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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Kiwi Chronicles Ep2: Cycling the Super City

Kiwi Chronicles Ep2: Cycling the Super City from Russ Roca on Vimeo.

In this episode we search for bike culture in Auckland, New Zealand's "super city." We also take part in a historic bike ride across the harbor bridge and meet the super mayor!

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Vittorio Bicycle Fair

From the Netherlands...a tandem with three sets of S&S couplers, new Schwalbe Marathon tires and a VERY interesting snow bike! Check it out -->

Vittorio Bicycle Fair from travellingtwo on Vimeo.

A day out at the Vittorio Bicycle Fair in Heerhugowaard, the Netherlands (just north of Amsterdam). The video quality isn't great because we were testing a new camera (it doesn't focus well!) but we hope you'll still find it interesting.

CYCLE EXIF BICYCLE CALENDAR 2012 - Columbus' Stanridge Speed featured!


Cycle EXIF Bicycle Calendar 2012

If you haven’t found a calendar for 2012 and you have a thing for beautiful bikes and beautiful photography, the Cycle EXIF Custom Bicycle Calendar is for you.

It features 13 of the most beautiful and popular bikes from 2011. We’ve included January 2013, so you can plan ahead over your New Year. Hopefully you’ll recognize most of the bikes and builders. We’ve got Icarus FramesFeather CyclesFast Boy CyclesBishop BikesPereira CyclesStanridge Speed and more.

Printed by Hewlett-Packard’s MagCloud operation, the finished item is saddle-stitched, printed onto 80# FSC-certified paper stock, and measures 16.5” x 10.75” (41.9 x 27.3 cm) when opened. If you live in the US or Canada you’ll have four shipping options to choose from, and most overseas orders will be dispatched via USPS Priority Mail International.

The layout is understated and easy to read with elegant typography. Check the page-by-page preview here and if you like what you see, get your order in. Then you’ll be able to enjoy the best of Cycle EXIF even when you’re not at your computer. Brought to you by the awesome Treadlie Magazine.

PS: The Guardian just added the Calendar to it’s Best Christmas Gifts for Cyclists list, and Urban Velo rates it extremely high too… Read what they have to to say about it here.

See Stanridge Speed's design here:

Adversity. Or entertainment? You choose.

Adversity. Or entertainment? You choose. from lacemine29 on Vimeo.
See here for 'splanation:

SKS Rennkompressor Pump


For close to 40 years, the Rennkompressor has been the most popular pump in international cycling and the sole legitimate ancestor of all floor pumps. The 2008 version stands proud under the authentic orange finish of the original. As a concession to modern valve technology, in the future the Rennkompressor will come equipped with our new E.V.A. valve head, guaranteeing the perfect connection for Dunlop, Presta and Schrader
valve:E.V.A. for Dunlop, Presta, Schrader
length:650 mm
ouput max:16 bar / 230 PSI
[SKS website]

National Bicycle History Archive of America

NBHAAheader.jpg (29104 bytes)
rotatingbike.gif (212549 bytes)
NBHAAintro.jpg (29104 bytes)

[NBHAA site]

Gnar Lube - Does sex sell bicycle lube?

[From GNAR] 
Welcome to the multi-verse of all things gnar. Here at Gnar Lube we make the gnarliest bicycle chain lube on earth.
Since you dropped by you must know a bit about lube, like the fact that it increases chain life and reduces chain noise. But this isn't just any lube, it's Gnar Lube and what makes it gnar is the patented formula we developed with top scientists from the fields of all things oily and lubilicous. Basically, it's made from the best unicorn dust in the multiverse and other stuff made here on earth.
We offer two gnarly Gnar Lubes, Blue Opal, our wet lube and Pink Delicacy, our dry lube. Pink Delicacy is best used in a variety of conditions, wet, dry or dirty and is Teflon Enchanced. Our Blue Opal is best in extreme weather conditions and is Moly and PTFE infused.
So, if your bike squeaks, it sucks. Don't have a squeeky bike, use Gnar Lube.
While you're here, be sure to check out our gnarly selection of gear and accessories to wear while getting your gnar on. Our products include: Dope Kits, Tee's, Posters and..... oh yeah carbon hand built 29ers the Gnarshark, built by John Slawta of Land Shark, limited release.

Surly Ogre - All purpose bike for riding in ugly conditions.

[From Surly] Meet Ogre, Troll’s bigger-wheel brother. Troll and Ogre offer the same ability to accommodate a wide array of drivetrains, brakes, and cargo-hauling accessories. The main difference is that Ogre runs on 29" wheels, the Troll on 26".

Built of 4130 CroMoly steel and based on the tried-and-true geometry of our venerable Karate Monkey, Ogre is designed to be a platform for exploration, commuting, trailer-pulling, on-road and off-road touring, and just riding along. Both frames feature gusseted sloping toptubes, Surly Trip Guides for running full shift and brake housing, mounts for linear-pull and disc brakes, and ample room between the stays for high-volume rubber…up to about 2.5".

Ogre comes with our suspension-corrected (80mm) fork. It features mid-blade eyelets and low-blade barrel bosses for mounting front racks. We provide canti pivots and disc brake mounts, so you can choose a system that best suits your stopping needs. And it’s specifically designed to allow the use of a fender, disc brake, and front rack at the same time. Yep, you read that right.

