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"The NYBMA is a worker's alliance of the messenger, by the messenger, and for the messenger. Our mission is to unite, represent and advocate for the bike couriers of New York City." We organize events, such as rides and parties, designed to be fun as well as give otherwise lone wolf couriers a chance to be part of a larger pack. Sometimes we even do some good with our events. Members of the NYBMA have organized various charity bike rides and fundraising parties, as well as volunteering our services after the World Trade Center attack of 9-11. We want to change the negative perceptions of messengers as well as improve conditions for ourselves. We are not asking for a handout. We are obviously hard workers. We just want the respect we deserve. The NYBMA has a limited number of its official T-Shirts to sell and we sometimes carry other related merchandise. If you are a messenger living in New York City join us. Website here...

Oh No, Snow



I am still working on what this is about. Here is the website in the meantime...

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Check out their site...

December 3 Ride Report

Still COLD outside. Wind was blowing every direction we headed into. I rode up from the bar to the start expecting only two other people to show. There were three. I was joined by Casey on the way up and a few others were at the start. We were going to ride to Alum Creek State Park as per Casey, but then he realized that we are ignorant of the Columbus area and he revealed it would be a 50 mile ride. Ha! Take that! So we rode through campus and headed west and then south. I believe we more or less followed Neil Ave. We threaded our way through the roundabouts and continued south. We ended up in the Arena district. We made a pit stop for a chain problem and continued into town. We crossed over High and ended up on East Gay Street and the T ip Top Bar . If you ride you bike to the Tip Top, or use another form of alternate transportation, beer (I believe it is PBR) is $1. After a round and some really good sweet potato fries we ventured back into the cold for the final leg of our