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Saturday, March 30, 2013

PEDAL PALE ALE KEG RIDE is April 27, 2013

Quick!  Grab a bike and a GOOD FRIEND and get ready for the running of the 9th Annual Keg Ride. We're back at it again to raise money for In Stride Therapeutic Riding and BikePGH this year, and we need your help!
THE RIDE: To spread the word about what it means to operate an environmentally sustainable brewery, since our very first year, we've been delivering the the very first PEDAL PALE ALE kegs of the season to a local tap-spot in a very unique way....BY BICYCLE.
On Saturday Morning, April 27th, 2013, we'll set off with a few kegs and about 650 of our GOOD FRIENDS in tow to a mystery destination some place in Pittsburgh that ordered some beer. The trip will be slow, meandering, and maybe a little surprising - especially the secret destination.
CAN I BUY YOU A BEER? For everyone that rides, your first beer is on me. The more riders, the more beer we have to pull... but we'll worry about that part.
  • We're starting at our new, fully operational brewing home, 147 Julius St. in Larimer.
  • Ridership is capped at 650 and we're eliminating day-of registration and waiver-signing as much as possible to keep the lines short!
  • When you register, you'll see an option to buy a limited run, KegRide tshirt, designed and printed by our long-time pals at CommonwealthPress. 100% of the proceeds go to our charities as well... so BUY ONE!  Deadline for adding a t-shirt to your registration is April 12, 2013.
  • You'll get to enjoy that first taste of Pedal Pale Ale in a souvenir East End Brewing Pint Glass that you can take home.
  • Plan on doing the Reverse Keg Ride on Novermer 2nd as well?  Shortly, we'll have a "Round Trip Keg Ride" registration option in place so you can sign up for both, and save a few bucks too!
  • PULL A KEG! Yes, you can have the honor of riding at the front of the pack, and scoring one of the very first glasses of PEDAL PALE ALE served this season. Of course, you'll need to work for it - and pay for it too. But again, it all goes to charity. For the tidy sum of $250, you can guarantee a slot at the head of the pack. Just drop an email toSeth, and the first person to make payment - credit card, check, unmarked bills, gold bullion (Seth's words, not mine.) - gets to pull a keg to our undisclosed location. No, we still won't tell you where we're riding, but at least you'll learn first!
  • Date: Saturday, April 27th, 2013
  • Time: 9:30-10:30am sign-in, 11am departure, arrival at Desination likely between 12 and 1pm
  • Starting Point: East End Brewing Co. 147 Julius St. Pgh, Pa 15206 Destination: You've gotta ride to find out!
  • Distance: 6-10 miles Pace: Gentle, slow. Remember that part about people pulling a keg?
  • Return trip: Sorry folks, you're on your own.
  • Registration: Early Bird = $20, Regular = $25, Round Trip = $XX Hmm.....when does Early Bird pricing end? That's a mystery, so sign up now before the price goes up.

Ergon PC2 pedal

The PC2 redefined the market for touring / commuting / everyday pedals. The PC2 Evo takes this one step further. Using lightweight materials, such as a carbon composite pedal body, and hollow mat chromed axle, the weight has further reduced. Other high end details ate the CNC machined aluminium axle cap, and orange integrated reflectors for increased visibility. 

PC2 (Small) - width: 3.89 inch/ length: 4.88 inch 
PC2 (Large) - width: 4.25 inch/ length: 5.39 inch 

2013 Barry Roubaix 36 mile race

Red Hook Crit Brooklyn

Friday, March 29, 2013

"Mama Like" - One Bicycle. One banjo. One Month. One thousand miles on the California Coast.

"Mama Like" - One Bicycle. One banjo. One Month. One thousand miles on the California Coast. from Brittany App on Vimeo.

Northern Europe by Bike

northern Europe by Bike from showmetheworld on Vimeo.

Six month I traveled in northern Europe on my Bicycle. From Germany through Danmark, Sweden and Norway to Cape North, then through Russia, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Filmed with Canon 600D and Sony Cybershot HX9V

More about me and my project on

BYOBW Announcement video

Lawnmower Bike

Thursday, March 28, 2013


[From Ohio Bike Lawyer - Steve Magas]

The BikeLawyer's FIRST EVER OHIO BIKE CRASH APP is now LIVE - It is Up and Running! You can download for your iPhone here! It is, of course, completely FREE

I would love to have to MANY folks try it out and let me know about any issues you see - improvements - bugs - etc

You Droid users can also get the App - I don't have a Droid, so please let me know how it works for you!

