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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chris King 2010 Pretty and Strong Calendar

Pretty and Strong enters its 7th year as a special edition and we are pleased to continue our strong relationship with the Oregon and SW Washington affiliate of Komen for the Cure. For 2010 we are excited to present a calendar benefiting Komen for the Cure in partnership with the talented photographers of Our shared effort with this calendar is more than an intimate look at the joy and tenacity of the women we see racing cyclocross each weekend during the fall. It's a call to awareness for early detection because breast cancer still doesn't care how fit or fast you are on a bike. Please make an appointment to see your doctor and circle the date on one of these great calendars.
Our sincere thanks to PDXCross, The Oregon and SW Washington Affiliate of Komen for the Cure, and to all the women who race & ring cowbells with us each weekend.
Price $15

Friday, December 25, 2009

Fat Tire Cycle, Buckhannon, WV

If you are ever around Buckhannon, WV stop into Fat Tire. They have a big selection of bikes and accessories. We were given a free bag of fresh roasted coffee when we stopped by. It is a new venture by the owner.

website here...

Forkless Cruiser Bike Video

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Rails to Trails accomplishments this year - from the mailbag

This year alone we have:

  • Advocated for and secured $800 million at the federal level for trails, walking and biking
  • Protected another $800 million for trails, walking and biking that was being threatened
  • Helped open hundreds of miles of new rail-trail across the country
  • Provided assistance to more than 100 communities with trail-building projects
  • Sent 22,974 emails to elected officials urging them make trails, walking and biking a priority in our communities
  • Made 618 phone calls to Congress urging them to protect funding for trails

Exposure Lights has a model with 960 lumens

Exposure Lights company logo
Exposure Lights Maxx DMaXx-D
The MaXx D packs the biggest punch for its size and weight available anywhere. No cables and connectors to come loose or get wet and all in a tiny package that weighs an incredible 320 grams with the mount included.

The MaXx D is super bright with an even beam pattern to give you great peripheral vision and depth perception.
If you need as much brightness as you can lay your hands on for technical offroading or just to make ensure motorists will always see you on your commute – this is your light. As used by Pro and Amateur racers across the Globe – used by the current Moab 24 hour champs.
Compare the value of lumens to other products of lesser brightness and you will have change to spare – dare we suggest you compliment Maxx D with an accessory like the Joystick for a combined 1200 lumens at $550!
Compare us against Lights and Motion Seca 900 $650, NiteRider Pro 1200 $650.00. These systems use external batteries and cables – need we say more!
  • Weight: 320g with mount
  • Output: 960 Lumens
  • Emitter: 4X Seoul P4
  • Functions: MaXx / High / Low / Flashing
  • Burn Times: 3 hr / 10hrs / 24hrs/ days!
  • Dimensions: diameter at widest point 53mm/ length 112mm
  • Includes Quick release handlebar mount compatible with all bar diameters
  • Collimated lens with dual beam optics long and wide beam pattern.
  • Fully sealed against the elements
  • Cable Free- Fully contained design
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Fuel Gauge battery life indicator and light level indicator
  • Emergency reserve fuel tank
  • Accepts Smart Port Technology accessories such as Piggyback batteries and a Red Eye rear light.
  • Sophisticated CNC machined alloy body, anodized and laser etched for tough durability
  • Comes with branded protective zip up storage case.
  • Exclusive USA compatible 2 pin Smart charger with charge level indicator.
Exposure Lights are not available through bike stores. Purchase direct from IBEX Sports, the exclusive authorized US importer to ensure you get the correct charger and for technical and warranty support.
LEDs lifetime
Complete light including battery: 2 Years.
Accessories other users have purchased for this light:
14 day Money Back Guarantee!
We're confident that Exposure Lights will exceed your expectations but, if you want to see for yourself why over 10 reputable magazines have given the lights the top ratings, please follow our common sense return policy by clicking here.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

GOBA 22: It's not your grandmother's quilt trip!

Logan - McConnelsville - Marietta - Athens - McArthur - Logan

GOBA 22: It's not your grandmother's quilt trip! Oh, it's so much more ... revel in the rolling scenery of our Appalachian countryside. Dance to the rhythms of fiddles, washboards, and dulcimers. Let your dreams flow like the mighty rivers paralleling our bike routes. And of course, come to appreciate the quilt pattern as tradition but with a twist: it's now an exalted art form as well as a rustic landscape backdrop.
The good folks of southeastern Ohio are sewing up a patchwork of experiences for you on GOBA-22. Bring your tent, your family, and your bike and get ready for the trip!

