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Cool Folding Fixed Gear Bike - Update

Bike Weight: 10 kgs Frame: 7000 Series Aluminum Drive Train:Kevlar Greaseless Belt Drive (up to 50,000 miles) Wheels: Alloy 16" Rim Brakes: Disc Brakes Speeds: Single Speed Folded Size: 45" x 20" x 9"(114cm x 51cm x 23cm) Grip: Gel Bottom Bracket: Welded Luggage Rack: Plastic or Alloy new option Weight Limit: 100 kgs Height Limit: 153cm – 193cm I think this would be cool to have in town to ride to work or between work locations. Brian and I were at Easton on Friday and we stopped at Roll. They claim to be the largest dealer in the country for these bikes and the distributor is located here in Columbus. The Strida website...

Fellowship of the Wheel - Vermont's Hobbits?

Our mission is to advocate for, create, and maintain mountain biking opportunities and leadership in Chittenden County, Vermont. We are a passionate and ambitious organization that relies on a collective group effort to accomplish our goals and make our activities successful. more...

Island Line Trail - Burlington VT to (almost) South Hero island

Hop on the spectacular 12-mile trail along Lake Champlain. The Island Line cruises through Burlington’s waterfront and scoots out on the Colchester Causeway three miles into the middle of the lake! Public beaches, natural areas, and scenic vistas abound. A new bridge dedicated in 2004 replaced the Winooski River bike ferry! Come explore Vermont’s most popular multi-use trail. Stop into ECHO, the museum of Lake Champlain. Have a picnic lunch out on the causeway. Go for a swim. See below for a list of trailheads. Bicycling, running, walking and inline skating are all popular trail activities. Please note: the 5 miles of trail in Colchester are unpaved and are not recommended for inline skates or road bikes with narrow tires. Get A Trail Map: Pick one up at Local Motion and area outdoor shops, or order it on-line through Lake Champlain Bikeways. Trail Updates: Find out about efforts to improve and extend the trail. Advocates are exploring the concept of a Burlington to Montreal trai

Bike Recycle Vermont

Rebuilding bikes, Rebuilding lives Bike Recycle Vermont enhances the mobility and expands opportunities for low-income Vermonters by providing participants refurbished bicycles and job training skills. Objectives Bicycle Recycle Vermont has three main objectives To provide mobility to resettled refugees and other low-income Vermonters by providing quality refurbished bicycles To deliver job skills and bike repair training to adults and children with limited means or physical challenges To reduce the waste stream by diverting and rehabilitating bicycles destined for the landfill and recycling all metal and rubber components that are no longer usable How Can I Help? Contribute! To help us reach our “Keep It Rolling” Campaign goal, consider making a tax-deductible contribution today. Volunteer! There are many ways to help. We need bicycle mechanics work, office help, donation pick-ups, and other skills. Donate A Bike! We get our bicycles from police departments, civic groups and individua

Saturday Ride 12/27/08 Recap - Faster Ride

61 degrees in December! Got out on the Klein road bike and rode from Blacklick up to Haven's Corner down to Gahanna. Headed south on Hamilton, then turned on to 5th. 5th to Nelson. Turned left onto Broad and headed back home. White pickup truck was honking at cars then at me and tried to cut me off in Whitehall. 22 miles, 17.4mph average. Dodged the rain puddles, but still ended up covered with grit and grime.

HATTARICK is SATURDAY January 3, 2009 - Be there!

8th Annual HATTARICK - Hockhocking Adena Trail To Athens Ride In the Cold for Koffee Saturday, January 3, 2009 Hockhocking Adena RailTrail from Nelsonville, OH (Hocking Technical College) to Athens, OH.....and back. Friends, this is the only ride in Ohio that's downhill in both directions. You have to ride it to truly appreciate it's nuisances. (IF you are 80+ years old, the 'and back' portion of the ride may be waived) Day Before Ride: Reminder to xxxxxxxxx to come up with a better excuse than last year's for not riding. (Better = more creative) Last year's excuses were pretty lame. Person with "Best Excuse" will receive a pair of SmartWool cycling socks. Winner must be present to win. Day of Ride: 9:15 - 9:45 AM Arrive at Hocking Tech Parking Lot Dress for the weather, take extra gloves; if you wear sandals, don't worry, you won't be alone. 10:00 AM Leave the parking lot (preferably on your bike & on the trail)


PlantLock frees up cluttered hallways and stairwells by offering a solid planter to lock your bike to. As well as providing safe and tidy bike storage, PlantLock transforms the front yard to a green space. (PlantLock can also be used in back gardens, balconies, communal gardens and other maintained public places.) PlantLock constitutes an "immovable object" to lock bicycles to, weighing 75+kg when planted up. PlantLock accommodates most bicycle types on the market. Bicycle frame and both wheels can be secured to the bar with the owner’s existing locks – ideally two quality locks of different types, as recommended by SoldSecure. PlantLock requires minimum maintenance, being made from robust, durable materials. The locking bar is made from boron steel, case-hardened and tempered, to achieve robustness beyond most commercially available bicycle locks. Each PlantLock accommodates 2 bicycles, and is available in a range of subtle colours. PlantLock planting: PlantLock is available

Vermont Hospitality

We called around to find out if we could get some snow tubing in on Christmas. We called one place in Quechee VT. The owner said that it had rained and the snow wasn't that great. Plus, he was heading home to open presents at 11:30AM. But, if we wanted to come down, the switch was accessible to turn on the lift and we could tube if we wanted. We decided to stay in instead.

