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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Women's 100: Hocking Hills Loop is TOMORROW July 7 #letsride

Join other local cyclists on July 7th to ride 100km as part of the Rapha Women’s 100.
9:00 am - Rockmill Brewery

The Rapha Women’s 100 ( is a global event getting thousands of women around the world to ride 100km on the 7th July wherever they are.

More information here →

Route will be posted on this page, before the ride.

Distance: 100k

This will be a hilly, challenging road ride, with a marked route, and support provided by roll: bicycle shop. roll: mechanics will follow the ride, and be on board for mechanicals, emergencies, water, and food needs. However, there is a great chance that riders will get pretty spread out, throughout the ride. So, please still bring your own essentials: food, water, repair kit, spare inner tube. I am currently trying to coordinate one food/water stop at the halfway point... but still bring you own water and nutrition! It might be hot out there, so this station will serve as a refill, replenishment option.

Before the ride, we'll provide two contact numbers to call, in case you need support from the roll: vehicle.

Rockmill Brewing Company is partnering up with us to provide a start and end location. There will be food provided for after the ride, and beer will be available for sale at the bar.

Rockmill is located just NW of Lancaster, OH. Start time changed to 9:00 am.

[Facebook event]

Hal & Al’s South Side Garden Tour Scavenger Hunt is Sunday, July 14th | FREE EVENT @halandals

A Scavenger Hunt, Food Truck Hop and Merion, Hungarian, and Vassor Village Garden Tours all on the same day! Win a Kona Beach Cruiser Bicycle or Yuengling Golf Bag! Your challenge will to be locating various items at garden stops and have a chance to get bonus points by performing different tasks along the way. Start whenever you like. All entries must be turned in by 6pm day of the event at Hal & Al’s. Winner will be announced at Hal & Al’s by 8pm that evening. Winners need not be present to win. We’ll have entry forms at Hal & Al’s, Merion Village Association office, and at the various garden tour stops, located in Merion Village, Hungarian Village, and Vassor Village at 10am July 14th. Winner gets choice of Kona Beach Cruiser Bicycle or a Yuengling Golf Bag. Other prizes are gift packs from various breweries. In the event of a tie, winner will be chosen based on earliest time received. [Facebook Event]

The Rapha Continental | Rapha

VANDEYK Contemporary Cycles is an exciting new addition to the framebuilders’ world in the way they approach bicycle building. Instead of a one-man show, the founder Arendt van Deyk curates experts in design, art, framebuilding and photography with the aim of creating art objects on two wheels with cutting-edge performance. All bicycles are strictly limited and handmade in Germany.

The Ride

Made from Columbus XCr stainless steel, the frame features a bold 38mm down tube and a 44mm headtube with a tapered fork. Added tyre clearance, longer seatstays and disc brakes are to support the rider on ratty gravel roads and cobbles. The design concept includes small details like the in-house-manufactured dropouts, milled logos and internal brake cable routing. The coding on the seatstays and fork blades translates as ‘Continental’.