Wend Magazine

wend  (wěnd)
v. wend·ed, wend·ing, wends To proceed on or along; go: wend one's way home.
v.intr. To go one's way; proceed.
[Middle English wenden, from Old English wendan.]

Wend: Who we are.

Wend is a forum for real people, writing real stories about real adventures and real environmental issues. As an independent media group, active in both environmental activism and the outdoors, we realize that part of going off the beaten path means making sure the path doesn’t get beaten. We are a magazine that understands that to advocate for the majesty of nature, we’d be hypocritical to print on paper that comes from destroying it, and thus, every issue of Wend is printed on locally sourced, FSC certified paper.
Our mission is to educate and inspire, as we see travel and experience as revelation that enriches our lives, and makes us better world citizens. We travel not to escape but to challenge ourselves and discover the humanity that every culture, big or small, poor or rich, shares. Sometimes grand adventure takes us to the other side of the planet, atop a towering peak, across an ocean, or even to our own cities, just around the corner. Our narrative style doesn’t focus so much on where we go, or what summit we made, but rather all the nuances of how we get there. We are people who write in our journals, take photographs, and build our understanding of the world one step at a time with humility and respect.
We believe in partnering with outdoor brands and environmental organizations who exist to promote a true green ethic and economy. We have built our growth model so that our love for the earth, in all its vast wonders, translates into a better ability to affect the destiny we face as human inhabitants of it.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Defeet has grab bags of socks for sale!

Sock Grab Bag

Buy the DeFeet Grab Bag and make off with great socks at BIG savings!
Grab Bags are randomly selected socks from our collection of in-house custom irregulars and overruns. All you have to do is choose a size!

  • All sales are final
  • No exchanges or special requests
  • Socks will either be Aireator, Cush, Levitator, or Levitator Lite. - Vintage bicycle pricing - Vintage Bicycle Price Guide

You've picked up an old bicycle at a garage sale and are trying to determine what it is, how old it is, and what it might be worth. This Vintage Bicycle Price Guide is intended to help you use the information you do know about the bicycle and enable you to determine it's make, model, age and ballpark value.

click here..., no here...

Monday, December 21, 2009

2009 Dirty Dozen Results, Article, & Stats/Matrices


The 27th annual Dirty Dozen was held on Saturday, November 28th. Another (6th consecutive) good weather (sunny skies and a high temperature of 46 degrees F) DD allowed for a record turnout of 186 riders (as big as the Tour de France pack/field) including 98 (53%) rookies. There were a record 17 riders over 50 years old. 13 year old Andrew Reay became the youngest finisher. 10 women showed up for the 3 place, $300 prize list. For the first time, I offered a prize list (equal to the women) for the men. For the first time, I had riders sign release and liability waivers.

4 former winners rode: Defending champ Steve (Stevo) Cummings, 1991 winner Gunner Shogren, 1986 winner Bob Gottlieb, and myself. 29 year old Stevo won his 6th consecutive DD, but was challenged by youth - capable of ending his reign if they keep improving. 21 year old Bob Stumpf won the first hill. 19 year old Sam Morrison won the second hill, and traded the lead with Stevo until after the 11th hill when they were tied. Stevo won the 12th hill giving him a one point lead. Unlike his previous 5 wins when he had it won before the last hill, Stevo had to worry about the last hill this year. Stevo's endurance prevailed and he placed 4th on the last hill - I past a tired, young Sam halfway up.

Stevo and Sam each won 4 hills and each scored points on 12 of the 13 hills. Stevo won with 48 points. Sam was second with 45. Coach Chris Mayhew was third with 22. Darin Shriver won 3 hills and was fourth with 19 points. Bob Stumpf won the first and last hills, and was fifth with 15 points. The first rookie was Brett Rothmeyer - 8th place overall. 50 year old Bob (big ring) Gottlieb was the only 40+ points scorer again. Of the 19 men to score points, only 4 were rookies. Steve Schott won the Liberty Tube Sprint before the 11th hill.

