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Vending Machines for Bicycle Parts

Unless they happen to be near a bicycle shop during business hours, bicyclists who break down are typically out of luck if they don't already have the parts they need to make a repair. Aiming to make bike parts more accessible, two different vending machines we've spotted are always on hand with critical parts. Most recently, bike manufacturer Trek set up a prototype Trek Stop Cycling Convenience Center at the end of June, just off the bike path in Madison, Wisconsin. Located outside (and operated by) bike shop Machinery Row, the Trek Stop is a 24/7/365 convenience center for cyclists that provides access to cycling products, information and a safe place to work on a bike. The full-service vending machine is stocked with bicycle products such as spare tubes, patches, tire levers, CO2 cartridges and more, along with food and cold drinks; it also features an information center with maps, a message board and advertising space for local announcements. A covered maintenance area, me

George Bush Hates Track People

'George Bush Hates Track People' Kanye may hate his fans, but he loves his fixed gear bike from Brooklyn Machine Works. Looks like he even got custom bar ends done—a play on that now infamous off script TV moment that shook Mike Meyers soul to the core. It's not black people that George Bush doesn't care about, it's "track people. Link...

More Dirty Dozen Video - Riding the Liberty Tunnel into Pittsburgh

Rapha Ultimate Musette

ULTIMATE MUSETTE A stylish take on a cycling classic, the Rapha musette is perfect for carrying essential items around the city. Constructed from a robust, coated cotton canvas and stitched with bound seams, it is fully lined and water resistant. Internal features include a hinged organiser pocket with two zipped storage compartments, one of which has a cable hole for iPod earphones. There are three stitched pen pockets and a separate mobile phone compartment with a leather clasp. In addition to the main shoulder strap, an additional chest strap helps keep the bag stable and there is a leather light loop on the main panel. The musette has a four-litre capacity, measuring 13in(l), 9.5in(h), 2.5in(w). Rapha Performance Roadwear website

Trek jumps on Belt Drive

The website...

New National Study Examines Bicycle Related Injuries Among Youth

Although bicycles are a healthy and cost-saving alternative for transportation, automobiles continue to be the only consumer product associated with more childhood injuries. Despite bicycle safety programs and legislative efforts designed to enforce the use of bicycle helmets in some cities and states, an estimated 389,300 children and adolescents 18-years and younger were treated in emergency departments for bicycle-related injuries each year between 1990-2005. More...

Oh Wiki your so fine! Track Bike Disassembly

How to Take Apart a Track Bicycle Riding a bicycle is an increasingly popular activity for recreational as well as practical purposes. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to remove, replace, or clean certain parts of the bike. A track bicycle is a type of bicycle (ridden with a single, often fixed gear) that is popular in urban areas for its simplicity, maneuverability, ease of maintenance and its style. In this article the maintenance and disassembly of such a bicycle will be discussed. For the sake of convenience, this article assumes the bike in question has a fixed gear. This project is best done in a clean space, with a clean floor, as items with grease tend to pick up dirt and debris. This project can be done by anyone with the required tools, a bit of strength (for certain parts) and an interest in bicycle maintenance. This project may take anywhere from an hour to a day to complete, depending on your level of caution and familiarity with the parts. And the rest of the stor

Bicycling and Drinking? Meet PedalPub - in three countries

Contender #1 from Holland The Fietscafe is a mobile pub, for groups up to 17 people per bike, who can transport themselves by moving the pedals. Not all guests do have to cycle; the Fietscafe® is provided with 10 freewheels, so you can change seats from time to time. You need a sober driver and of course, the best bartender looks after the beer and drinks.The Fietscafe's can be used for all events and success is always guaranteed. The site... Contender #2 from England Features: Comfortable serving bar table with ample space for 1 or 2 bar servers. Dimmable mood lighting. Single tap for cold draught beer and the accompanying equipment. Fully waterproofed for interior and exterior use. Optional integrated sound system. 24 hour help line during the hire period. Full explanation of all aspects of the artnouveau bar during installation. Equipment: Everything needed for cold draught beer, optional drinks chiller 4 point mains power sockets. Quick user guide to remind youreslf of the keg

Dirty Dozen in Pittsburgh, PA on Thanksgiving Day Weekend

Canton Ave 2007 The Final Hill 2007

Columbus Cyclist Highlighted in Urban Velo

The original story from Urban Velo

The announcement we have all been waiting for....

