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Saturday, June 4, 2011

2011 Tour De Cause is Saturday, July 16th

All proceeds go to the Recovery Center of Fairfield County to distribute to drug addiction and awareness programs.

[Tour de Cause]

It's summer (almost), you need a sweatband! Check out GUTR.

Sweat GUTR Sweatbands. The only sweatband that is completely saturation-proof! Lightweight, fully adjustable, comfortable, easy to clean, and built to last. Captures and channels dripping sweat, preventing it from running into your eyes and blurring your vision. The sleek design allows for improved air flow, while the vented sides add flexibility and comfort. Sweat Gutrs do not contain any LATEX! Available in three colors: Frost,Smoke or new Burst (Yellow).

Friday, June 3, 2011

Rohloff Speedhub: So that's how they are made! VIDEO

How to Handle Bike-Car Accidents, Part 1 | Road Rights |

How to Handle Bike-Car Accidents, Part 1

Flickr image courtesy of Joseph Nicolia.

I Was In A Collision—What Should I Do?

By Bob Mionske

It was an unusually bright sunny February day in Portland; I was on a ride and had a tailwind, so I was moving along pretty well. Suddenly, without warning or signaling, a driver made a right turn in front of me—a classic “right hook.”

I had a moment where I saw what was happening, and attempted to turn right along the trajectory of the car, but just before impact I had to accept that I was not going to make it. She stopped mid-turn and I t-boned her right front quarter panel. I did a long flying aerial somersault and landed flat on my back and back of my head.

After paramedics checked me for head and spine injuries, I went to emergency for x-rays. I was “lucky”; when my head hit the pavement, my jaw snapped shut, and I “only” broke my front teeth, dislocated my shoulder, and had my hips slammed into the pavement.


Third Hand is Moving...But Where?

Third Hand is growing beyond what we ever imagined, and we are looking for a new space.  If you are a realtor, know someone with property, or would like to help us fundraise, please think about volunteering on our Moving Committee.  We are looking for grant writers, property hunters, benefit organizers, private donors, etc...
We would love to stay in our neighborhood (Weiland Park/Italian Village) and double the shop space we have now.  We are looking for a building or warehouse with the following specs:
-At least 3000 sq ft.
-Under $100,000
-Garage bay ideally to bring in lots of bikes
-Climate controlled (to be able to use in the winter)
 We are not very picky about other details as our volunteer crew is ready to put in hard work to make the new shop perfect!  Ideally we will move in our slow season (this winter).  If you have any information or ideas, please get in touch with us at  Thank you!


Monday, June 6 · 6:30pm - 9:30pm

3rd Hand, 174 E. 5th Ave.

$5 and up to however much you want to give! Benefit touring bands and 3rd Hand with your donations. 

RVIVR (Olympia, WA raw pop-punk from some biking maniacs)
THE CREDENTIALS (Boston, MA street pop-punk, biking with crusty chains in need of lube)
DELAY (Cbus, I hear they only ride BMX and peg each other to band practice)
THE SIDEKICKS (Cbus soul punk, do they make a four person tandem?)

The idea is to have the show in the garage/parking lot area of 3rd Hand. If noise becomes an issue (it is a Monday) show will be moved to Monster House. Come AT 7PM!

[Facebook event]

Thursday, June 2, 2011

7 Unique Eco-Friendly Company Transportation Alternatives [Open Forum at American Express]

Erica Swallow Associate Editor, Partner Content, Mashable

Sperm bikes, electric cars and biodiesels, oh my!
Converting your company's transportation fleet to an environmentally friendly one can be a daunting and costly process, but the change can bring significant cost savings–and you're helping preserve our planet, which is a noble cause not to be taken lightly.
These seven companies have introduced innovative ways to make their companies' transportation more eco-friendly. Read on for more details and let us know about interesting alternatives you've seen around your neighborhood.
1. Nordisk Cryobank's Sperm Bike
Nordisk Cryobank, a European sperm bank, recently launched its "Sperm Bullitt," a sperm-shaped bicycle with a custom cooling system for transporting sperm samples to nearby fertility clinics.
The Sperm Bullitt is also a moving advertisement for the Copenhagen-based sperm bank. The website URL written on the side of the bike translates to "Become a sperm donor." Users visiting the website are greeted with information on how to get started with sperm donation.
The bike serves as an environmentally-friendly method of transporting sperm, as well as a way to attract new donors. We applaud the creative thinking that went behind this idea.

India Empowers Students With Free Bicycles [AltTransport]

Photo by Nitish Kumar

Bihar is the least literate state in India, with women’s literacy as low as 33 percent. Now the government says a bicycle-reward program is turning that number around.