Women's winner rookie, West Virginian Betsy Shogren dominated the women's race. Her 64 point total was only one point short of a perfect score. This ties my record when I won back in 1988 - the year the 5 place points system began. Coincidentally, the only hill (#6 Pig Hill {Rialto St.}) we didn't win, we got second on - Phil Rhodes beat me in 1988 & Lee-Ann Beatty beat Betsy this year. Rider Jeff Nunes put up a $20 prime for the first woman to make Canton Avenue. Rookie Sarah Kolpin was second with 48 points. Mike Stubna's girlfriend Emily Mackay was third with 32 points. Only 6 women made it up every hill. Last years winner Patty Buerkle quit early with her boyfriend John Minturn.

After the 2nd hill (Ravine St./Sharps Hill), Mark Briercheck & I rode ahead on Dorseyville Rd. to marshal the bottom on the 3rd hill (Berryhill Rd.) on Saxonburg Blvd. A motorist became raving at me for making him wait as the riders flew by - down Brownshill Rd. The guy threatened to call the local police if I didn't let him through. As soon as there was a big break in the pack, I let him through and stopped smaller groups of riders. I should have stayed and marshaled longer, but (afraid the police would show up and stop my DD) I climbed the hill and hurried the ride out of the area (O'Hara Twp.) onto the next hill (High St./Seavey Rd.) in Etna. Luckily, I didn't see any cops except for the one (thanks) stopping traffic at the light in Millvale at the bottom of the 5th (Logan St.) hill. At the end of the ride back at the Washington Blvd. Track, I met Pittsburgh City Police Officer Matthew Immekus - going on duty after riding the DD. As the DD continues
to grow, it's good to know we have an officer of the law riding on our side.

Some riders told me they fell off the back of the pack, got lost, and had to end their ride early without seeing all of the hills. I'm sorry if this happened to you. I plan to have a line by line itinerary (In 0.5 miles, turn left onto Kittanning Pike) and a detailed map of the route on my website by next summer so that you can ride part or all of the DD course anytime you want.

We must have been at hill #9 (37% cobblestone Canton Ave.) for a good 45 minutes. I waited at the bottom for about 30 minutes - until there were no riders either climbing or stopped on the hill. If I can't make the hill, I don't want the reason to be somebody else in my way. I did make it on my first attempt, but many other riders needed multiple tries. With such a big field, I may have to limit each rider to 2 tries on Canton or else do away with the 2nd food stop atop hill #7 (Suffolk/Hazelton/Burgess), and replace what used to be the 3rd food stop atop hill #10 (Boustead) with a new food stop atop Canton.

Boustead was extra difficult this year because of loose gravel. Climbing towards the middle of the field, I had to be aware of other riders around me stopping or crashing. I got caught behind two riders who stopped in front of me, and I had to go back down and restart Boustead after most riders had done it. Looking at the YouTube Boustead video, I saw many riders walking. There is no way I can keep track of 185 riders, but I would guess that less than half of them rode up every hill with continuous forward motion - you can weave, but no going backwards or circling. If you crash or stop, go back down to the bottom and try again. After the food stop atop Boustead, I saw a few riders crashing because of the trolley tracks on Broadway Avenue in Beechview.

The quality of the field has gotten better over the years - making point scoring more difficult and prestigious. Getting older and slower, this was the first year I failed to score any points. On the 12th hill (Barry/Holt/Eleanor) I tried to get points, but only managed to finish in 10th place.

Thanks to Team Steel City Endurance manager Suzanne Atkinson & Lee-Ann's brother Kevin Beatty for officiating. Former official Mark Powder showed up atop hills to spectate. Thanks to 11 time DD finisher Billy Kanarek for donating all of the pop again. Thanks to Ron Lutz & son Eric and Nora Runco for driving the food vehicles. Thanks to Steve Mentzer for loaning me his 10 gallon orange coolers he uses for the Rachel Carson Trail Challenge. Thanks to orange vest riders/marshals Paul Stevenson & Ted King-Smith. Thanks to rider Joe Ross for having 150 t-shirts (sorry I ran out) made, and his wife Julia for helping me with registration & handing out the shirts. Thanks to Fred Jordan for shooting 1,145 great photos, and videographer Gene Nacey (Nina Wilczek's Dad) working for Livestrong.

