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Friday, August 16, 2019

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Moore than a feelin' West Coast Tour pt 1 - From ID to the PNW

Six weeks on the road, in a van, riding some of the best trail systems in the world! In part 1, we share our experiences riding trails in Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Trail systems/areas in this video: Wilderness Park, NE Green River trails, WY Sun Valley/Ketchum, ID Bend, OR Sandy Ridge Trails, OR Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park, WA Larrabee State Park, WA Galbraith Mtn., WA Shout outs: Graham Cave State Park, MO Lake Ogallala State Recreation Area, NE Bear Lake State Park (Idaho side) - state trail badges - trail maps and information A huge thank you to all of our friends and family that helped us on our trip! We appreciate every piece of information, every shower, every laundry opportunity, every bed, and every meal with all of you! And a big thank you to my parents (O's grandparents) for taking care of Stuart, the cats, and making sure our hose was still standing while we were on the road!

Extreme Freeride - Flying Monkey to King Kong MTB Trails (4K) @vitalmtb

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Rooted Vermont: Return to Gravel 2019 @rootedvermont @1lauraspencer @iamtedking

"The overall vibe of the ride and the event was hard to put into words. It somehow felt both welcoming and exclusive at the same time, was super challenging but also incredibly relaxed, and had the professionalism of a big event but somehow felt like I just stumbled upon a great group ride. I don't think you can plan any of those things, but is a direct result of the promoters, friends, and participants." Matt B, Tampa, FL Filmed by Ansel Dickey // Vermont Social