or a bandwagon to jump on. It's all about simplicity. The first bicycle invented over 140 years ago was fixed so we know it is here to stay. The Ringleader is a true minimalist with no brazeons for water bottles, brakes, fenders or racks. Just pure stripped down goodness and nothing you don't need. The geometry is inspired from a traditional track bike but meant to be a fixed gear for everyday urban riding. There is a brake hole on the fork for a front brake option if you desire.

Paint Styles:
Purple Speckle Fade
Pabst Blue Ribbon (Limited Edition)
Old School Raw/Chrome

Frame Material: Double Butted Japanese 4130 Chromoly
Frame Design: Traitor Cycles USA
Frame Production: Taiwan
Sizes: 53, 56, 59
Weight (53cm): Frame 4.1 lbs | Fork 1.95 lbs (Uncut Steer)
Build Specs: Headtube 1 1/8", Seattube 27.2mm, Dropout 120mm, BB 68mm, Fork 1 1/8" Threadless

Price: $679 USD Frame/Fork | $569 USD Build Kit

Traitor Cycles Website

A Field Guide to the New York City Bicyclist

Live from New York, it's the Bicyclist Guide.

The site...

A little late, but here is a video from the Race Down Walhalla 2007

The original post is here...

I am in the video in all my spandex glory within the first 20 seconds of the video. Where in the world is Ray?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Flax, it's not just for breakfast

Flax and carbon fiber combined to make bicycles. Interesting combination. I guess it works, because Museeuw Bikes are producing bikes and have won awards for their frames.

Flax fiber is one of the best natural fibers on the planet in regards to stiffness, strength and shock absorption. Carbon fiber, also well known for its stifness and strength, is well established in the industry. Museeuw Bikes is combining flax fiber with the best carbon fibers available. Due to its high strength and stiffness, the 3K Carbon HM (high modular) is being used in combination with flax to build world's finest bikes. The 3K Carbon HM is also used for all the tube connections.

The site is here...

Ridin' in the Hills of West Virginia

A poor man's panoramic shot...

Headed over to Wheeling to visit family and get away from the city for a few days. Got to ride a quick ride with my friend Kevin. We rode out Big Wheeling Creek (newly paved) and headed up Caldwell Hill. Was going to loop back and do some gravel roads, but a creek crossing and lack of knobbies on my bike stopped us. We passed the top of Miller Hill which has a three mile gravel climb. Out to Stone Church and headed down Hill Rd (? that is what Google Maps claims) down to Middle Creek and Triadelphia. Back to Elm Grove for a 25 mile loop. Climbed 1600 feet, averaged 14mph.

Incredibell Woodpecker Bell

I stopped by Wheelcraft Bicycle in Wheeling, WV this weekend and they had the Incredibell Woodpecker bell in the case. Pretty cool bell. It makes a knocker sound when clanked. No metallic sounds whatsoever.

The website...

And in this corner: The challenger to MonkeyElectric

Spoke POV is an easy-to-make electronic kit toy that turns your bicycle wheel into a customized display! The project includes a free schematic design, open software for uploading and editing stored bitmap images, and a high-quality kit with all the parts necessary to build your own.

The site is here...

Friday, October 17, 2008

A $300 Fixie?

It's a Schwinn, but what the heck. The Cutter (named after the Cutters from the movie Breaking Away) is $299.00 and should be available soon somewhere.

The site...

The movie is here...

Third Thursday News Coverage - The Dispatch

Cyclists pedaling for new bike trail
Friday, October 17, 2008 3:14 AM

We met at a Worthington crossroads. A light but steady rain had turned the early-morning darkness into a glittering collage of reflected headlights, brake lights, street lights, traffic lights and -- just a few -- blinking bicycle lights.

The rest of the story...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Third Thursday Ride Report

From Brett Allen, the fearless leader -

Two riders for this trip too, except one of them was Dispatch columnist, Ann Fisher, so that was worth tens of thousands. Read about it in the Dispatch.

Conditions were fairly unpleasant to start. Misty rainy. But it wasn't cold, and the rain held off after 40 minutes or so. Wet leaves all over everything. Slippery. Often unable to see edge of path. It must be Fall in Ohio.