The Interview

What inspired you to build? What does the craft and the material you are using mean to you? Is it a job, a passion, an attitude?
Bicycles and cycling have been a substantial part of my life since I was young. I started Cross Country racing in the early nineties, and was fascinated and bonded with bicycles and the cycling industry from the beginning. I later pursued a career in the creative & media sector and as we founded VANDEYK in 2010, it was about finding a way of combining the cycling world with the creative world such as art, design and photography.
The craftmanship and material is a fundamental part of the process - and it`s all about the small details and making no compromises at all. Besides the focus on design, perfect functionality and craftmanship is of highest priority for us. VANDEYK is set up as a designhouse platform, which means we are collaborating with the best and hand-picked framebuilders, engineers and creatives who share our approach to create something special.
From the beginning, we have been working with steel and stainless steel for the frames, which is a fantastic and soulful material. We will also expand our scope to Carbon Fibre frames very soon this year. We love to be open and multifaceted. Overall, this is an attitude, but even more a passion.
How do you make a bike? What’s important to you in the process and what is it that sets you apart from other builders?
We aim to combine engineering, craftmanship and creative excellence in one. The frame of the bicycle is the nucleus, including material choice and discussion on details and geometry. For example, this frame is handmade by our builder Georg Blaschke, an expert with more than 20 years of experience. But also we take a long time thinking about the creative direction, a perfect paintjob, components and staging of the collection from the very beginning - collaborating with curated experts from all fields. We take the time we need, until we are fully convinced of the overall outcome.
What does the Rapha Continental mean to you and to the bike you've built for us?
I admire the Rapha Continental approach, as it contributes a lot in showing the fascination of road cycling, combined with exploring the most beautiful and challenging rides on the continents. For us and the bike we`ve built it will be great to be part of the experience. A beautiful bicycle will never be an object on its own - after all, it`s about the ride, isn`t it?
Tell us about your favourite bike ride.
There are many that come to my mind, but this would be most probably on a road bike in Ticino/Switzerland, springtime. Alpine but Mediterranean atmosphere. Climbs, lakeviews, long and tough riding.
In our journey to explore the Hidden Europe, where do you think we should go and ride and why?
I`d really like to see the journey stopping for a ride in Germany. Well, it`s not exactly hidden, but I think it would be nice to work out a tough and unconventional route crossing a part of the Schwarzwald. It`s one of the most beautiful and versatile areas for road cycling in Germany, and it would be nice to see the Rapha Continental take on it.
What would you do, if you weren’t building bikes?
Besides building bikes, I`m still working in a variety of projects in the creative and media industry. So, without building bikes, I`d probably just do that - but would miss the bikes a lot - ha!
For more information visit:

Bicycling: The SAFEST Form of Transportation | Mr. Money Mustache

Bikemont, Colorado
Of all the objections I get from people about why they can’t ride a bike to get around, perhaps the most frustrating is the claim that bicycling is too dangerous. According to this line of reasoning, we all need the protection of a two-tonne steel cage in order to survive the trip to the office or the grocery store.
I’ve always felt that this was complete bullshit, but I admit that my emotions may have been playing a part in this rapid condemnation as well. I started riding bikes about 32 years ago, and I just never stopped. To me, bicycling is being alive, and I’d rather run any necessary risk of death than be condemned to a life where cars were the only way to get around, because that sort of soggy dependence wouldn’t be much of a life to me.
But luckily for all of us, we don’t have to choose between safety and freedom. They both come together perfectly in the form of bicycle transportation, and once we work our way through the statistics of the matter, all talk of choosing cars over bikes because of safety can be banished from the face of the Earth – forever.
There’s going to be a bit of math involved, so for busy people we’ll begin with the final answer, then work through how we got there below.
Riding a bike is not more dangerous than driving a car. In fact, it is much, much safer:

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Beat the heat on summer rides []

5 ways to beat the summer heat
5 unexpected places to ride with kids


Ultegra 6870 Series group
After months of speculation, leaks, but little actual info, Shimano’s highly anticipated hydraulic road disc brake system is finally here. Oh, and there is a new 11 speed Ultegra Di2 group as well. At this point in the game, Shimano trickling down the new features from Dura Ace 9070 is just about a given, but there are some great updates to an already amazing system. I’ve been on an Ultegra 6770 Di2 equipped bike for the past few months, and riding is believing. With 6870 only promising to be better, the future is looking bright for Shimano electronics – and road discs.
Want more on Shimano’s first hydraulic road disc/Di2 system? Find it all with exclusive tech and insight directly from Shimano after the break!
Shimano R785 Hydraulic disc brake Di2 road
Shimano’s ST-R785 shifter and BR-R785 hydraulic disc brakes
Now for the reason you’re all here – Shimano’s R785 hydraulic system. While you may have been expecting to see a specific Ultegra branded system, the Ultegra-level system allows it to exist on its own, since it’s not a complete drivetrain. The beauty of the ST-R785 shifters and BR-R785 hydraulic disc brakes is that thanks to the E-Tube wiring system, the R785 group can be added to any E-tube equipped Di2 group. That means Dura Ace 9070, new 11 speed Ultegra 6870, and 10 speed Ultegra 6770. We asked Shimano Road Product Manager Dave Lawrence about the cross compatibility, and he said since the rear derailleur essentially tells the shifter what to do, the ST-R785s are basically plug and play for any E-Tube system. He did mention that older 6770 systems that have not been updated recently may need a firmware update, but other than that they will all work together.