Folks, the ride you've been anticipating for almost a year is.... still two months away. Yet, you wouldn't believe the number of people hounding me about the announcement for this ride. (would you believe ... one?.... well, why not?) 8th Annual HATTARICK - Hockhocking Adena Trail To Athens Ride In the Cold for Koffee Saturday, January 3, 2009 Hockhocking Adena RailTrail from Nelsonville, OH (Hocking Technical College) to Athens, OH.....and back. Friends, this is the only ride in Ohio that's downhill in both directions. You have to ride it to truly appreciate it's nuisances. (IF you are 80+ years old, the 'and back' portion of the ride may be waived) Day Before Ride: Reminder to xxxxxxxxx to come up with a better excuse than last year's for not riding. (Better = more creative) Last year's excuses were pretty lame. Person with "Best Excuse" will receive a pair of SmartWool cycling socks. Winner must be present to win.

Dura-Ace Chain - Blown Up - REPAIRED

Wipperman Connex Link for 10 speed. Ask for it by name.

Stunts on two wheels

11/03/08 Ride Report

There were about 40 people at the start. Regular leaders were nowhere to be found. Casey was probably at a bar. Zach has been MIA for months. Jonny and I stepped up to the task and led. We headed through campus and went south on Neil. On 5th we turned west and rode out to McKinley. We made a stop at the Mound and hung out for a little bit. Then south on McKinley until we reached Central. Central due south to Mound (recurring theme) and we stopped at Cooper Stadium. We did some loop de loops around the parking lot and hung out for a few minutes. Then south on Mound to Harmon. Onto Greenlawn and then High straight to the High Beck. Over the course of the ride we lost about half of the riders. I think as the ride progressed the temperature dropped from 58 to low 40's as we headed away from downtown. 14 miles total.

Customize the Hood!

This goes to ELEVEN! You haven't had that much choice about how to dress up the front end of your bike since Cinelli unveiled their "Splash" cork bar tape. Whether you feel like pink - yellow - blue - green - white blotched bar tape is 'right' or 'wrong,' we think it's difficult to argue against giving people choices (and not that it matters, but our HUDZ actually match most of the colors in that tape). So whether you are a Campy girl or a Shimano guy - whether you want "Splash" bar tape, or Euro-pro white, we have the perfect set of HUDZ for you. DA7800 - In stores Campagnolo - In stores ULT6600 - Shipping now (Also fits Ultegra SL and 105 levers) SRAM - Shipping now Available Colors: Bastogne Blue, Bordeaux Gold, Brugge Black, Eroica Celeste, Ghent Grey, Lombardia Orange, Paris Pink, Roubaix Red, San Remo Green, Vlaanderen Yellow, and Wallonne White. Coming Soon: Lausanne Clear will join the existing eleven colors of Hudz. The site...

Rally Ride

I rode my handicapped bike down to the Obama Rally at the State House. When I got home I realized what the issue was with the chain. See previous post. Got in 23 miles riding down Broad to the event and then back home again.

Dura-Ace Chain - Blown Up


Need a part time car?

Zipcar has services in Columbus Joining Zipcar Anyone who's 21+ or older and has a valid driver's license can apply. Complete the online application, which takes just a few minutes. We'll run a quick driving record check, then within three days to a week you'll get your Zipcard.(Even faster if you pick it up at the office.) Once you receive your Zipcard, you can begin reserving Zipcars and driving right away! Reserving a Car You can do it online or over the phone. You choose the car you want – there are MINIs, BMWs, hybrids, even pickups. Choose the time slot you want at the location you want. Reserve minutes or months in advance. Getting in the Car Your Zipcard will only open the car you've reserved during the time you've reserved it (which means no one else can open your Zipcar during that time, either). All you do is walk to the car, hold your card to the windshield and the doors will unlock. Driving... Well, we guess you don't need us to tell you how

Nice Rack! Made here in Columbus

Want to haul more than your butt around town. Check out the offerings from Community Carts. They are located in Franklinton, or F-Ton as the hip like to say. The website is here...

Bicyclists Show Off Their Two-Wheeling Tattoos

Wired has a slideshow of bicyclist tattoos

Halloween Adventure Ride Ride Recap

View Larger Map We had five people show, including myself. Brett Allen led the ride, Duncan showed up (hadn't seen him for a while), and we had two new people, Morgen and Andy. None of the usual suspects showed for one reason or another. Because Morgen and Andy were not seasoned veterans we chose to play it by ear. We headed north and rode UP Walhalla, then south on Indianola (Studio 35 - which by the way was running Rocky Horror). We wound our way through the neighborhoods over to Joyce. At American Addition we realized that Woodford Ave does not connect through to Woodland as Google Maps would indicate. We passed Ohio Dominican and then hit the 670 Bike path over to Fort Hayes. For as long as I have been riding around Columbus I never ventured into Fort Hayes. The rehabbed buildings are nice. We shot out on Cleveland and passed Columbus State. Thurber House was next and then the Health Department building. We rode past several haunted locations in German Village and then hit Gree