Ohio drops six spaces in Bike League Rankings announced today

Washington Remains Top State for Bicycling for Fourth Year in a Row
Low distribution of transportation funds for bicycling hurts many states.
Washington, D.C. - May 23, 2011 - Washington remains at the number one spot in the League's annual Bicycle Friendly State (BFS) rankings, while many states suffer poor marks for low distribution of transportation funds towards bicycling projects and programs. Notably, Maine has steadily risen to the number two rank after being placed sixth in 2008 and third in 2009 and 2010. Additionally, the League announced its third round of Bicycle Friendly States designations with three new winning states, one upgrade and two renewals.

The BFS rankings and awards are published every May during Bike Month to further encourage states to improve their bike-friendliness. The states are evaluated with a comprehensive annual questionnaire that is completed by state Department of Transportation bicycle coordinators. Additionally, the program also measures the combined performance of legislators, law enforcement, and state cycling advocates and promoters. "It is when there is combined and consistent work of multiple agencies, legislators and advocate promoting bicycling at the state level that you start to see big gains," says League President Andy Clarke. "The states that have consistently ranked in the top five or ten have that going for them."  

The Top Five States  
1. Washington 2. Maine 3. Wisconsin 4. Minnesota 5. New Jersey  

The Bottom Five States (ranking 46-50)  
46. Montana 47. Alabama 48. Arkansas 49. North Dakota 50. West Virginia