Ass Saving Techniques

Ass Saving Techniques from Ass Savers on Vimeo.

Tired of sitting at the office with a wet ass all day just because it rained this morning? Do you live in a climate where a shower can come out of nowhere even though the sun was shining just a minute ago? Not ready to bike in a wet suit or burden your bike with fenders? Relax. Its finally here. 
The Ass Saver - a light weight emergency fender that sits quietly and almost invisible under your saddle, ready to deploy whenever the streets get wet. Check out our new model SmartAss today

Tour de France: The Unsung Influence of Cyclotourists | Off the Beaten Path

The 100th Tour de France started today. Wherever you look, there are retrospectives: in magazines and newspapers, on TV and the radio. Winners get to write history, and so the role of cyclotourists in the development of the most famous bicycle race in the world remains almost unknown.
The Tour de France was shaped at least in part by the animosity between Henri Desgrange and Vélocio. Desgrange was the editor of the sports paper L’Auto that created the Tour. Vélocio’s magazine Le Cycliste that was read by cyclotourists. For years, their respective papers were filled with heated exchanges about the perfect bicycle: the spare, lean single-speed racing bike or the complex, but efficient, cyclotouring bike with multiple gears. Bicycle Quarterly Vol. 5, No. 2 looked at this fascinating history.
Desgrange was financed by the bike industry, who liked the profits from the simple, easy-to-manufacture single-speed bikes. Vélocio was the advocate of cyclotourists, who wanted to explore the countryside and mountains by bike, and thus needed more substantial bikes with multiple gears and reliable brakes.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A professional moving company… using bikes in Montreal CA

Up to six movers for a complete move
By calling upon our company, you will not only be making sure to have excellent service, you will also be supporting an efficient, friendly alternative to trucks. Have a look at what our clients and the media say about it! To see us in action, have a look at the video news report from La vie en vert and consult our photo album.
  • Experienced, efficient and courteous movers
  • Competitive prices over short and long distances
  • Up to three movers for a partial move
  • Blankets, tarps and insurance to protect your goods
  • More than a thousand clients in its three years of existence
  • Service offered in the centre and eastern parts of Montreal Island
  • Operates from March to December, 7 days a week, from 9:00am to 5:00pm
Do not hesitate to contact us for an estimate. Kilometres don’t scare us off !
Thank you to the hundreds of clients who have trusted us since the beginning of our operations in 2008 !

The bike boom (+video) | CS Monitor

Wearing a black Jil Sander skirt matched with an elegant Velvet T-shirt, Lucy Wallace Eustice is pedaling her bike to work on a day as clear as Baccarat crystal. Her four-mile journey takes her along a bicycle path, one of the nation's busiest, that parallels the Hudson River on one side and the Manhattan skyline on the other side.
To get to her SoHo office in the middle of the city, she weaves through side streets, dodging UPS trucks, squawking taxis, and workmen perforating roadways with jackhammers. Ms. Eustice could easily take other methods of transportation – the teeming subway system or one of the New York's ubiquitous cabs.
But instead she chooses her silver Globe commuter seven-speed – even on cold days. "You are free when you're on the bike," says the fashion designer, whose bike, appropriately enough, has chic saddlebags. "You belong to yourself."

How A Minority Biking Group Raises The Profile Of Cycling | NPR

Members of Black Women Bike: DC consult a map while on the road at an 
event in June 2011.

