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Bikes: What’s there to fight about? - The Other Paper

By Lyndsey Teter Published: Wednesday, February 11, 2009 5:23 PM EST As of yesterday, with the simple act of handing over an Internet domain name, a schism in Central Ohio’s biking community may have officially become a divorce. Both parties say it will be better for the kids. In case you hadn’t noticed, 2008 was a very good year for cyclist types. Gas prices forced many a car-loving commuter to swallow some pride and hit High Street on two wheels. Cyclists had a strong government advocate in former city councilwoman Mary Ellen O’Shaughnessey, and it turns out that the city was actually listening—looking to cyclists for advice on helmet and bike laws, as well as committing millions for bike paths and cycling infrastructure. And with some indispensable hipster energy built from an online forum, and a grassroots cachet Downtown, the humble bicycle was mounting some serious street cred. more...

Thefts puncture Paris bike scheme - BBC

A popular bicycle rental scheme in Paris that has transformed travel in the city has run into problems just 18 months after its successful launch. Over half the original fleet of 15,000 specially made bicycles have disappeared, presumed stolen. They have been used 42 million times since their introduction but vandalism and theft are taking their toll. The company which runs the scheme, JCDecaux, says it can no longer afford to operate the city-wide network. the rest of the story...

Fuel Efficiencies Compared - From Good Magazine

What’s the most efficient way to get around? Planes might burn a lot of fuel, but they also are filled with people, making each gallon go a lot farther. How does that stack up against trains, buses, cars, or the gasoline equivalent of eating a burger and hopping on your bike? The answer may surprise you. In our latest Transparency, GOOD looks at what form of transportation gets the most bang per gallon on a 350 mile trip. the link with graphic...

2/7/2009 Ride Report

25 riders. Rode north on Indianola to Hudson. Hudson to Westerville. Westerville to Agler to Sunbury. We stopped on 5th for a while. Back over to Nelson south to the trail. Up the east side into downtown to the High Beck. 17 miles. 45-50 degrees.


From STOP, SWAP AND SAVE First and foremost, thank you for your support of our upcoming event in Washington, PA. It is through support of our vendors and consumers that the SWAP has grown and prospered over the years and we sincerely appreciate it. Despite our intensive efforts over the past several months however, including additional local advertising, hiring of a local PA rep and repeated contact with local shops and bike clubs, vendor registration for our Washington, PA SWAP has not reached a level that we feel will allow us to stage the type of high quality event that we strive to promote and that our reputation is built upon. As a result we have made the difficult decision to cancel the Washington, PA SWAP for 2009.

Senate amendment would strip bike funding from stimulus bill; Blumenauer responds

Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) introduced an amendment last night that would prohibit funding of “bicycle routes” and paths from the economic stimulus package that’s working its way through Capitol Hill right now. According to staffers in Representative Earl Blumenauer’s office who are following the bill closely, Sen. DeMint’s amendment was supported in a speech by Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) DeMint is chair of the Senate Steering Committee. On Tuesday, he told “When people see bike trails and hiking trails and golf courses, they know this is not designed to stimulate the economy and create jobs. It’s just basically special-interest pork barrel spending.” more from Bike Portland

Bike Parking

These parking methods looks oddly familiar...

Stolen bikes affect everybody


Saturday Ride 2/7/09 Recap - Rush Creek Tour

We rode from the campus and headed up Lane to Indianola. Continued on Indianola to where it terminates in Worthington. We rode to the Rush Creek neighborhood on a ride last year. The path to connect to the neighborhood was iced over so we rode through the side streets to find South Street, which does not head south. After the tour we rode north and hit Dublin Granville Rd. We headed west until we reached Dublin Rd. Then south on Dublin to McKinley. Fifth Avenue back into town. We made a pitstop at Jeni's for ice cream and coffee. 30 miles, average 15mph, temp 52. Wet with big puddles. me.JPG Originally uploaded by Raymond M George evan_icecream.JPG Originally uploaded by Raymond M George jonny.JPG Originally uploaded by Raymond M George