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Friday, December 12, 2008

WAD Bikeway 3rd Thursday Rides


Come on out! The first ten minutes are the hardest!

Brett Allen for
WAD Bikeway Association

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Official Dirty Dozen Women's Results - From Danny Chew

Only 6 women made it up every hill this year, and winner Patty needed 3 attempts on Canton Ave., and 2:48 marathon runner Laura needed 4 attempts on Canton!

2008 Dirty Dozen Women's Results:

1. Patty Buerkle 127 points - won $150
2. Whitney Severino 106 points - won $100
3. Carol Clemens 100 points - won $ 50
4. Lee-Ann Beatty 75 points
5. Laura (Hruby) Dick 65 points
6. Ruth Cunningham 54 points

The other 6 women who started are:

Cheryl McMurray
Michelle Bishop
Jenna LaTour
Valerie Christoff (Ginger)
Barbara Acker (Carol's mother)
Charlene Walters

A big thanks to all 12 women for showing up.

Editor's note: I am waiting for Danny to publish the men's results.

Urban Guerilla Knitting

Monday, December 8, 2008

Have you seen this man? UPDATE

We had a sighting today. At approximately 4:40PM he was seen on High Street riding a hybrid.

Editor's note: He is not missing nor is he hurt. Just thought the photo was funny...

Ohio Safe Routes to Schools Program

Program Purpose:
Improve safety, encourage and enable children, including those with disabilities, to walk or ride their bikes to school.

More information is here at their site...

Children's Services Bike Program - From The Dispatch

Ann Fisher commentary: Mom puts bikes under tree for Children Services kids

Monday, December 8, 2008 3:02 AM

Kate Koch Gatch, with husband Brian Gatch and adopted daughter Lainey, emptied a Walmart store of kids' bikes to give to Franklin County Children Services -- an item usually beyond reach for foster children.

She must have been a sight -- a sight for sore eyes at a time when so many have less to give.
By the time Kate Koch Gatch had lined up the 26 bikes and 26 safety helmets at the front door of the Walmart on Nov. 29, store employees and other shoppers couldn't help but notice.

When they learned that she had just purchased the fleet for Franklin County foster kids, "The whole store kind of stopped," Gatch told me. "It was kind of magical. Perfect strangers came up and shook my hand."

As soon as store manager Ken Wright heard that she was raiding his bike department, he offered a free helmet for every bike she purchased that day. That meant she could buy even more bicycles.


Not bike related, but very handy - Stop JUNK mail or calls

Stop unwanted catalogues

Stop unwanted pre-approved credit

Reduce the amount of junkmail

Stop telemarketers from calling your phone.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Ergo grip outsole made with high-density nylon Provides stiffness and support
Water resistant leather bases with 3 mm neoprene Water resistant to keep your feet dry and warm
Fornt opening with seam sealed zip Prevent water coming in
Ergonomic molded heel and front cup Efficient support and better resistance to impact
Possibility of inseting toe heat packs at the front Keep toes warm for several hours event under windy conditions
Laces with easy buckle Quick and easy fit
Cleat opening under sole Compatible with SPD cleats
Visual display for cleat's position Accurate fit
Reflective piping Security and better visibility

Rated to 5 degrees

The site...