The App is, of course, a bit of shameless self promotion that gives you some background about me, a summary of all of Ohio's "Bike Laws," information about how we handle cases. It also has important summaries of Insurance issues that typically come up in injury cases, FAQ's, "What To DO" if you crash, and more. 

However, the most critical part of the App is the CRASH feature - which gives the Crash-ee the ability to gather information at the time of a crash - photos, video, recorded statements, sketches,typed data - and forward it to me with one button! - You can also locate the nearest Hospital, Taxi or Bike Shop from your current location [or crash scene] - 

Let me know what you think!

Mammut Ambient Light Dry Bag

Simply attach the Ambient Light Dry Bag to a headlamp to create pleasant diffused light for cooking or reading and the romantic ambiance of an evening under canvas. The ideal accessory, offering a range of additional benefits. The Ambient Light Dry Bag can also be used as a waterproof stuff bag. [Mammut]

Eat'N Tool - Spoon, Fork, Bottle Opener, Screwdriver/Pry Tip, Metric Wrenches, Carabiner, Clam Only

Here at Columbia River Knife & Tool® (CRKT®) we're inspired by great design. Our I.D. Works® products are not tools you will find anywhere else. We're motivated by design that is both inspired and functional, as created 500 years ago by painter, sculptor, architect, and inventor Leonardo da Vinci, who said "observe everything" in nature. We've partnered with the best and brightest designers of today who share this vision of putting functional art in your hand. They are organic and ergonomic shapes, sometimes whimsical, always useful. These unique tools make up our growing I.D. Works® line. Put them to use, enjoy them, and always remember what inspires you!

Our new Eat'N Tool is the brainchild of New York City designer Liong Mah. At first glance it looks like the familiar spoon/fork "spork" combination, but Liong has used his ingenuity and computer-aided design skills to create a lightweight, high-tech outdoor tool.

Yes, there is an ergonomic spoon, and a short-tuned fork. But in addition, there's a handy bottle opener on one side. The right side of the handle is ground to provide an emergency screwdriver blade, which will also work as a pry for opening canisters.

The large central hole is not only designed for finger gripping, but also keeps the Eat'N Tool weight down. Three metric wrench reliefs (10 mm, 8 mm, 6 mm) are useful for emergency repairs, and result in a tool weight of just 1.5 ounces (43 g).

For easy snap-on carry on D-rings or loops on clothing and packs, there is a carry carabiner (non-weight-bearing).

The Eat'N Tool is available in a bead-blast finish (9100C), or with a food grade black non-stick coating (9100KC).

[Buy it here]

REI Member Stories: Biking from Chicago to San Francisco

Columbus To Add 300 Bikes To Downtown Share Program [NBC4i]

The City of Columbus plans to spend more than 2.2 million dollars to begin a Bike Share program in the downtown area, which means there could be about 300 more bikes on the road by the summer.
The City of Columbus is already considered a bike-friendly area with bike trails and stations where bicyclists can put air in their tires. Now, a new deal with Alta Bike Share could put more bikes on the roads.
The bike share program is expected to increase bike traffic on roads downtown. NBC4's Liz Adeola took a look at how the increase of cyclists will impact safety.
Lieutenant Brent Mull with the traffic bureau of the Columbus Division of Police says he believes Columbus has become a bike friendly town, but he says he has seen it all. "A couple of months ago, we had a bicyclist hit a pedestrian. The pedestrian is still in a coma." With the new bike share program, he says the number of accidents will likely increase.
 "Whenever you get more vehicles in one spot, your accident [level] is going to go up. It relates to volume," said Mull. He says he is most concerned about the pedestrians. "We don't want to get put into a situation where the biggest guy wins. We want to make sure so both people are educated and both people win."
The 30 bike share kiosks are scheduled to be installed in various areas of downtown Columbus in the coming months. The bikes will be available to the public to rent by using a credit or debit card. Users will be able to rent the bikes for a little as 30 minutes or for as many as three days.
Click here --> for the video

Breck Epic - Mountain Bike Stage Race

Breck Epic - Mountain Bike Stage Race from CBST Productions on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bike-Riding Banned On The OSU Oval Beginning April 17 [WOSU]

OSU students, faculty and staff will 'Honor The Oval' beginning April 17th(Photo: Ohio State University)
University officials are calling it “Honor The Oval.” Starting April 17, the Ohio State Oval will be restricted to pedestrians only. Bicyclists and skateboarders will have to dismount and walk across the heart of campus.
OSU officials began studying changes to vehicular and pedestrian traffic last fall after a number of accidents occurred. After months of study, both short-range and long-term goals were established. One of those goals will be implemented April 17. It will turn the Oval into what’s being called a Walk Zone.
Lindsay Komlanc, a spokeswoman for the university’s Office of Administration and Planning, says the study helped identify how different modes of transportation interacted with one another.
“One of the ways we wanted to start to stress the need for us to separate the different forms of transportation was by establishing a walk zone on the oval to help show which types of transportation were most suitable for different areas,” Komlanc says.