Courtesy of the WAD bike blog

It's a Moon Saddle


Most comfortable bike saddle ever built
Waterproof and scuff resistant
Lightweight with low maintenance
Moon Saddle's design utilizes the natural support system of the skeleton and includes several anatomy-friendly features
Engineered to fit everyone: youth to adult anatomies
140,000 lb. tensile strength stainless steel tubing
Satisfaction guaranteed

The site...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

MonkeyLectric Monkey Light

Now with video

Bicycle Commuter Tax Provision Passes House and Senate (10.03.08)

After seven long years, the bicycle commuter tax provision has finally passed both the House and Senate as part of the financial bailout package. President Bush said that he would quickly sign the financial rescue package. Thanks to all of you who have contacted your congressional leaders over the years, and also thanks to Congressman Blumenauer and Senator Wyden for their continued insistence on having this benefit provided to bicycling Americans.

Keep up with the latest news at the LAB website

Bicycle Commuter Tax Provision FAQ

10/13/08 Ride Report

Quick report. More to follow...

Roughly 20 miles for our small group, see below. 28 miles overall.
Full moon
Date was the 13th
Two words: broken frame. Two more words: Not mine.

We rode east from the start and headed through campus into Grandview. Of course we wandered through the neighborhoods like we did two weeks ago and then headed south. I think we did a figure eight because we headed south then west and headed up Grandview Ave climbing the hill. Then east again towards High St. We stopped in Goodale Park for a bit to hang out. We headed east again. We were on East 1st Street when I heard a ping, like when a rock shoots out of the tire and hits the frame of a bike close by. Except, it was the frame that pinged and snapped in half at the down tube. Completely separated. A beer can and some duct tape actually held the frame together for the next ten miles. We rode down towards town on St Clair and then over to Cleveland, Gay into town and then over into Franklinton. We rode towards the Cooper Stadium and then our group stopped and turned around over the concern of the frame. We still hit 29.5 mph as we came across Greenlawn.

How safe is your city? Put it to the bicycle test

By Fiona Ortiz

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - How long will an unchained bicycle last on a city street before someone steals it?

Using hidden cameras and cheap bicycles as bait, an Argentine publicist set out to gauge crime in different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. The longer it takes for the bike to be stolen the safer the area, is his hypothesis.

Rest of the story...
The videos...

Monday, October 13, 2008

MonkeyLectric Monkey Light

The MonkeyLectric Monkey Light is a revolutionary bike light that keeps you visible - and in style. Its ruggedized all-weather design is perfect for daily commuters, urban cyclists, casual evening riders, BMX, festivals - anyone that wants to be visible after dark and not feel like a second class citizen.

The Monkey Light creates full color graphics on your spinning bike wheel, and it provides outstanding visibility. The lighting effects and colors can be easily customized anytime to fit your style - mellow to extreme.

The Monkey Light sets a new standard for bike lighting with brightness, visual quality, effects sophistication, user control and durability that far exceed what has previously been available. It installs in minutes on Road, City, Cruiser, Mountain and BMX bikes.

The website...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

'Bike boxes' aim to keep cyclists safe - Columbus Dispatch


Part of one of the most popular Columbus routes for bicyclists is being upgraded to include pavement markings at a key intersection that will help bikes avoid collisions with turning vehicles.
The so-called "bike boxes," pavement markings in the shape of a box, are to be installed next year on Milton Avenue on both sides of the intersection at W. North Broadway.

When the traffic signal is red, bicyclists will be allowed to ride past stopped vehicles on Milton to wait in the box at the head of the line until the light changes.

More story...

How does a bike box work?

Friday, October 10, 2008

From the Mailbag: Art at Franklin Conservatory

Hey everybody,

Just wanted to pass along an event I recommend tomorrow (Saturday, the 11th of Oct.) -- a "Meet the Artist" hour with Dorothy Gill Barnes.

Dorothy's a local octogenarian who makes amazing objects out of trees and other natural materials, blown-glass, and optical-lenses.