Like the fork, the rear end allows all-at-once rack, fender and disc compatibility. Spaced for 135mm hubs, the ‘dropouts’ are just like Troll’s…rear load horizontals with a derailleur hanger, slotted disc brake mounts, M10 x 1mm threaded holes for mounting Surly Bill & Ted trailer-connecting hardware (or B.O.B. Nutz), and a dedicated anchoring point for a Rohloff OEM2 axle plate. We designed a ton of versatility into these framesets because we want you to build up a Troll or Ogre the way it will best serve you. Framesets and complete bikes are available in sizes 16, 18, 20, 22 and supergiant 24". Tall folks, we got your back.

The complete bike parts spec is durable and sensible…just the sort of value you expect from a Surly. If you’re like us, your bike needs will likely change by the day, week, month or year. Ride it to the office during the day, rip some local single-track after work, use it to tote crates of freakishly-large tubers next weekend, and tour that stretch of off-the-beaten-path double-track next month. With Ogre (and Troll), you can do that.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

4th Annual Oglebay Christmas Lights Ride Recap 12172011

19 cyclists
Riders from Pittsburgh PA, Kalamazoo MI and Columbus OH and Wheeling WV
15.5 miles (others groups mileage may vary)
Temps from 34 to 29 back to 32
West roads turned to ice at elevation
Wheeling Heritage Trail
Peters Run Road
Spiedel Golf Course
Oglebay Festival of Lights
Ye Olde Alpha Restaurant Start/Finish

Monday, December 19, 2011

Turbospoke - The Bicycle Exhaust System [VIDEO]

In the future, urban bikers go faster than cars [via]

Cities around the world are considering radical new speed limits on cars -- slowing down in the name of progress

Dream City: the move toward slowing down
In Hollywood movies, the cities of the future have speeding monorails and flying cars, everyone careening toward their destination at a zillion miles per hour. (The future always looks surprisingly like “The Jetsons,” which turns 50 next year.)
It makes for great CGI. But does it make for a great city? For generations, velocity has defined the urban experience: screeching subways, maniacal taxis, hustling crowds. Life in the fast lane. A New York minute is no minute at all. Even as our roads become clogged with traffic, we think of cities as most city-like when they move at a blur.
But look around (if you have a second) and you might notice that a lot of the new ideas seeping into cities are aimed not at making them faster, but slowing them down. The buzziest mode of transport now is a bicycle. Streetcars, a pokey throwback, are returning. Walkable neighborhoods, traffic-calming measures and “slow zones” are catching on, and freeways are being torn down and replaced with lower-speed boulevards. Even things like sit-down pedestrian plazas and pop-up cafes seem to indicate a desire to slacken the pace.

STOP flats

Now, Twice as Strong
STOP Flats2 employs Advanced
Micro-Shell Technology

 New hardened outer layer provides added    protection from road debris, thorns, rim    cuts, glass, nails, and other sharp    objects. 

 Ultra-soft inner layer cushions inner tube. 

 World's most advanced Bicycle Tire Liner 

 GUARANTEED to STOP Flats from    punctures 
About STOP Flats

Ride Flat Free! STOP Flats2 is a remarkable tire liner made of durable, lightweight polyurethane. When inserted between the bike tire and tube, it provides a protective layer between road hazards and the inner tube. Thorns or glass that may penetrate the tire are blocked from the inner tube.

Proven Tough For over two decades we have been the world's leading tire liner maker with Millions upon Millions of satisfied cyclists.

Economical - STOP Flats is our economy lire Liner. It has I layer of protection.

New, Improved! - Now there are two STOP Flats. The original single ply and the new 2 ply STOP Flats2. Twice as Strong! (see side bar)

Lightweight - Weighs less than liquid fills and thorn-resistant tubes.

Recyclable - Use from bike to bike.

Adds Bike Safety - Gives bicycle a smooth, stable ride. 

Easy installation- No gooey mess. 

Absolutely, Positively - Will not cause tire or tube damage-or loosen spokes

Guaranteed! -STOP Flats and the new STOP Flats2 both comes with a FREE INNER TUBEguarantee.If you get a flat tire while using STOP Flats, or the new STOP FIats2, just return the damaged innertube and tire liner to us and we'll send you a brand new innertube and tire liner. SeeGUARANTEE for complete details.

All Sizes - STOP Flat2 Tire Liners are available to fit almost any size tire.

[Stop Flats]

Cargo bike wheelie! [VIDEO]

Radwanderung... [VIDEO]

A damn lucky cyclist. Timing is everything in life.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cleveland officials are encouraged about future of West Shoreway project after meeting with ODOT officials

Cleveland officials are encouraged about future of West Shoreway project after meeting with ODOT officials

Published: Thursday, December 15, 2011, 5:00 PM     Updated: Friday, December 16, 2011, 9:07 AM

West Shoreway project supporters head to ColumbusWest Shoreway project supporters head to ColumbusCleveland Mayor Frank Jackson addresses supporters of the West Shoreway project as they boarded a bus to Columbus to meet with Ohio Department of Transportation officials today.Watch video
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A concerted, grass roots push to land more money for the West Shoreway project has clearly caught the ear of state transportation officials.
Whether that means the city will land some or all of the $28.2 million it seeks to convert the 55 mph shoreway to a 35 mph boulevard remains to be seen.
But Jerry Wray, director of the Ohio Department of Transporation,  told a busload of city officials, residents and bicycling advocates who traveled to Columbus Thursday that they should keep their voices raised.
"You're doing what you should do," Wray said, adding that ODOT officials "will help in whatever we can to get this (project) done."
City officials seem somewhat encouraged, after venting anger in recent weeks over the low score ODOT gave the project. ODOT and its Transportation Review Advisory Council must rank the phases of 72 big-ticket projects statewide and decide how to divvy up $100 million among them over the next four years.
The shoreway project received just 25 out of 100 points, well below the average project score of 43.8...