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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

After opposing bike lanes in Brooklyn, Ikea gives employees free bikes - NY Daily News

Wednesday, December 8th 2010, 11:55 AM
 Ikea gave out custom-made bicycles to all of its employees but continued to strongly oppose the new bike lane in front of its Red Hook, Brooklyn store.

Ikea might be strongly opposed to the new bike lane in front of its Brooklyn megastore, but it's apparently in favor of bikes as gifts.    

After objecting to the Red Hook bike lane earlier this year, Ikea showed it was still a lover of green transportation and handed out 12,400 bicycles to employees nationwide, reports the Brooklyn Paper.

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Freeload: Your Platform for Adventure

Your Platform For Adventure

Freeload is the world’s first fully adjustable bicycle carrier rack that can be fitted to the front or rear of all types of bicycles, including full-suspension mountain bikes. This innovation is a major breakthrough for load-carrying on mountain bikes, especially in off-road touring situations.
Designed and developed in New Zealand, home to some of the most challenging and beautiful off-road touring destinations, the Freeload system provides you with a truly flexible platform for adventure.
Freeload lets you remove the load from your back and mount it directly to your bike, giving you more freedom to enjoy the ride.

The Freeload System:
  • Can be fitted to the fork (front) or seat stays (rear) of your bike in minutes.
  • Is lightweight at only 880g.
  • Supports panniers, backpacks, dry bags, tents and more.
  • Has secure, tough construction and is rated to 25kg in rough off-road use.
  • Offers silent and vibration-free performance, even over the roughest terrain.
  • The removable deck allows other Freeload carrying accessories to be fitted easily.
  • The retractable on-board bungee cords provide convenient, secure tie-downs.
  • The patented attachment system allows you to quickly fit, remove or swap racks between bikes.
  • The Freeload rack is fully re-buildable with all components available individually.

This product looks pretty cool. I would love to try one of these. (Hint, hint)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

3rd Annual Oglebay Christmas Lights Ride

Friday, December 17 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm

LocationWheeling, WV
More InfoJoin us on the 3rd Annual Oglebay Christmas Lights Ride as we ride through the Oglebay Festival of Lights on bicycles. Meet at 7pm at the Elm Grove trailhead (Mason Rehab Center). We will head up Peters Run Road to the park and ride through most of the lights and then head down to the Alpha to warm up with food and drink.

[Facebook Event Page]

City of Columbus Bicycling Resources and Links MISSING Yay Bikes! and blogs

Please email and ask them to add Yay Bikes! and your favorite Columbus cycling blogs to the list.

[Incomplete resource page here]


Thursday, December 16 · 2:30pm - 6:00pm

LocationALL OVER
1934 N. 4th Street, Columbus, OH 43201
Columbus, OH

Thats right bitches! winter alleycat! Cold? Bored? wanna go for a ride and potentially get sweet shit and support a good cause? then come race in our SANTA THEMED ALLEYCAT!!!! Its set up like a normal alleycat EXCEPT ONE THING!!!!! You need a BAG in which to carry STUFF!! so if you plan on racing BRING A BAG! Also its $10 (ten) to enter. The money goes to Two Machines ( which would help impoverished people in Tijuana.

Also if you plan on racing, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WE NEED TO KNOW BY DECEMBER 10TH!!!!!!!!! so that we can prepare things before. we need to know how many racers there will be. So please do that. Just comment on THIS PAGE saying that your gonna do it.

Thats all the info im giving now.....except that you need to be at the 4th street cafe (1934 N. 4th Street, Columbus, OH 43201) for registration AT 2:30PM!!!!!!

*Sponsers for this race will be posted shortly*

After Party will be held at The Chopper house (2171 N. 4th street) get in for free with a spoke card or just throw a couple bucks for Two Machines (please)

[Facebook Event Page]

Monday, December 6, 2010

CVNP looks at adding mountain biking to park usage - WKSU News

CVNP looks at adding mountain biking to park usage
Park board reviewing environmental impact statement

Morning Edition Host
Jeff St. Clair
Mountain bike enthusiasts have long lobbied for access to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Bikers ususally create separate trails so as not to interfere with hikers.
Courtesy of Dirk Bormann, Flickr
In The Region:
The new superintendent of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park says a decision on whether to allow mountain bikers on park trails is one of his top priorities. Stan Austin took over the 33,000 acre park in September. He formerly managed Yosemite and Glen Canyon National Parks.

[continue at WKSU News]

HATTARICK 2010 Photos (for reference) - Please see prior post

10th Annual HATTARICK - Hockhocking Adena Trail To Athens Ride In the Cold for Koffee

Saturday, January 8, 2011          10:00 AM Mass Start
Ten years, can you believe that?   I didn't think so.  But hey, who would make something like that up? 
(for the ten-year anniversary, I thought I'd re-introduce the spiritual aspect to the ride... and start with Mass again) 

For this year's HATTARICK,  milestone 10 and all... we should do something special.  
I'm thinking....  How about temperature's above 30 dF !!!    Geesh, was last year cold or what?? 
There must have been 15 people said they were definitely riding.... six showed up.  One for each degree above zero. 