The Washington Post/Getty Images
Flip open any cycling magazine and you might think only skinny, good-looking, white people ride bikes. But increasingly that doesn't reflect the reality. Communities of color are embracing cycling. And as a fast-growing segment of the cycling population, they're making themselves far more visible.
There's a story that Veronica O. Davis likes to tell about why she started a cycling group for black women. She was pedaling past a public housing complex near her Washington, D.C., neighborhood one day when a young black girl shouted to her mother, "Mommy, mommy, it's a black lady on a bike."
"At first I was like, 'Why is she so excited?' And I realized I'm probably the first cyclist that she saw who looked like her," said Davis.
That one small experience led to a Twitter message, which then led to a Facebook group. Two years later and now 800 women strong, Black Women Bike: DC is a full-blown cycling movement. And it's not alone.

Pilot Public Art Bike Rack Program | City of Columbus

The Columbus Art Commission (CAC) has partnered with the Recreation and Parks Department, Department of Public Utilities and the Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC) to request artist proposals for public art bike rack designs.
Nine design proposals will be selected for placement at eight Columbus Recreation and Parks Community Centers/Parks and one at the Department of Public Utilities Campus at 910 Dublin Road.
The deadline for artist submissions is close of business (5:00 p.m.) on July 31, 2013. All entries must be submitted electronically through GOARTS, GCAC’s online application system.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Near dog miss


Over the last two years, we have designed and built an innovative solution which instigates the practicality of urban mobility. We are now ready to share the final design result with the world. We are offering Scrooser to the early adaptive kickstarter community to find out who is interested in riding a Scrooser as well as where and why.
We're just a small team with a big idea and are interested in finding the financial supporters to raise the amount of capital needed to establishing the Scrooser as a product in a global market. The additional supplementary financing we are seeking will finally allow us to concentrate on all the details that still need to be worked on like the modification of the frame or the improvement of the driving dynamics. Furthermore, we have to fulfill our engineering obsession of perfecting the impulse drive electric motor. It will take us and our engineers a lot of work, power and money to be able to start with the serial production to share Scrooser with the rest of the world.
As we prepare for the production of our first run of 150 Scroosers we are excited for all the potential backer support and commitment. As limited amounts of rewards become sold out, we will offer new rewards so backers will still be able to preorder a Scrooser with a later production time and respective delivery date. 


The Mobility Solution Company IFPEG is a tech startup founded in Nov 2011. Our aspirations reside in designing and developing new means of transport. We remain focused on solutions that are marketable, innovative, and suitable for daily use.  In March 2012, we embarked upon the Scrooser project which has evolved from an idea into a fully functional riding prototype. During this time, building renovations were completed and we moved into the Scrooser Manufactory on Wilsdruffer Straße 11, Dresden, Germany in Dec 2012.
In Feburary 2013, we filmed Scrooser on the vibrant streets of Barcelona. The overwhelming amount of questions by fascinated pedestirans and thier excitement of riding a Scrooser led us to prepare for our first project on Kickstarter. At the moment, we are perfecting the electronics of the progressive impulse drive electric motor while finalizing manufacturing logistics. Scrooser has just been nominated in the category "mobility" for the GreenTec Awards 2013, which honors pioneers who are committed to a more environmentally conscious future.

Street Helmet from Lazer Sport for 2012

All Bikes All Gone; Fire Burns Through Rye Salvage Lot | Payson Roundup

Crews spent most of Saturday night battling a massive fire at a bike/automotive salvage yard in Rye that destroyed at least several homes and threatened the surrounding forest.
The fire appears to have started right before sunset towards the back of All Bikes, according to several residents who watched the massive blaze from the parking lot of the former Rye restaurant. Most had nothing more than the clothes on their backs, having little time to grab anything when the sheriff’s office excavated the 20-30 residents that live near the lot.
Ron Adler, the owner of All Bikes, said he had no idea how the fire started, but once he spotted the flames, he grabbed a hose and tried to save his home and prized bicycle and motorcycle collection.
Adler said he had amassed roughly 9,000 motorcycles, at least twice that many bicycles and dozens of classic cars in the two-acre lot over a 25-year period.