An App To Track Your Stolen Bike (Or Even Just Your Rides) [FastCompany]

Spike Bike is a GPS device that lets you track your bike’s location at all times, which is good for measuring where and how far your latest trip was, and even better for finding it when someone makes off with it.

There’s LoJack to fight back against grand theft auto. There’s the phone-tracking Find my iPhone when a smart phone goes missing. So it makes sense that cyclists might want a tracker to help locate stolen bikes--an expensive (and sentimental) purchase that’s often quite vulnerable to theft, even when wrapped in the thickest chains.
The BikeSpike is a GPS device that would alert bikers the minute their vehicle was stolen and allow them to track it in real time on a map, with their phone or computer. The idea is that it could allow law enforcement (presuming they care about your jacked bike) or vigilante citizens to track down their missing property. The app can also put out a text alert to friends with the bike’s location, so they know to keep their eyes open too.
If you happen to live in the kind of town where no one locks up their bikes, the BikeSpike team pitches a range of other features for the new tech--which is currently seeking $150,000 on Kickstarter--including: the ability to share favorite bike routes over social media, or, if you’re a professional racer, the ability to allow your friends to follow your progress in a race.

Bike spike transmits its location data via the cellular network and the basic data plan comes with a price tag of $6.99 per month. The $12.99 monthly pro-plan is marketed at more serious cyclists and coaches who might want to create public races or manage a fleet of racers.
Of course, your first question might be: can’t the thief just chuck the tracking device in the trash? According to the BikeSpike Team, users can set the sensitivity of the device so that it sends a notification if someone’s tampering with it (or even if your bike falls over), and it supposedly takes more time than the average thief has to detach it. "Think of the BikeSpike in the same way you think of a guard dog in your home. Knowing that there is a defender ready to bark is something that gives intruders a reason to leave your house alone," they write on their Kickstarter. But by that logic, the device’s assets--its small size, the ease with which it hides under a water bottle holder--could also be weaknesses. Dogs make themselves known. The BikeSpike doesn’t--on purpose.
Indeed, the biggest challenge is probably getting overworked cops to take the time to chase down your bike, whether or not they know exactly where it is.

Woody Scorcher

Strong – Steam bent and Kevlar reinforced
Durable – Protected with marine spar varnish
Green – Individually made from sustainable  American hardwoods
Beautiful – Hand ash wood
Local – Made in Denver, CO USA
Woody  Scorcher Specs.
Full ash wood  frame
Disc brakes
Gates Carbon Drive belt system
Sport geometry
29er wheels with fat tires
Single speed
Gullwing wood/Kevlar handlebars
Weighs around 25lbs
135mm hub spacing
As shown $4,500.00
Small, Medium and Large sizes
Chain drive
Multi-gear hub
Sweepback  handleabars
Answers to more questions in on my FAQs page.

Columbus: Architectural review not needed for bike kiosks [ThisWeek]

Columbus officials are planning to install bicycle-sharing stations similar to this in German Village and other neighborhoods throughout downtown Columbus.
ThisWeek Community NewsMonday March 25, 2013 7:14 PM

As the city of Columbus prepares to implement a bicycle-sharing program downtown this summer, it will do so without the usually required consent of architectural review commissions in historic districts.

The city says that, as a courtesy, it will share the specifications with the appropriate commissions, which will then share their recommendations with the city's Recreation and Parks Department.
But the commissions will not issue the appropriate signoff unless the kiosks are located on private property, said Randy Black, the city's historic preservation officer.
The city plans to install 30 kiosks, which can hold 10 to 15 bicycles each, in various points across downtown and surrounding communities.
Under the plan, affected historic districts include German Village, the Brewery District and the Italian District.