Certainly, those six degrees separated these riders far from the rest of the maddening crowd.   
(ooh... I just got an eerie feeling after writing/reading that... did you?  spooky)
Please Note:  The HATTARICK traditionally does not compete with other January 1 rides, as a courtesy... 
to it's loyal riders,  most of whom are nursing bad headaches that day.  Why double up? 
And so, on to the details: 

Day of Ride - Saturday, January 8:
9:15 - 9:45 AM
   Arrive at Hocking Technical College Parking Lot, in Nelsonville, OH – Across the RR tracks from all those quaint log cabins.  
Park near the tracks.  Dress for 2  3 kinds of weather, minimum.   Bring extra gloves, heck... bring an Arc'Teryx MT. EVEREST Expedition parka, the Sherpa series, and a pair of flip flops, just in case.   (No, Pete is not going to loan you HIS flip flops.  I tried that already) 
10:00 AM 
Leave the parking lot  (preferably on your bike & on the trail)

This is a social ride, not a race.   
And if temps are in the single digits again, it's not even all that social.  Spoken words freeze mid-air, and can't pierce 3 layers of ear protection.   We save up the banter for the restaurant, and take it out on the waitress.  
11:30 ish
  Arrive in Athens... where we plan to execute THE 2010 PLAN,  
- which got subverted in 2010,  cause when we first arrived at the quaint, salt-lick town of Enterprise, and the daytime high had reached a balmy 11 dF, and some idiot shouted "keep going!",  which no-one heard through their ear protection,  and the first rider, following the muffled sound,  made a right turn into Enterprise, and all the remaining riders followed.  Later the 'idiot' was identified as an employee at the really nice, locally owned, healthy food restaurant, which means this person was a lot smarter than he/she sounded...  but that's another story.

THE 2010 (Now the 2011) PLAN
(a written-in-stone,  weather-dependent,  non-negotiable,  see-what-happens,  mandatory,  go-with-the-flow,  suck-it-up...  sort of thing,  sort of) 
Again, the PLAN is to turn around in Athens and ride back to Enterprise, and eat there !   

1.  That makes the first half of the ride longer, the second half short, and screws up the concept of "half".   
Totally in keeping with the HATTARICK rider's renegade image. 

2.  Some may want to ride to Enterprise, stop and drink coffee, until the rest return. 

Totally in keeping with the HATTARICK rider's renegade image. 

3.  Some may want to ride to Enterprise, stop and warn the restaurant about the rest of us, soon to be there. 
Totally in keeping with the HATTARICK rider's renegade image. 

4.  Some may want to eat in Athens anyway, and skip Enterprise.  
Totally in keeping with the HATTARICK rider's renegade image. 

11:40 ish  Reverse direction, head for Enterprise. 

12:10 ish
  Stop to eat in Enterprise... Dutch treat.
(Maybe this is the year someone named 'Dutch',  who hasn't read the rules, joins the ride.  Let's not give up on that)  

1:15 ish
  Leave Enterprise and return to Nelsonville

2:00 ish  Arrive back at HTC.  (pack up, turn up the car heater, 

begin the year-long process of forgetting the suffering)   

HATTARICK riders are found in that small loop created by the intersection of those people crazy about cycling,  and those who are just plain nuts.
The 2010 ride had the highest attendance of any HATTARICK in history... (when the temp was below 10 dF)   
Come and see what 
Outside magazine calls "A mistake.  Seriously, this is a big mistake.  And NO, we're not sending a reporter!"   
Bring all the cycling clothing you own, be prepared for every contingency, and do the only January in Ohio ride 
that features an octogenarian rider wearing flip flops, and an Arc'Teryx MT. EVEREST Expedition parka, Sherpa series. 
Totally in keeping with the HATTARICK rider's renegade image.

See you Saturday, January 8.   
Please forward to the cyclists I missed or overlooked in this initial memo. 
(except Dutch)

Okay, several of you caught the carefully placed 'errors' in that first announcement, and thus 'tie' for the "truth in advertising" prize... 
So you'll have to split the case of SPAM and the carton of Lucky Strikes among you.

The errors were:
1. The town is called Eclipse, not Enterprise.  Tricky, cause there is a town called Enterprise in that area too!!
2. The  "really nice, locally owned, healthy food restaurant"  restaurant is actually called Jana's.    Except it got eclipsed by the recent tornado in that area.   
Several people said it's not now a functioning enterprise.  BUT, someone suggested we go back to the OLD, OLD plan, and try: "the Casa Nueva in Athens"   half-way thru the ride.
Course, the guy who suggested this goes by the nickname "Dutch", so ...   Caveat Emptor...   (I've always wanted to use that phrase... did I use it correctly?)  

So, the choice of restaurant will be 'up for grabs', once we arrive in Athens, assuming we arrive.  

The rest of the ride details:  Where, when, parking, etc. remain the same.   

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bikes are Back 2010 UPDATE Dec 3 - From the mailbag

Dear Friends of the Bike Lady!