It's part of the "Bending Nature" show at the Franklin Conservatory (E. Broad, just west of Nelson) that runs through the rest of the year -- artists from around the world working with nature.

Dorothy meets people at NOON, tomorrow.

I've not yet seen the show, but have seen some of her work, and it's incredible.

I'm sure her presentation will be entertaining to all.

Admission cost is $7.50 for adults/$6 for student/seniors... but, that gets you admission to the whole show, indoors & out.

And it looks like the weather's going to be great.

Hope to see you all soon!

So you say you want to ride to work? 3rd Thursday Ride October 16th

Group Commuter Bike Rides - Westerville to Downtown Columbus

3rd Thursdays Monthly

Join anywhere along the route

For details click this link:

16 OCT 08 Map & Itinerary

Hope to see you there,

Brett Allen
WAD Bikeway Association

Thursday, October 9, 2008

UCI gives Armstrong permission to start the Tour Down Under - From Velonews

The International Cycling Union (UCI) has given Lance Armstrong permission to start the Tour Down Under in January, although Armstrong missed the deadline for enrolling in the organization's anti-doping program by ten days.

"This decision has been made after a careful assessment of the situation, taking into account both the applicable regulations and the imperatives of the fight against doping which is the UCI's number one priority," read a statement from the UCI released Wednesday morning.

"The UCI can confirm that Lance Armstrong has and will be the subject of very strict monitoring throughout the period running up to his return to the peloton," the release continued.

The decision by the UCI will not face opposition from the World Anti-Doping Agency, either. Director general David Howman, the agency's chief legal counsel, said that WADA rules would not bar Armstrong's return, no matter what the time gap.


Spare Tire Belt

The site...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New York City Bike Rack Design Competition

They have moved on from just installing them. Now they want to be functional and look cool.

The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT), in partnership with the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and the support of Google Inc. and Transportation Alternatives, is pleased to announce an international design competition for new bicycle parking for the City of New York. As part of our effort to promote cycling as a sustainable, mainstream transportation option and in keeping with the environmental goals of PlaNYC 2030, DOT is seeking to tap the creative energy of the world design and art communities for this important element of street furniture.

The purpose of the competition is to develop functional, well-designed sidewalk racks and to generate new concepts for bicycle parking inside commercial and residential buildings. These two initiatives, in addition to NYCDOT’s commitment to increasing the number of miles of bicycle facilities, providing the City’s first sheltered bike parking stations and creating more bicycle parking at transit stations, will raise the profile of bicycling as a convenient mode of transportation in New York.

Although bicycle lanes are the most noticeable element of the City’s cycling infrastructure, access to parking is also essential. Indeed, a study conducted by the Department of City Planning found that lack of access to secure bike parking was the primary reason cyclists did not ride to work. The current standard fixture for bicycle parking consists of variations of a fabricated square steel tube called the “CityRack” that is mounted on sidewalks. These fixtures occupy little space on the sidewalk and do not obstruct the flow of people or goods. New York City currently has thousands of CityRacks within its five boroughs and plans to add thousands more in the foreseeable future. The CityRack design, however, has been in use for over ten years and does not fulfill the potential to be an icon for New York City cycling.

The City intends to use the winning sidewalk rack as its new standard for bicycle parking. The design for the in-building rack will first be installed by Google in its New York City headquarters. It may also be used by City-owned buildings in the future, when possible.

The site is here...

Purify while you pedal!

Not exactly a bicycle, but human powered indeed

What's in a gnome?

I have started to post gnome pictures from my trips and other gnome handlers. If you are traveling soon, let me know and I will try to get a gnome to you so that you can document the adventures properly.

To the gnomedom.... Da blog...

Thanks to Giles from illumiquest for some of the pics. He is a great photographer. If you need commercial photography give him a call.

Critical Manners Ride Report

Did anyone make it to Critical Manners? I was not able to go.

This report is from Tricia Kovacs who co-organized the ride...