Hammock-Compatible Sleeping Bag

The Hammock-Compatible Sleeping Bag is a brilliant solution for hammock sleeping on cool and cold nights. Most sleeping bags compress under your back when you lay in a hammock, which crushes the insulating loft and lets your back freeze. But Grand Trunk’s Hammock-Compatible Bag wraps around you and the hammock, creating a warm, swinging nest. Hanging in the cool mountain air never felt so good. 
The product was conceived by Herrick Kroeger, an avid outdoor lover, who works for one of our favorite retailers, Blue Sky Outfitters, out in GA. We loved the idea, ran with it, and now we have a new patented product design, and will share a portion of every sale with Herrick.
Check it out:
  • Bag is rated to 32 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Mummy-style design is insulated with lightweight Thinsulate® insulation
  • Bungee cord loop at the bottom cinches the bag around the hammock to keep cold air out
  • Full-length left and right zippers offer ventilation and let you get in from either side
  • Hook-and-loop closure tab at the top secures the bag snugly around your shoulders
  • Interior stash pocket holds small items within close reach
  • Patented pass-through system at top and bottom secures the bag around your hammock
Size: 88″ x 34″

Weight: 2lbs 10oz

Whiskey Off-Road 2012

Whiskey Off-Road 2012 from Epic Rides on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Columbus Bicycle Sub-Committee Meeting - WED MARCH 27 5-7PM

The Bicycle Subcommittee reports to the Transportation and Pedestrian Commission and has been in existence since 2010. The city will be updating the Bicentennial Bikeways Plan in 2013 and anticipates using the subcommittee as a major partner in the update effort. Other duties include assisting the city in the design and operation of bike facilities, assisting in the prioritization and programming of bike projects and collecting community concerns regarding general bike issues.
5:00 P.M. – 7:00 P.M.
Bicycle Subcommittee Parking Lot
There is not enough time for every potential new bike project or issue to be discussed at each subcommittee meeting.  Such items are stored in a “parking lot” until an opportunity arises to address them.  As part of the 2013 update to the Bicentennial Bikeways Plan, the list of parking lot items will be studied and incorporated into the new plan where appropriate. 
Click here to view the current parking lot. (Last Updated: 03/25/2013)

Riding Across A Frozen Field - Thanks Carey H.

Viva Kilo

The Viva Kilo is a vehicle with a strong identity.
It’s elegant and known for its durability, long lasting stability and classic beauty that brings cycling to a higher level.
It is elegant and robust in a fusion with Viva’s own design. The details and parts give the vehicle a particularly impressive presence, with stunning design lines which are not just a delight for the eye: the Viva Kilo also sets standards with it’s excellent of driveability.

Mayor’s Twilight Ride is FRIDAY, JULY 12th 2013 @MichaelBColeman #letsride

Please join Mayor Michael B. Coleman, Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs, Columbus Public Health officials, other dignitaries and fellow cyclists for a fully supported evening ride promoting the benefits of active living.
Proceeds will fund bikes and helmets for kids in need and support bicycle safety initiatives.

The ride begins at 6:30 pm at COSI, 333 West Broad Street, Columbus Ohio 43215.

The finish is at the pedestrian/bicycle north side of the Main Street Bridge.
Riders have the choice of a 10 mile or 25 mile route.
Bike parking will be available.
Cost is $25 and only $10 for newly designed Twilight T-Shirt until Wednesday, July 10th.

NEW FOR 2013

All riders return to free entertainment at Bicentennial Park as part of Rhythm on the River. Bands to be announced. Food and beverages available including free slice of pizza by Donato’s.


This unique tour takes riders through the vibrant downtown area, including the Scioto Mile, new bridges and other city gems. It also includes views of parks, city landmarks, and a wide variety of architecture in neighborhoods such as Franklinton, Olde Towne East, the Short North and Clintonville.


Freeze/Thaw Gravel Grinding in Southeast Michigan

Monday, March 25, 2013

Review: Wahoo RFLKT is a big win for cyclists [TechHive]

As both a tech fan and a biking enthusiast, I’ve always lusted after posh bike computers and other high-end cycling gadgets—so when we got our hands on the new RFLKT from Wahoo Fitness, I jumped at the chance to take it for a spin.
The $130 RFLKT bike computer is unique in that it relies on an iPhone for all of its data—it pairs with an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 via Bluetooth for all of its functionality. As a result, it gives you access to smartphone features that other bike computers don’t offer, most notably the ability to switch your iPhone’s music tracks wirelessly.
Specifically, the RFLKT is designed to interact with Wahoo Fitness's iOS app, which tracks your workout time, distance traveled, and speed; it can also connect with other sensors over Bluetooth to display your heart rate, cadence, calories burned, and more. By displaying all your ride data on the app, the RFLKT essentially turns your phone into a powerful bike computer capable of giving you a great deal of information.
And if you prefer to use another biking app such as Cyclemeter, you'll be pleased to learn that Wahoo Fitness says compatibility with the RFLKT is on the way for that app, as well as for Strava and others. (Currently the RFLKT is also compatible with version 3.0 of Wahoo Fitness's App for Cycling)...
Continue reading the review at --> TechHive