Bicycle related items on July 1 [tonight] City Council meeting agenda | Columbus City Council

Councilmember Eileen Paley is sponsoring ordinance 1477-2013, for various bikeway development projects, including the installation of Share the Road signs and shared-lane markings on Gay St between Front St and Cleveland Ave, and the installation of pavement markings, signs, and flexible posts on W Broad St between Hague Ave and I-70.

·         Councilmember Paley is sponsoring ordinance 1492-2013, to improve the bicycle and pedestrian crossing at the intersection of College Avenue and Petzinger Road by means of improved signage and signalization. The ordinance also improves the bicycle and pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Livingston Avenue and the Alum Creek Trail by means of improved signage and signalization.

·         Councilmember Zach Klein is sponsoring ordinance 1467-2013, for the Big Walnut Trail - Walnut Crossing Project. Included in the project: a new bike trail from Elk Run Park to Williams Road, a new section of boardwalk, a rebuilt segment of the existing asphalt path, and a new gravel path for walkers.

Tentative agenda for Monday’s Council meeting is now available online.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

What's on tap for cycling events first week of July in Columbus? #letsride

July 1 - Monday Night Ride
EVERY Monday at 10PM | 15thAve & HighSt | Columbus, Ohio | All-Weather | All-Year | All-Bikes | No-Drop

July 2 - Tuesday Night Ride
Tuesday at 7PM | Corner of Park & Buttles at Goodale Park [Facebook event]

July 3 - Ride your bike to BOOM!
We will be riding from Hal & Al's to the Audubon Park to watch the fireworks. Meet at the bar around 700pm. We will roll around 830PM. Family Friendly. This is a slow ride event. Bring lights (front & rear), blanket or chairs and snacks. [Facebook event]

July 4 - Be the Float! Yay Bikes! in the 30th Doo Dah Parade
Join Yay Bikes! on Thursday, July 4th, 2013 to Celebrate Liberty & Lunacy at the 30th Annual Doo Dah Parade! Exercise your First Amendment right, through humor. We will be lining up on Park Street south of Buttles around NOON. We will then parade our bicycles around the Short North, Victorian & Italian Villages & Harrison West.
We are partnering with the Scandinavian Club of Columbus to be Yay Vikes! for the parade. Just show up with your bike. If you have viking gear, bring it. If not, there will be a limited number of viking helmets for people to wear. And a rune. Not to wear though.
[Facebook event]

July 7 - Women's 100: Hocking Hills Loop
9:00 am - Rockmill Brewery

Join me on the 7th July to ride 100km as part of the Rapha Women’s 100.

The Rapha Women’s 100 ( is a global event getting thousands of women around the world to ride 100km on the 7th July wherever they are.

More information here →

Route will be posted on this page, before the ride.

Distance: 100k

This will be a hilly, challenging road ride, with a marked route, and support provided by roll: bicycle shop. roll: mechanics will follow the ride, and be on board for mechanicals, emergencies, water, and food needs. However, there is a great chance that riders will get pretty spread out, throughout the ride. So, please still bring your own essentials: food, water, repair kit, spare inner tube. I am currently trying to coordinate one food/water stop at the halfway point... but still bring you own water and nutrition! It might be hot out there, so this station will serve as a refill, replenishment option.

Before the ride, we'll provide two contact numbers to call, in case you need support from the roll: vehicle.

Rockmill Brewing Company is partnering up with us to provide a start and end location. There will be food provided for after the ride, and beer will be available for sale at the bar.

Rockmill is located just NW of Lancaster, OH. Start time changed to 9:00 am.

[Facebook event]

Defiant Bicycles Big Easy |

A fat-tire electric bike to take you through snow, sand, and the urban jungle.

The Defiant Bicycles Big Easy is a first of its kind: a hand-crafted, electric FAT bike that’s Made in the USA. The Defiant is the culmination of over two years of development and is the perfect choice for utility and recreation in virtually any setting.

Product Background

The inspiration for the Defiant came from company founder Kevin Spreng’s frustration at the lack of appropriate winter bikes. An attorney and committed bike commuter from the Twin Cities, Kevin wanted a bike that he could ride to work and for fun year round, through the harshest Minnesota winters. There simply wasn’t anything on the market capable of getting him through the snow and slush that made riding a challenge for as many as 6 months a year in Minnesota.

