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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Allegheny Passage Train Video

The path follows the Western Maryland Scenic Railway for 18 miles from Frostburg MD to Cumberland MD. The train was coming into Frostburg as we passed it on our ride earlier this year.

Cielo Cycles - Buy a handmade bike by Chris King


Cielo Cycles is unique in its approach to handmade bicycle fabrication. We offer readymade classics in stock sizes with little to no lead time. Our framesets are priced to compete with the larger manufacturers' boxed bikes but with details and construction that rival custom one-at-a-time handmade framesets.

We pride ourselves on a meticulous approach to frame construction; there is no dependance on "black magic" here. For example, our build team miters tubes to .002 of an inch assuring razor straight alignment from the very moment the tubes are joined. There is no simple expression of "craft" that supplants precision, no "artisanship" that takes precedence over intention. Sure, our bikes have soul and we are not corporate robots but we do believe in repeatable high-quality work.

We plan to offer our road and cyclocross models on a permanent basis with other seasonal models mixed in on limited terms. Our color options will be carefully chosen for timelessness in collaboration with Spectrum Powder Works, one of the industry's leading powder coating facilities. And while we aren’t a pure custom fabrication company, our stock range covers 17 sizes in one-centimeter increments.

Tour de France bike crash compilation

Friday, October 23, 2009

Follow Chip Albright riding his bike from South America to Alaska

His website is here. Why am I posting this? Because his brother Tom sits in a cubicle next to me everyday. And I am jealous.

Thursday Night Ride Report

Katie and I rode down Livingston to the trail. Took the trail south to Williams Rd. Headed west on Williams. It is closed west of Groveport Rd, so we headed north until we hit Parsons. Rode Parsons up to Whittier. Whittier to 3rd, north to Dirty Franks. 18 miles. Moderate pace. Weather was absolutely perfect for a night ride.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

High Five New York

Tuesday Night Ride Pics - Hills Market Ride

Amazing German Bike-Carrying Train - WIRED GADGET LAB

Bikes and trains are a great mix. A train can get you out into the coutryside for some downhill runs, or let you cycle at a destination too far to get to by bike in a day, saving a car trip. Our own velvet-voiced editor Dylan Tweney throws his taxi-yellow, easy to carry fixed-gear on the commuter train from time to time, and I would travel along with my non-biking friends in Berlin on the bike-friendly U-bahn.
But while San Francisco and Berlin both allow bikes (although I hear the new muni cars have less bike spaces than the old ones), neither is as impressive as the the Stuttgart to Degerloch Zahnradbahn in Germany. The open bike-car has taken bike-commuters along this short two kilometer (one and a quarter mile) stretch since 1983. Two kilometers? Are these people lazy?
Our German speaking readers will have noticed what is going on here: Zahnradbahn is a cog-driven railway, and this train climbs 200 meters (almost 2,200 yards) from station to station, a climb that is guaranteed to get you to work soaked with sweat. We can’t help thinking that the ride home must be a lot of fun, though.
Here in Barcelona, you can take your bikes on trains but unless you get lucky, you won’t find a goods-carriage to put them in (although the city’s trams do have parking inside). Do any of you readers from around the world have bike-friendly public transport where you live? Tell us about it in the comments.
Official page [City of Stuttgart via Cyclelicious]

Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Lazer Helmet with Integrated Lights

Lazer Advantage :

Rollsys® Retention System
Protection against rain & wind
Urban Comfort

Technology :

Fit System:         Rollsys® Retention System
Construction:      In-Mold (1 pieces)
Ventilation:         8 vents
Weight:             365g (XSS-M)
Certification:       CE - CPSC - AS
Sizes:                XXS-M / L-XL

Features :

Turn me on! Simply control the size and the comfort by turning the wheel on top of the helmet

Makes moisture disappear, dries quickly and is breathable

Rain Protected

Channeled Ventilation
Internal Ventilation channels for optimum airflow

Insect Net (optional)
Vent protection to keep insects out of helmet interior

Winter Padding (optional)
Insulated padding to keep helmet warm in cold temperatures

Integrated Light System (optional / Standard included in N'Light-version)
Light system at the front and the back for optimal visibility of the rider

Celtic Naturals Messenger Bag

Messenger Bags

Messenger Bag100% Organic Cotton: great way to pack your race needs  or large enough to sling documents with an eco-message.  Front pouch, main compartment and back zip pocket for extra security. $18.99

Join us for the Tuesday Night Ride - Ride from Pattycake Bakery to Hills Market

We will be riding to the wine pairing at the Hills Market at the northern most point on the Olentangy Bike Trail.

Facebook event page for ride

Facebook event page for Hills Market event

A critical mass of well dressed cyclists

What happens when you gather 150 gentlemen on bicycle at Savile Row? You get the first everTweed Run as the cyclists dressed in merino, tweed, flat caps and ties.


School district revises bike policy in Saratoga

By DENNIS YUSKO, Staff writer
First published in print: Wednesday, October 14, 2009
WILTON -- Faced with national criticism over not allowing students to bike to some schools, the Saratoga Springs school district approved a revised bicycle policy Tuesday that some said raised even more questions.

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