577 people have ridden (started) the DD over the past 26 years. 17 riders graduated to my 3 or more DDÕs ridden list this year. Montana Miller became the first rider to finish the DD on a fixed gear (39x20) bicycle, although he unclipped and "coasted" down some of the longer descents. West Virginian J. R. Petsko became the heaviest (240 pounds) DD finisher.

There were a record 4 sets of brothers:

Brandon, Chad, & Ryan Ference
Doug & Dan Riegner
Steve & Christian Schott
Andrew & Aaron Reay

There were two father/son combos:

Mark & Mike Runco
Kirk & Sam Morrison




Schwinn Electric Bike

Super Charge - You know it’s fast.
When we found out about Toshiba’s Super Charge ion Battery (SCiB) technology, we knew we were on to something. With a battery that charges in less than 30 minutes, the Tailwind is ready to go when you are. No more waiting for your battery when all you want to do is roll down to the coffee shop for a cappuccino.
The Tailwind features:
  • Lightweight aluminum frame and front suspension fork ensure a comfortable ride.
  • Shimano Nexus 8-speed rear hub is clean and maintenance-free, yet gives you the gears to tackle any terrain.
  • Fully accessorized with full-fenders, dynamo light, and rear-wheel lock.
Electric Bike Features
  • 30-minute charge time - Get a full charge in less than 30 minutes with the included home charger. The battery pack is cleanly integrated into the rear rack with a simple connection that requires no wires or plugs. The Plug N’ Drive battery can be easily removed, so you can charge it whenever and wherever you want.
  • Industry-leading warranty - With a 2-year or 20,000 mile warranty* and the ability to recharge up to 3000 times without losing the ability to hold a full charge, Schwinn electric bikes utilizing Toshiba SCiB technology promise years of trouble-free use.
  • Lightweight performance - The Schwinn Plug N’ Drive system adds only about 12 pounds to the total weight of the bike. With high-quality aluminum alloy frames and name brand parts from Shimano, SRAM and SR Suntour, Schwinn electric bikes are among the lightest on the market.

Kickstand Magazine - for Cruiser owners

The clothes, art and trends that make cruisers so cool
We’re gear heads and we like to ride bicycles
All the fun stuff to trick out your cruiser
The folks that make this culture so much fun
What happens when you get hundreds together to ride through the streets of your town or city
Just things that we’re thinking
Words from the editorial staff

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Swing King Bike Video

Swobo Otis

Otis   $739.00
• Comfortable and light aluminum frame
• Three speeds for up, down and flat terrain
• 3-speed internal hub is impervious to the elements
• Rack and fenders attach to frame + fork eyelets
• Comfortable platform pedals work with any shoes
• Easy rear coaster brake frees up your right hand
• Step-through frame design for smaller riders
• Coaster and disc brakes work in any weather
• Professional pre-assembly by Kirk
• Approximately 26.5 pounds

 Blatant Propaganda
 • Bicycling Magazine - July 2007
 • Dwell Magazine - November 2007
 • Ace Hotel
We designed the Otis around the SRAM 3-speed coaster brake hub after we rode that hub for the first time. We were that fired up. There are few bikes more simple, obvious, practical and versatile than an urban/suburban/bourbon 3-speed with twist shifter.

The frame and fork are based on the tough, oversize round and box section shapes of the Folsom, but with bosses for water bottles, rear racks and rear fenders. Geometry is slightly less laid-back. A front mechanical disc brake will stop you in any type of weather, in conjunction with the precision SRAM German coaster brake in the rear. The fast, puncture-resistant street tires have a siped tread pattern to shed water.

Internal geared hubs have the benefit of almost zero maintenance or vulnerability to damage, unlike a bike with derailleurs. You can drop the bike on the right side, where the derailleur isn't, and not damage the shifting mechanism. Impervious to the elements and intuitive to operate, the three speeds can tackle everything.

Swobo component details include the custom fork, saddle, grips, seat collars and handlebar end caps.

Matte Black finish matches any outfit. Five sizes, including 16.5" step-through design, fit almost everyone. Simple.

Planet Bike fenders shown are optional, and when ordered along with a bike are $35.00...that's a $9.99 savings over ordering your fenders after the fact. Go to Hard Parts to order yours. Your fender savings will be automatically calculated in your shopping cart. Optional kickstand available in Hard Parts. The 26"-wheeled kickstand fits the Otis, which is silver.