We’re steadily rolling towards the goal of $35,000 to put at least 500 kids who’ve suffered a history of neglect and abuse and are under the care of Franklin County Children Services (FCCS) on their very first bike this holiday season!

We just surpassed $22,000 which is fantastic in light of the economy and so many people struggling to make ends meet. A few donor stories…

·         From Afghanistan, Pat Brooks, formerly "Batman" with the C-Bus Police Department gang unit, who has been overseas the last 2 1/2 years, says he "loves kids and bikes". He’s married to Mo Armstrong Brooks , a super C-Bus NICU nurse who has seen newborns immediately placed under the care of FCCS start life passively addicted to opiates and other drugs...they took the time to donate online this week. (Pat departed the front lines yesterday and will get home right before Christmas.)


·         Shannon K-N says, "I think your cause struck such a cord with me because I DO remember my first bike. It wasn't new or fancy. I found it in an abandoned apartment that my mother cleaned for the complex management and where we lived at the time. I taught myself to ride it, but as quickly as I got the bike, it was stolen. I'm now at a

·         A group of colleagues at Nationwide Insurance called and said they are building 10 new bikes as a team-building exercise and donating to Bike Lady. Love it!


The initial “kick-off” message is below the signature line. If you’re inclined, copy, paste and forward. Please help. Donate online at the website. Facebook it. Tweet it. Forward it and let the plea roll on…


Kate Koch Gatch
Executive Director
Bike Lady, Inc.
PO Box 311
Blacklick, OH 43004
FACEBOOK: Bike Lady Inc.


Happy Thanksgiving to Friends of the Bike Lady!

Two years ago, I asked a few friends, neighbors and family to join me in donating bicycles to the Franklin County Holiday Wish program to benefit local kids under the care of Franklin County Children Services (FCCS). Community generosity was overwhelming and we put over 100 local foster children safely on bikes, with helmet and lock included. In 2009, over 200 local kids who have suffered a history of abuse and neglect woke up to find a brand new set of shiny two wheels under the tree.

This year, it’s our hope to channel 500 bikes, helmets and locks to the FCCS Holiday Wish program. It’s going to be tough. But we have faith.

Close your eyes for just a second. Think back to all the holiday and birthday gifts you received as a child. What stands out the most? What is the one gift you distinctly remember? For many, I’ll bet it was your first new bike. Mine was a forest green, 3-speed and delivered by the Easter Bunny. Yours?

Over 5,000 children are under the care of FCCS, and, without your support, it’s unlikely they will ever experience the freedom, independence and rite of passage that a bike provides, and that lifelong memory will never be created. Bikes are matched to recipients by caseworkers. First, the focus is on life changes. What child wants to be on a sports team or get a part time job, but has no transportation? Next, bikes go to Kinship Care. These are foster kids often cared for by relatives. Kinship Care families typically receive no financial subsidy to offset the cost of raising these children and the caretakers are often struggling with poverty. Third, the bikes are matched to older kids that are available for adoption, but haven’t yet found a forever family and will more than likely emancipate out of the system. They want parents. A bike is the least we can do.

How can you help? Donate. Spread the word. Blog. Post on Facebook. Forward this email…

  • Donate online at
  • Or mail a check payable to Bike Lady, Inc., PO Box 311, Blacklick, OH 43004
  • Or select and purchase a bike, helmet and lock, then drop them off at FCCS Holiday Wish Santa's Workshop at 855 West Mound Street, M-F, 8-5. Contact me to assist in the delivery if needed

Bike Lady in the news:

Wednesday, November 24th, 10am, NPR WOSU Radio, 820AM on the radio, streaming live and on demand at Call into the live show at 614.292.8513. Also Wednesday, November 24thWBNS 10TV local news broadcast, Female Focus Segment, 5:00pm.

Bike Lady Inc is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charity. Your donation is tax deductible per IRS guidelines. Every dollar donated goes directly towards the purchase of bikes, helmets and locks and all bikes are donated to FCCS.

It will take over $35,000 to put 500 local kids under FCCS care on bikes this season. Special thanks to Whole FoodsABB FoundationColumbus Outdoor Pursuits and the Harmony Project for their organizational donations totaling over $15,000. And, we’re getting special pricing from Huffy Bikes, Wal-Mart and Bell Helmets which will make every dollar go further. And thanks to Abbruzzese Brothers, Inc. who are the best bike haulers in town when they’re not landscaping. They are on board again for 2010. And I know I can count on the Columbus cycling community – some of the best people I’ve ever met.

But 500 bikes -- over $35,000 total to raise – it’s a long haul and such a tough economy with so many struggling financially. I just ask that if you have a little to share, could you give a kid a bike?


Kate Koch Gatch
Bike Lady, Inc.
PO Box 311
Blacklick, OH 43004
FACEBOOK: Bike Lady Inc.

Nokian Hakkapeliitta W106 Studded Tires

I am testing these 700x35 tires on my Lemond. The rear is a tight fit with a few MM clearance on each side so hopefully I don't run into a bunch of snow pack issues. I will give an update as the winter season progresses.