Yay Bikes

This post is to inform everyone that I have officially resigned from the board and as president of Consider Biking, and that I now have no relationship with the organization. Have no fear—for the purpose of this community, what this means is simply that our forum has a new name (Yay Bikes!) and that it is no longer affiliated with Consider Biking. We’re working on improving the functionality of the site, and obviously the look is different now, but basically all is as it was before my yearlong travail with the group formerly known as COBAC. It was last December at this time that I was announcing to the world that Consider Biking had merged with the Central Ohio Bicycle Advocacy Coalition (COBAC). It seemed to make a lot of sense back then—COBAC brought to the table long-time bicycle advocates with legislative expertise (and nonprofit status!) and Consider Biking brought grassroots momentum via this very web forum. I thought that we’d eventually meet somewhere between top-down and botto

Columbus' own Jen Duane highlighted in Venus Zine

Jen Duane, 28 Columbus, Ohio Occupation: Engineer at an environmental consulting firm and also a student of art and dance Bike-friendly: “I volunteer as co-chair for Consider Biking, a Columbus-based nonprofit bike advocacy group.” Make of bike: Trek Elance Customized? “Every 4th of July, Columbus hosts a ‘Doo Dah Parade,’” a 25-year-old pastime that celebrates lunacy and liberty by encouraging absurd costumes and political spoofs. “This year Consider Biking, my bike advocacy group, went with the theme ‘alternative fuel.’ People wore T-shirts with images of food or hung beer cans on their handlebars to demonstrate what fueled them to ride their bikes. I decorated my bike based on the scraper-style bike originating from San Francisco. The scraper bike normally involves intricately wrapping foil around the spokes of the wheels but has evolved to involve colorful bits of paper or fabric.” Best place for bikes and people in Columbus? “Tip Top! It’s a bar and restaurant that’s got mad Ohio

All I want for Christmas...

I went to the bike shops in Burlington and begged for stickers and then raided my little brothers stash of bumper stickers. This is the gem of the lot.

The bike iceberg - where all the old bikes die


Old Spokes Home Location

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Burlington VT - Do not ride on the sidewalk


Burlington VT Bike Shop Tour Part 1

Old Spokes Home offers a huge selection of used road bicycles, mountain bikes, hybrid bicycles, cross bikes, touring bicycles and commuter bikes. We are the place for single speed bicycles, fixed gear bikes, three speed bicycles, retro bikes, and cruiser bikes. You’ll see why antique bicycles, classic bikes, vintage bicycles, parts and accessories are our passion! We also stock a large selection of new and used bike parts as well as some antique and vintage bicycle parts for that special restoration. We speak Sturmey Archer, Raleigh and 531 steel as easily as Campagnolo, Shimano, or Titanium. We offer repair service to all bicycles old and new. Old Spokes Home This shop was amazing. Not only did they have used bikes, but also full lines of road, commuter, fixie and mountain bikes. Upstairs is a mini museum with cool bikes hanging on the walls and from the ceiling. Opposite that they had racks of the used bikes. Their website...

12/22/2008 - Columbus OH Edition

Started at 15th & Hi, proceeded to High & 15th. Total mileage 0.00 miles. Total elevation gained, 0.00 ft. Number of participants in the high 0's. Temperature 17 degrees F above 0. I won Most Ice in Beard Award. And all the other awards too. Maybe people were holed up in a tavern somewhere. I dunno. Brett : ( Editor's Note: Brett, I think you can count your mileage to and from the ride.

From Treehugger - Our Favorite Girl Celebs on Bikes

Is it a TreeHugger photo shoot? Hollywood bike patrol? Nope, just Sarah Michelle Geller on her pink bike. Love how she substitutes a basket for a plastic grocery bag!By Emma Grady, New York, NY on November 5, 2008 7:57 PM The site with the slideshow...

12/22/2008 - Burlington VT Night Ride Video

12/22/2008 - Burlington VT Night Ride

I drove 750 miles in 14 hours to see my little brother. After a meal and a beer we headed out to check out downtown Burlington. I borrowed a Specialized Crossroads and headed out for some fun with Jay and Brandy in tow. It was -1 degree. I rode about 3 miles total around town. Burlington has received about at least 12 inches of snow in the last few days so it is slushy.

Winter Cyclists Pics from A CUP OF JO blog

These pics are from another blog - A Cup of Jo

Rant: Bike shops and winter clothes

I went to three bike shops today looking for full winter bibs. I have a pair now, but have lost weight enough that the chamois does not sit well (no pun intended). All of the shops had summer gear readily available. Nobody had full windproof bib tights in stock. I wasn't even addressed by a salesperson at one of the shops. And then they wonder why people shop online. Bah!