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BikeTown 2008

Bicycling Magazine's Biketown is coming to Columbus, OH. 5/22 - Columbus, OH 6/05 - Lincoln, NE 6/13 - San Francisco, CA 6/19 - Portland, OR 6/26 - Seattle, WA The site...

PNC Pedal Pittsburgh 2008 is scheduled for Sunday, May 18, rain or shine.

Event Day Schedule 6:30 Registration Opens 7:00 - 8:00 50- & 60-Mile Riders Depart 8:00 - 9:00 25- & 35-Mile Riders Depart 8:30 & 9:00 25-Mile Guided Tours Depart 9:00 - 10:00 15-Mile Riders Depart 9:30 & 10:00 15-Mile Guided Tours Depart 10:00 - 10:30 6-Mile Riders Depart 11:30 - 3:30 Lunch & Entertainment at Station Square See Pittsburgh in a whole different way. The site...

MAY 17, 2008: Bike + Art = Show

MAY 17, 2008: Bike + Art = Show is a forum for Columbus artists and craftsmen to celebrate and creatively envision The Bicycle--a machine of recreation and transportation, a signifier of healthy communities, and a tool of social revolution--and/or the cycling lifestyle. Join us in participation or observation, to learn and to articulate your vision of Columbus’s “bike scene”. The site...

How to wrap handlebar tape video - I will be doing this tonight

6TH HOOT: HEART OF OHIO TOUR • Saturday, June 7

7:30-9 AM. Gloryland Nazarene Church off Coonpath Road, Carroll Ohio. Scenic tour in the Lancaster area. Multiple routes, some hilly. Budget Tour, $2 members, $4 non-members. Al Moore 614-756-9218; Donna Bush 614-837-6744 bikedonna(at)

Title: 5th Annual Central Ohio Ride of Silence

Date: Wednesday May 21, 2008 Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Location: Ohio Statehouse, Columbus, Ohio Notes: To be observed by cyclists around the world. A slow and silent 10-mile bike ride in honor of cyclists killed, injured or harassed on our public roadways. Gather on the south side of Ohio Statehouse, Columbus, Ohio on the plaza and sidewalk on State Street. No registration, No T-shirt, No fees. Just be there. For more details go to Consider Biking's website (formerly COBAC) at . We ask for your donation to cover the cost of our parade permit and police escort and flyers. Donate on Considerbiking's website through the link to PayPal or mail your check or money order to Consider Biking, PO Box 2003, Columbus, OH 43216-2003. Thank you.

White Castle Hamburger Rally Planned for 05/26/08 - UPDATE

Possible name for ride: White Castle Columbus Slide - Gastric Century We will try to leave no later than 6PM to hit all 19 locations. Prizes (courtesy of Genuine Innovations) will be awarded for the most sliders eaten during the ride. I looked up the locations and there appears to be 19. See map below. Anybody interested in such a ride? Sign up for the columbusrides group (see upper right corner of blog) and I will email updated info when available. View Larger Map


Website here...

Puma sells bikes?

Puma, the shoe manufacturer, also sells an urban bike. It is a folding bike with disc brakes. Here is the site...

Shimano Coasting Tour Coming to Columbus

The site is here...

5/12/2008 Ride Report

We rode north from campus and turned west. We soon realized that we needed to have a slower pace for Bonny (correct me if I am wrong). We turned north and then south back on High. At 15th and High she headed back north to Clintonville. We headed south for a while and turned east. We ended up at the Crew Stadium for sprint races. I gave out a Genuine Innovations Proflate 16 to the winner, Evan (gain, correct me if I am wrong). We headed north along I-71 and turned west onto Indianola. We took Cooke down to High. Down High Street to Broadway and back to Indianola. We headed down Walhalla. Jeremy flatted both tires after running through two potholes. I headed down High towards the bar and headed back to my car. I rode 32 miles.

TOSRV Ride Report

Quick numbers and tidbits Saturday 114 miles - Averaged 18mph. Sunny with a tailwind. Combined weekend mileage - 225 miles - Averaged 16mph. It rained a lot on Sunday. We had tailwind on Saturday and mixed winds on Sunday. Great organized ride. - A lot of support is needed for a ride of this magnitude. We ate at the Portsmouth brewpub. Beer was OK. Food was not that great. Make sure to put your bags on the correct truck so that your bags make it to the correct dropoff. I got to camp in a tent for the first time in my life. We stayed in the field next to the stadium. Met an entire 5 person family, The Ruffs, riding on one bike. 4 person bike with a trailer for the 5th. We passed an Xtracycle with extended rear end and panniers.