Will Vehicular Cyclists and the “Right to Park” Trump Safer Streets in Boston? [DCStreetsBlog]

Beacon Street in Somerville, just outside Boston, is perhaps the most biked route in the state of Massachusetts. It also has a terrible safety record. There have been 154 collisions involving cyclists on the corridor between 2002 and 2010, according to the state Department of Transportation [PDF].
Vehicular cyclists are undermining a proposal for a protected bike lane on Beacon Street, just outside Boston, that has attracted opposition because parking spots will be eliminated. Image: Somerville Patch
“There are more bikes going down Beacon Street in a sort of subpar bike path than anywhere else in the city,” said Pete Stidman, executive director of the Boston Cyclists Union. Having a safe and protected space to bike “would increase cycling numbers exponentially.”
Working with officials from the city of Somerville, bike advocates have been promoting a safe solution. And it looks like it’s on the way: The city recently presented preliminary designs that include the addition of a protected bike lane.
The Somerville proposal is the latest sign that as protected bike lanes gain currency, this type of street design isn’t just for big city transportation departments. Evanston, Illinois, an inner-ring suburb of Chicago, recently built a protected bike lane linking residential areas to its downtown.
As with protected bike lanes in other cities, Boston-area advocates are running up against some opposition in their bid to make Beacon Street safer. The dynamic in this case is a little unusual: A handful of dyed-in-the-wool vehicular cyclists are giving a big assist to residents who value on-street parking in front of their doorstep more than street safety.

Driver Hits Cyclist In Bike Lane And Keeps Going As Victim Clings To Front Of Van [gothamist]

31913mangled bike.jpg
Kelly's mangled bike (John Kelly)
John Kelly is lucky. Lucky that he wasn't seriously injured when a van struck him (twice) while he was riding his bike home in Astoria, lucky that the van's windshield wipers didn't give out as he clung to them while the vehicle kept moving, and lucky that at least four people witnessed the whole thing. "I'm just astounded," Kelly says. "[The driver] just stared at me the whole time I was hanging on the hood and shouting. He just had this angry look on his face. It was really disconcerting."
One of the witnesses to the hit-and-run, Michelle Islas, says she was walking with a friend down 35th Street at 30th Avenue on Saturday afternoon when she saw the collision. "We see a man on a bike, and a van hits him once on the side—he tries to keep his balance, but the van kept going into the bike lane and hit him again. He was holding on to the windshield wipers and screaming but the van kept going."
Liane Gustafson heard screaming from her apartment on 35th Street and looked out her window. "People on the street were screaming at the guy in a navy blue van, telling him to stop. One man ran over and started banging on the van's window, and [Kelly] is just holding onto the van, until he managed to get out of the way, and the van ran over his bike and sped off."

Pinchflat Bicycle Poster Blowout is May 4 [@pinchflatcols]

Join us for the third annual Pinchflat Bike Poster Party on May 4. Pinchflat features limited-edition posters, inspired by bikes and cycling, designed by central Ohio artists, designers, and illustrators. These fresh posters will each be available for the super-affordable price of $30, so you can adorn your walls and celebrate bikes without breaking the bank!

We are now accepting entries for Pinchflat 3! Click here for more information. 

CASCADA - not cycling, but still an adventure

CASCADA from NRS Films on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Amish Country Roubaix Recon Ride 03232013 [PHOTOS]

[Amish Country Roubaix] 

Detroit City Ride [PHOTOS] 03172103

Detroit Bike City [PHOTOS] @detroitbikecity

[Detroit Bike City]

The Buzz: Local Cyclist to Ride in Brooklyn’s Red Hook Crit []

In a city where college football is still king, it’s safe to refer to just about everything else as an “alternative sport”. Roller derbyAustralian Football, and even professional Futbol fall into that category along side Aidan Seufert’s favorite pastime of unsanctioned fixed-gear bike racing.
Seufert is a local racer who has been training rigorously over the past several months leading up to next weekend’s Red Hook Crit, a Brooklyn-based bike race that has quickly gone from an illegal street race to a trans-Atlantic four part competition that cyclists from around the globe now have on their radars.
We spoke recently with Seufert to find out more about his passion for cycling in Columbus and why he’s competing in this upcoming race. Our full Q&A can be found below:

Barry-Roubaix E Sager Road to Shaw Rd