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Frankenbike Test 07012010 - A Picture Show

The Evolution of Frankenstein's Monster Bike, i.e. Frankenbike

Frankenstein's Monster Bike Update - Doo Dah Float

Frankenbike may be out and about tonight in the Short North and Downtown Columbus areas. One last test run with updated components and paint scheme. The Frankenstein's Monster t-shirts are ready for sale! $10 will get you one. Hal and Al's bar at 1297 Parsons Ave has them. Call em at 375-4812 to reserve your shirt. Limited quantity.

The Bicycle That is Also a Shopping Cart - Gizmodo

The transforming Ville concept folding bicycle is no mere bike—it is a bike-slash-shopping cart hybrid vehicle for the 21st century eco-friendly consumer. It is bicycle and grocery containment in one convenient form factor. more... Thanks, Bethia for the link!

Urban Velo Issue 20 Available Now

Download it here...

Is there a correlation between DOT spending money and walking/biking trips? You decide.


Suburban Riot Clothing -

From their website... Do not mistake us for an unruly band of renegades, but don't take us too seriously. We're simply having endless fun in an otherwise serious world.  We fuse unlikely partners, enjoy planning chaos, and can be found breeding curiosity. In a world dominated by noisy gimmicks, our methods are different. We turn noise into something usable, by finding the nuances hidden in the chaos. We're part of an unusual band of rioters. These rioters are on the rise, out there building " endless _____ in an otherwise _____ world". History The founding Riot Crew was raised in the mellow Pacific Northwest. Over the years we migrated to Venice, CA, or as we call it, the heart of darkness. Sub_Urban Riot's look and feel is a result from years of influence that is both sunny hedonism, and rainy clarity. We are a combination of ideas. Many of these ideas contradict one another, just as the physical environments where we come from contrast those we live in no

Runnur Bag - Is this usable?

Product Description The Runnur is a strap worn across the body from shoulder to hip. It carries all the "essential" items you need to get you through your day. If you don't have enough stuff for a backpack or if the Fanny Pack isn’t quite your style, then the Runnur is for you. Once you start wearing a Runnur, you'll wonder how you ever managed to get around without one. Product Features - Loop on top of strap allows you to hang on a wall when not in use - Carabineer is included to hold keys - No Slip/Contoured Shoulder Strap - Foam Core for Comfort - High Quality Velcro - Padded Sunglass Holder - Elastic Bottle Holder - Rear Reflector the website is here

Tuesday Night Ride Recap - 06/29/10

Highlights 27 miles 27 riders at start Major stop:Blacklick Metro Park Two clip spills (didn't unclip and fell over) Dirty Franks/Little Palace for food and drinks

Biking minutes a day may ward off weight gain - CNN

(  -- Biking for as little as five minutes a day can help women minimize weight gain as they enter middle age, especially if they're overweight to begin with, a new study suggests. The study followed more than 18,000 premenopausal women between the ages of 25 and 42 for 16 years. During that time, the women gained an average of about 20.5 pounds. Women who started biking for just five minutes a day gained about 1.5 fewer pounds over the course of the study than similar women who didn't take up biking, the researchers found. Women who increased their daily biking by 30 minutes during the study kept even more weight off, gaining about 3.5 fewer pounds than those whose biking habits stayed the same. continue....

Sunday Ride to Buckeye Lake 06/27/2010 Recap

Highlights 6 riders 52.5 miles Temps peaked in mid to high 90's and dropped to mid 80's after thunderstorm Zach wrecked into the curb in Millersport Lunch in Millersport Ice cream at Weldon's Lieb's Island

Saturday Ride Report (Dutch Kitchen to London)

Ride Highlights: 9 riders 52 miles Averaged 16.6mph Rode from Dutch Kitchen (breakfast was great) to London and back in a loop London Cobra Show