It went pretty well. I think we had 30+ riders. Jeff explained the purpose of the ride, and I gave about a 10 minute road rules talk. We left the statehouse around 5:50 and rode the 10 mile route in about an hour. The route was east on Broad, right on Grant, left on Town/Bryden to Alum Creek trail. We did a short loop in Bexley and then headed back downtown on Greenway and Mt. Vernon. We stopped twice to regroup at the Alum Creek trail and at Columbus State. It was getting pretty dark when we got back to the start.

Here were some of the highlights from my perspective:

It was very nice to meet some of the members of CB that I only knew from their user names.
Seeing NotKilledYet's (Brent) light setup. Quite a sight.
Getting rid of half of the Street Smarts in my pannier.
Seeing Lisa's 6 speed Ross, which she rode on CFC.
David saw a cruiser with 3 or 4 police officers who smiled and waved at us at Grant & Town.
Several cyclists hadn't ridden downtown before and said they really enjoyed it.
The swaying side to side of the bridge over Alum Creek. I never experienced that before, but I've never ridden over it with 30 cyclists before.
I ran a stop sign turning right off Westland onto Fair. I got called on it!
The neighborly greetings from residents on Mt. Vernon. Some young men telling us to vote Obama, very young kids cheering us on, a couple women at a red light commenting on the wonderful weather for a ride and an older gentleman on his porch also cheering for us. I was honking my Honka Hooter horn for all the kids we rode by.
If I remember correctly, the only question I was asked was which hand signal to use for right turns. I use either one, depending on which one I think others can see better.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

E.T. via Pedal Power

Photo courtesy of

I think it would be cool to be pedaling the bike when Elliot rides/flies across the sky with E.T. I don't know if I will be able to make this one, though.

Wednesday, October 8 @ 9:30PM
Tip Top - their website
More about E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

Schwinn Paramount 70th Anniversary

The full bike is $7000. It is made up in Wisconsin at the Waterford Bicycle facility. The Schwinn site is here...
The Waterford Precision Cycles sites is here...

10/06/08 Ride Report

I didn't make it. After riding 110+ miles over the weekend I decided to take a break. I did head down to the High Beck. The group showed up and then most just kept riding. Not many people stopped to partake in the pizza and beer. If anybody would like to file a ride report please post a comment or email it to me.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Pizza and biking

Need to slice pizza while riding your bike? It can get messy, but it is possible. Much easier when you have your bike in the kitchen while slicing pizza on the counter.

Park Tool has a handy pizza cutter. More details here...

Bicyclist Struck By Pickup; Driver Sought - Courtesy WBNS-10TV

Monday, October 6, 2008 8:27 AM

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Franklin County Sheriff's Office is investigating a hit-and-run crash that injured a bicyclist early Monday.
According to deputies, the incident occurred shortly before 2 a.m. along Frank Road, east of Brown Road in southwest Franklin County.

A 19-year-old was riding a bicycle when he was struck by a white Ford F-150 or F-250 white pickup, deputies said.

The pickup continued driving east along Frank Road, investigators said.

According to deputies, the pickup has a beat-up bed and no tailgate and should have damage to the right front headlight, hood, fender, bumper and turn-signal area.

The name and condition of the bicyclist was not immediately released.

Anyone with information about the vehicle or driver is asked to contact the Franklin County Sheriff's Office Traffic Bureau at 614-462-6113.

Stay with 10TV News and for additional information.

Cycling and Politics? They do mix... is a 50-day bicycle adventure and journalistic endeavor to increase issue awareness during the final months of the 2008 presidential election. My route will begin in New York City on September 14th and will take me through a dozen states before ending in New Orleans a few days before the election.

While on the road I will be meeting with Americans from a variety of backgrounds, interviewing potential voters and discussing the issues that matter to them. My goal is to successfully profile “50 Voters in 50 Days” in order to discover the issues that determine their vote. has no political agenda, and will remain non-partisan and unbiased. We are here to facilitate the expression of voter concerns, not advocate for a candidate. To accomplish these goals,’s multimedia platform will engage visitors of all ages, backgrounds and political affiliations in the discussion about our next President and his responsibility to address our issues.

This journey is ultimately about connecting with Americans from all walks of life. I look forward to hearing from you, both in person and on the road, and through the website. Please contact us with any questions at


Tim Foley

Here is the site...