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World's first real constructible rides

World's first real constructible rides from infento on Vimeo .

Aerovelo's Eta - It's fast


Cargo Node: World's most useful bike now fits in your closet


New Lance Armstrong Trailer Released - The Program


Middle-aged men in Lycra ‘are a turn-off for new cyclists’ @standardnews

Action: Mark Beaumont said more needs to be done for those who cycle for fun   Rex Lycra-clad “weekend warriors” are deterring new cyclists from the sport, according to world record-breaking long distance rider Mark Beaumont. Those who take cycling too seriously and think that it is all about competition can be intimidating, especially for women, said Mr Beaumont, who is also a broadcaster and adventurer. The 32-year-old said more needed to be done to persuade people that cycling could be “just a bit of fun” and was not a sport dominated by so-called Mamils (middle-aged men in Lycra). His comments came as thousands prepared to watch some of the world’s top riders compete in the final leg of the Tour of Britain in central London on Sunday. [Keep reading at Standard News]

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