Electrifying a FAT Ride

“I thought I’d give a fat tire snow bike a try,” Spreng explains. “It worked great on snow and ice, but it wasn’t fast enough for me. So, I put an electric motor on my snow bike. It was brilliant. Now I could go 15 to 20 miles per hour on snow-covered trails and roads while still getting a terrific workout. That’s really how Defiant Bicycles and the Big Easy model were born.”

Building the Team

Looking to capitalize on the success of his prototype, Spreng teamed up with Jonathan Dombek and Greg Heinemann to develop Defiant, the company, and build its first model, the Defiant: an electric bike (e-bike) with the styling and craftsmanship one would expect to find in a top-dollar bike. Named, the Big Easy, Defiant’s first model has will fit and/or exceed the needs of several riding styles. As a FAT bike, it can go anywhere in as a commuter, snow, sand or rocky trail mountain-bike. It’s also perfect for the adventure-sportsman looking to get to a deer stand or previously unattainable location with a stealthily quiet mode of transportation.

The Big Easy Combines the Versatility of a FAT Bike with the Performance of an Electric Assist Motor

FAT bikes rule. Ask anyone who’s had a chance to ride one and you’ll see their eyes widen with glee. For the past five years, the FAT bike market has exploded in the United States and elsewhere. Enthusiasts have been blown away by FAT bikes’ ability to conquer terrain previously thought impassable by bike. Snow, rocky riverbeds, extreme off-camber sections, the steepest hills imaginable. A 4.7 in wide tire makes all of these scenarios rideable. FAT bikes were initially used on trails under many feet of snow. People were naturally curious, “I wonder how this bike would ride here, and here, and here?” Since their inception, FAT bikes have become the bike of choice for an immense cult of riders. Some people have gone as far as selling every other bike they own and opting to ride their FAT bike exclusively.

"You mean those tires won't slow me down?"

While the FAT bike tires may appear slow and cumbersome, nothing could be further from reality. Though they are certainly wider, and larger, than traditional 26” tires, FAT bike tires float over most surfaces and keep the bike’s steering lively and assuring. Depending on rider weight, FAT Tires can be inflated to pressures as low as 7pounds per square inch. Lower PSI is how you unlock the performance advantage of FAT tires. This larger tire coupled with lower-than-normal PSI inflation also serves a dual purpose: natural suspension. Over bumps, rocks, You’ll feel like you’re riding a cushy full-suspension bike, only it’s faster and more responsive. FAT tires allow the rider to sling shot themselves through the nastiest bumps in terrain. They also ride fantastically on road. You’ll feel like you’re cornering on a motorcycle as you lean into turns on a descent at high-speed.
As a result, nowadays, FAT bikes are so much more than snow bikes. From winter riding, to desert sand dune sessions, to long-distance adventure touring, not to mention plain old-fashioned trail riding on your favorite patch of single-track, FAT bikes are showing up everywhere. FAT bikes are currently the fastest growing segment in the bicycling industry. Companies can’t make enough of them to keep in stock. That’s why we’re so excited about this opportunity. We wanted our first bike to make a splash, and what better way to do it than with the introduction of a Made in the USA electric FAT Bike?

Why Electric Assist?

Sometimes you need an extra boost. Sometimes you have to get from point a to point b faster than normal. Sometimes you have to blast through a snow bank. Maybe you’re hauling a lot of hunting gear in the wilderness. Whatever your reason, the Big Easy's 500 watt motor will give you that extra boost to get you where you need to go, no matter the situation.

500 Watts of Unstoppable Power

As a means of making our Defiant more versatile than ever, we equipped it with a 500 watt electric motor. This allows you to carry more with you on a long commute, adventurous tour, or hunting expedition in all conditions. The electric assist also means that your bike has become more utilitarian than ever. Single-occupant trips by car become less necessary, which will save you money in the long run all the while allowing you to burn calories you wouldn’t if you made small trips by car.

