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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Osloh - The Spoke Denim Jean


Sizes: 30, 32, 34, 36, 38” waist with 32” inseam

Colors: 1: Dark Indigo

Fabric: 12 oz. Premium stretch denim 98%cotton, 2% spandex. 
            Coated with water repellant resin andanti-bacterial finish.

Fit: Slim, relaxed, comfort fit witha low front waistband, and higher back waistband. 
      Relaxed through the hip and thighs, slim at knee and straight to bottom hem opening.

* Double logo shank waistband closure
* Shank button fly
* Adjustable waistband snaps
* Scoop front pockets with double coin pockets
* Internal poly sueded chamois seat lining in signature purple color
* Linier quilted seat reinforcement
* Internal poly stretch pocketing, and pocket lining in signature purple color with logo seal print on wearers right front pocket
* Internal hidden stash key pocket
* Side cell pocket
* Reinforced and lined back pockets
* Signature “Wheel” deco-stitch embroidery on back right and cell pocket
* Linier quilted chain-side leg reinforce ment
* Double snap leg adjustment straps on chain side leg

Want an amazing light for night rides and commuting? - CyclingNews review

Light & Motion Seca 700 Race

James Huang
January 7, 14:00, 
June 10, 15:38
The compact Li-ion battery powers the Seca 700 Race for 3.5 hours. If that's not enough, the Seca 700 Ultra's bigger battery will last for five
The compact Li-ion battery powers the Seca 700 Race for 3.5 hours. If that's not enough, the Seca 700 Ultra's bigger battery will last for five

Cyclingnews Verdict:

4.5 out of 5
One of the best LED lighting systems we’ve sampled to date, with a comprehensive, lightweight and durable package that offers a superb output and an intelligently shaped beam pattern
Daylight saving time’s worst enemy
Light & Motion’s ARC Li-ion HID setups were once the company’s flagship lighting systems but new LED technology has knocked them from the lineup altogether with a brighter, longer lasting and more durable beam.
For the same price as the venerable ARC Li-ion, the new Seca 700 Race delivers 50 more lumens of light output - 700 in total - and ups the burn time to three-and-a-half hours on the highest setting. It’s also 50g lighter, at just over 500g, and the solid-state LED emitters offer dramatically better durability and lifespan - 10,000 hours versus just 500.


BikeBox on Milton Avenue in Columbus is dangerous - watch video

For my friends who recently had their bikes stolen...

KarmaArmy - Maybe OSU needs a chapter!

Q: What is KarmaArmy and Why should I care? 
A: The quick answer is that the KarmaArmy Community can help you recover your Stolen Bike, snowboard, etc. by having as many of our community members keeping an eye out for your "just-stolen" X.

The slightly longer answer is:

The concept for this community was conceived after a stolen bike experience. The initial message was simply BAD KARMA To Bike Thieves. Since that time roughly 10 years ago, KarmaArmy has emerged as much more.

In addition to being able to help recover stolen gear through the use of our KarmaAlert™ System (see below), it is meant to be informational & educational (How to properly lock your bike. Is my bike or skis covered under my homeowner's insurance?)

The site is also designed to serve as a Repository for your serial numbers, photos of your gear, descriptions, etc. so in the event of a theft, you have all your information in one spot, ready for police reports & insurance claims, etc. You won't have to go scrambling around looking for all of that info (especially while in an already agitated state). It is also a community of athletes and enthusiasts who care about their gear and understand the implications if something gets stolen. As members of the KarmaArmy, we care enough to keep our eyes open for a stolen bike or unique board, etc.

The KarmaArmy can also be a source of relief for victims of bike theft for example. We've read countless stories of a kid's bike getting stolen; and it's just not right. Share your stories of recovery or how the theft happened.
We are also working on some extremely exciting tracking solutions to help with both theft prevention & recovery! Stay tuned!

North Bend Rail Trail - Redux in 2010

From the TrailLink website

For a weekend getaway filled with small-town charm, wildlife, and beautiful natural scenery, there is no better place than the North Bend Rail-Trail. The North Bend Rail-Trail is a scenic excursion along part of the 5500-mile, coast-to-coast American Discovery Trail. Stretching nearly 70 miles from Interstate 77 near Parkersburg to Wolf Summit, the trail travels through an impressive 13 tunnels, crosses 36 bridges, and passes through an assortment of state, county, and local parks. Though it is easily accessible from interstates 77 and 79 and runs parallel to US Route 50, the trail passes through wild and natural areas. You will find an abundance of wildlife, including deer and beaver, and the farmland surrounding the small, rural communities that grew up along the railroad corridor provide prime bird-watching. The North Bend Rail-Trail's many points of interest and history include the former Stage Coach Inn in Pennsboro, a marble factory, hand-blown glass factories, outlet stores, arts-and-crafts markets, fairs and festivals, sites of train robberies, and legends of tunnel ghosts. In the tumultuous years before the Civil War and the creation of the state of West Virginia, the rail corridor was constructed by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad between 1853 and 1857. Thirteen of the railroad's original tunnels remain. The number 10 tunnel, west of Ellenboro, is 337 feet long and is a 'raw"" or natural tunnel, meaning it was bored through solid rock. Many of the tunnels are quite long and require a flashlight or headlamp to safely navigate them. The true gem of this trail is the stunning natural scenery. Beyond the spectacular bridges and tunnels, the undisturbed beauty you are exploring makes you feel more like the explorers Lewis and Clarke than a 21st century mountain biker or hiker. While safety is always a concern while cycling, remember to keep your head up, too, or you may miss the numerous opportunities for wildlife encounters-especially the bountiful deer. You'll also encounter other trail users, particularly near the many quaint towns along the trail that have wholly embraced the rail-trail, building eateries that will satisfy even the hungriest of bikers and hikers. Towns such as Cairo, Pennsboro, and Salem have all had restaurants pop up next to the trail. The locals are happy to share a story of the old rail line, and the staffs welcome even the sweatiest of customers.

Big Sandy Rail Trail

LOCATION: Lexington to Coalton(outside Ashland), 109 miles. simple map
From our 2008 Ashland to Lexington Relay: detailed maps of the area  showing the old Lexington & Big Sandy Rail Road, from west to east and the annual relay course:
1)  Lexington to Mt. Sterling (201)
2)  Mt. Sterling to Salt Lick (202)
3)  Salt Lick to Olive Hill  (203) 
4)  Olive Hill to Princess (204)
5)  Bike Ride Cue Sheet
• Our CSX Mile Post document (pdf)

I may attempt this next year. 112 miles one way. Stay in Lexington and ride back.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Buy the SSCXWC Edition Raleigh Frame

A limited edition run of 50 SSCXWC custom painted frames.

49 brown ones come with EC90X fork and FSA headset.

One lucky randomly selected buyer will get a white frame with a SHIMANO SSCX Dream groupo including Dura Ace Carbon Tubeless Wheelset, Dura Ace Di2 Brake Levers, Dura Ace Crankset, Hutchinson Cross Tires, PRO Handlebar, Stem, & Seatpost and a Chris King SS Cog.

Momentum Magazine - new issue is out!

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