In the last five years Bihar has spent half of the state budget on improving school education. By its most successful scheme, providing cycles to Class 9 and 10students, it greatly reduced the drop-out rate amongst girls in the state where female literacy at 33 per cent is the lowest in the country. The first year of providing cycles in 2007-2008, brought 170,000 girls to Class 9 which has now risen to 500,000.
[read more]

Ride Cincinnati is Sunday June 12

Event Schedule

62.8 miles 6:30am
45.2 miles 7:30am
26 miles 8:30am
18.4 miles 8:30am
8.2 miles 9:00am (Families and supervised children welcome)
Kids' Rally 11:00am for children 8 and under (1-mile ride through Sawyer Point)
Celebration 9:30am - 1pm (food, entertainment, kids activities, music and more!)
Registration-Adults - $35.00 Includes a t-shirt and goodie backpack
Children (12 and under) - $15.00 Includes a t-shirt and goodie backpack

Late Registration starting Monday, June 6 at 5PM $45 adults, $20 children 12 & under

New rule bars kid riders from Pelotonia [Dispatch]

Thursday, June 2, 2011  03:10 AM

Sam Ferrell, 11, of Upper Arlington, helped to raise more than $4,000 for last year's tour, even taking Pelotonia donations in lieu of birthday gifts.
Sam Ferrell, 11, of Upper Arlington, helped to raise more than $4,000 for last year's tour, even taking Pelotonia donations in lieu of birthday gifts.
Sam Ferrell considers himself to be as skilled and safe a rider as the grownups, especially riding alongside his father. And he has trained and sacrificed to raise thousands of dollars for cancer research.
But the 11-year-old has been told by Pelotonia officials that he's not welcome to again participate in its Columbus-to-Athens bicycle tour.
Riders now must be at least 14, and those younger than 16 will have to stop in Groveport (23 miles) or the halfway point in Amanda (43 miles).
The change in the event's third year is intended to balance safety with a growing adult participation and relatively few younger riders, organizers say.
"Our ride has expanded so much faster than we expected ... and the under-15 (segment) is such a small percentage," said Jessica Kinman, Pelotonia spokeswoman. "Of course it's safety ... it's just adjusting and doing things the best we can."
Fewer than 50 riders in previous rides were younger than 14, she said.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tuesday Night Ride Recap 05312011

16 riders
Goodale Park
Hal & Al's
Possum Holler Pizza (Obetz) for dinner
Three Creeks/Alum Creek trail
30 miles (others mileage may vary)
Mid 80's temps and humid

Monday, May 30, 2011

Titanium Tubing Strength Video

Trail List for Ohio, WV, PA

Akron Metroparks Bike and Hike Trail - Akron, OH

Brady’s Run Trails - Beaver, Pennsylvania
Mill Creek Bikeway Mahoning County, Ohio
Stavich Bicycle Trail New Castle, PA
Ohio - Rail to trails website
Three River Heritage trail - Bike and jogging trail around downtown Pittsburgh
Great Allegheny Passage - Pittsburgh area to Washington DC trail
Moraine Moraine State Park
Panhandle Trail - Weirton, WV
Western Reserve Greenway- Ashtabula county trails
Yough River Trail-- Part of Allegheny Passage

Ride HALFWAY to Tar Hollow State Park Ride Recap 05302011

Start location at Three Creeks Park
56 miles
Start temp 70, topping 104 in the sun.
Cross Mound Park - closed due to vandalism
Lunch from IGA and ate at city park
Tim spotted a creek and we stopped to splash in the cold water
We didn't make it to Tar Hollow today, but we sure did get tar on our tires.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

5th Annual Wheeling Heritage Trail Bicycle Tour Ride Recap

Ray, Tim, Bill, Ashley and Dwight. We rode with a couple of guys from Pittsburgh as well on the 100km. The Ayers family rode the 25 mile route.
62 miles
15mph average
41mph top speed
Wheeling to Short Creek to West Liberty, Bethany, Wellsburg back to Wheeling
Temps in upper 60's at start, topped out in mid 90's.

Ride your bike to the GCAC Columbus Arts Fest! Park for free at Pedal Instead corner of Cleveland & Spring

We are glad to be back! After a year off, award winning Pedal Instead valet bike parking is back at the Columbus Arts Festival. This year we will be located at the corner of Cleveland Avenue and Spring Street at the North West corner of the event. (See our cute little bike on the map?)
Interested in volunteering? We thought you might be. Click here to sign up for an open shift. Volunteer 4 hours or more and you’ll get a fancy “Columbus Arts Festival Volunteer” t-shirt.

Wheeling, WV Area Bike Shop Photos