Market Opportunity in the United States

With a range of 20+ miles, the Big Easy is positioned to put e-bikes on the map in the US where approximately 100,000 were sold in 2012. This figure lags behind sales in Europe where 1.1 million e-bikes were sold last year and in China, where approximately 27Million were sold in the same period! The Big Easy hits the fastest growing segments of the bicycle market – the electric category and fat tire category. With trends of electric car sales continuing to grow in the US as well as the use of bicycles for commuting in general, Defiant is positioned to take advantage of these macro trends with its introductory model – the Big Easy.

No License Required

Unlike motorcycles or scooters, the Big Easy doesn’t uses any fossil-fuels, is easily recharged at a standard electric outlet and is light enough to be rolled into the garage or shed or carried up stairs to an apartment or dorm room. Totally green. Completely efficient with a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour, it provides a comfortable commute, an edgy, all-conditions sporting experience and a daily workout for its user on a bike design totally unique to the category.

Where is the Big Easy Manufactured?

The Big Easy's custom designed aluminum frame is manufactured right here in the United States.

The Big Easy Facts

  • A pedal-assist, ultra-fat tire bicycle for use in snow and sand and all conditions for daily commuting or sport
  • Built on a proprietary design 6061 aluminum frame with bent top tube to maximize stand-over height – made in Portland, OR, USA
  • Frame is one of few built to handle whopping 4.7” tires which are the wide tire available for bicycles
  • Rear dropouts are spaced at 135mm which provides the rider with the flexibility to utilize an internally geared rear hub or single speed
Specific Build-Accessories and Components are variable at the behest of consumer preference
The motor is a 500 watt electric rear hub motor, inner fame mounted battery, 1 x 9 drive train. It is a 36 volt/11.6Ah battery mounted for optimal frame balance and charges fully within 5 hours
“Defiant is a state of being – a way of life. It is about breaking from the past, blazing a new trail, and redefining boundaries. Be active, get involved, lead the way – status quo be damned. Be Defiant!”

You Should Get On Board with Defiant Cycles

Defiant Bicycles Big Easy crosses the boundaries of utilitarian purpose and the simple joy of riding as fast as 20 miles per hour through impossible elements like drifted snow or a heavily sanded beach with all of the convenience and greenness of a bike combined with the unbridled joy of a Vespa.
Defy convention. Defy polluters. And dramatically, definitively defy the elements with a revolutionary electric bicycle that gets you where you need to go – reliably, effortlessly and with zero emission. Come Hell or high snowfall. Combining off-road durability with an urbane sensibility, the Defiant Big Easy flies over potholes and drain grates and plows through snow and sand at speeds up to 20MPH. The motor uses no fuel, emits no pollution and costs just pennies to recharge.
Whether you’re commuting to work or communing with nature, Defiant’s Big Easy not only does the job, it defies anyone or anything to try and stop you!

The Motor City, now 'built for bikes' | The Detroit News - great message about cycling community

Bike Town: Detroit has perfect conditions to be a major bicycling city according to biking advocates/entrpreneurs Jason Hall and Mike MacKool.
    "Everybody rides a bike. Who doesn't ride a bike? Why wouldn't you ride a bike?" asked Mike MacKool. "If you don't ride a bike I feel like you're missing a major part of what's fun in Detroit right now."
    The cycling entrepreneur and advocate of all things bike in Detroit states what's obvious to the growing numbers of bicycle riders in the city. Bike riding is (mac)cool.
    MacKool says Detroit is a perfect storm of conditions for an expanding bike riding culture. The population loss that's a negative for the city in so many ways is a big plus for cyclists. The infrastructure of wide, flat boulevards meant for over twice the traffic we have now makes cycling safer and more enjoyable than it is in the car-choked streets of a New York or Chicago.
    "We're the Motor City; the streets are huge. It's hard to find something that doesn't have four lanes in the city of Detroit," he said. "It makes for a really bike-able city.
    "This city was built for cars," MacKool said. "Now that there aren't as many cars, we feel it's built for bikes."

    [Keep reading at The Detroit News]

    MindSet - Devinci Tour of California