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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Survey finds bicyclists and motorists ignore traffic laws at similar rates | Public Radio International (PRI)

After surveying 18,000 people, Wesley Marshall, an associate professor of civil engineering 
at the University of Colorado, is trying to understand why cyclists, in particular, might bend 
or flat-out flout traffic regulations.

Answer honestly. As a bicyclist do you follow all the rules and regulations of the road?
Ever zipped over the speed limit, or glided past a stop sign when no one’s around?
When it comes to obeying traffic laws, “we’re all criminals,” says Wesley Marshall, an associate professor of civil engineering at the University of Colorado.
After surveying 18,000 people, Marshall is trying to understand why cyclists, in particular, might bend or flat-out ignore traffic regulations.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bicycle Makers Struggle to Swat Down Counterfeits | NY Times

The Astana Pro team’s Vincenzo Nibali during the second stage of the Tour de France on July 5 in the Netherlands. Credit
Sebastien Nogier/European Pressphoto Agency
RODEZ, France — When Alberto Contador won the Tour de France in 2010 while riding a bicycle made by Specialized for the first time, Andrew Love was both elated and apprehensive.
“I knew they would be coming,” Love, the company’s head of brand protection, investigation and legal enforcement, recalled.
Contador’s success was ultimately short-lived — the title was revoked two years later because of doping — but that had nothing to do with Love’s fear: that Contador’s victory aboard the Specialized carbon fiber bicycle frame would hasten the arrival of copies from China, where there has been a surge in counterfeit high-end bikes, wheels and even helmets.
Unlike, for example, a fake Rolex watch that stops ticking, fake cycling products can have dangerous consequences, several manufacturers said.
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