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Carver Bikes - Home of the 96er

29 up front - 26 in da rear! the site with bikes...

North Dakota is NOT showing the love for Columbus Rides

I look at my traffic from around the world and the US and I noticed that North Dakota is not represented on the map of visitors in the last 30 days.

Boston Biker

Check out their site... They have a collection of bike blogs from in and around Boston.

The Magtenlight Company

Friction-Free Magnetic Gear Drive System 1. 4 magnet segments mounted on the spokes of the front wheel 2. There are 8 magnets in each segment, 4 segments forms a ring 3. When bicycle wheel turns, magnet ring turns 4. A high efficiency Magtenlight Generator mounted on the axel of the front wheel 5. The 2 magnet half on top of the Generator in act with the magnet ring 6. There is a gap of 2-3mm between magnet ring and the Generator 7. Magnetic force on the magnet ring push the Generator to turn 8. The gear-up ratio from magnet ring to Generator is 1:16 9. Generator turns at a speed of 1500 rpm when bicycle reach 15Km/Hour 10. Friction-Free transmission established Reverse Beam Technology 1. Head Lamp Reflector is of Reverse Beam type 2. Light distribution confirms to Germany StVZO 22A No:23 at 15Km/Hour 3. Precisely-engineered reflector collect and reflect light to specific area only 4. LED light source is not visible from front 5. Maximum light efficiency achieved by focuses light exact

2009 Commuter Challenge

Greetings. Spring is here, Bike Month is just around the corner. Why not join 30+ businesses from around Columbus by registering your office for a little friendly competition, the 2009 Commuter Challenge. What is the Commuter Challenge? Is this a race? No. I don’t care for spandex. That’s OK. Do I need a bicycle? Well, yeah. Who can replace the most automobile commutes with bicycle commutes? Points are awarded based on the number of trips per capita. Long and short rides, fast and slow rides: they all count the same. There are 5 categories based on company size (1–19, 20–99, 100–499, 500–999, 1000+). The 2009 Commuter Challenge will run for two weeks this year: May 4 - May 15, so mark your calendars. On Friday, May 15 all participants will be encouraged to converge on downtown Columbus for a lunch and award ceremony. Register Your Team by emailing Matt Young for the form Invite coworkers to join you Suggest that coworkers get their bike tuned-up now for off-season rates at

Major Taylor

"Life is too short for a man to hold bitterness in his heart." Marshall W. "Major" Taylor A hundred years ago, when bicycle races drew crowds that filled Madison Square Garden, the biggest draw of all was Major Taylor. The New York race promoters who signed 19-year-old Marshall W. "Major" Taylor to their team in 1898 knew that fans would flock to see "the Worcester Whirlwind" compete. They also knew that controversy surrounding "the Colored Cyclone," whose star was rising in muscular defiance of the Jim Crow segregation permeating the sport, was sure to generate headlines. And any kind of publicity would be good for the box office. Today, Taylor's name is still an attraction. When the Seven Hills Wheelmen bicycle club of Worcester renamed its annual 100-mile ride the Major Taylor Century in honor of the 1899 world champion who lived here, the ride's appeal was suddenly extended. more...

Bizarre Accident - Cyclist critical after crash in Houston's Montrose area

Firetrucks slam together at intersection Cyclist critical after crash in Houston's Montrose area By DALE LEZON, LINDSAY WISE and ALLAN TURNER Copyright 2009 Houston Chronicle March 31, 2009, 1:53PM A preliminary investigation indicates a Houston Fire Department ladder truck ran a red light before colliding with a pumper truck in a Montrose intersection Monday morning, a Houston Police Department spokesman said today. Both trucks were en route to what had been reported as a possible fire in the 2100 block of San Felipe when they crashed at Westheimer and Dunlavy minutes before 11 a.m. Before overturning and coming to rest on a four-door Infiniti, the ladder truck struck a bicyclist and snapped an electric pole and tree. The collision injured 11 people, the bicyclist critically. more... Video

Polygon Bike

more here...

3/30/2009 - Ride Report

Roughly 20 people showed up. We headed north and hit Lane. North on Indianola to Morse. Morse down to High. High north to Rush Creek. We had several people head home at that point. Back over to High and south to High Beck. 19 miles. Averaged 14.5mph. No mechanicals. No drama.

COP 37th Woodstock - Saturday April 4, 2009

Date: Saturday April 4, 2009 Time: 7:30 am - 9:00 am Location: Jersey Baptist Church (See notes for details.) Street: 13260 Morse Road City State Zip: Pataskala, OH Notes: Jersey Baptist Church, 13260 Morse Road, Pataskala, Ohio, 9 miles east of I-270 at Harrison Road. Parking and registration in back lot. Traditional first TOSRV training ride. 30/55/100 miles on relatively flat terrain. Columbus Outdoor Pursuits Budget Tour. $2 members, $4 non-members Tricia Kovacs & David Jeffords 614-476-9093 bike_woodstock

Eddy's Sweet Corn Ride

RICHFIELD, OHIO Great Routes, Food, Entertainment and Fun. Win a Specialized Bike from Eddy's Bike Shop. the site...

Xterra O.N.E. - Located Southeast of the Greater Cleveland Area

The 2nd Annual XONE will feature XTERRA's Point Series (XPS) only Ohio tour stop in 2009. Whether you are racing for the XPS competition or just a local, hard-core multisport enthusiast ready for a unique endurance experience...XTERRA O.N.E. has a challenge for you! the site...

Roll - Easton classes are available

Spring clinics are scheduled for the next few weeks. Schedule here... Roll blog is here...

Trek Store of Columbus blog

The blog is here...

Biking through NY for over 80 km a day - from Wannahaves

Bike messenger in Manhattan In New York life is fast. The quickest way to travel is by water or through the air. In Manhattan things are a little different. The fastest way to travel is by bike. After 9/11 Manhattan was put to a safety alert and a lot of changes were made. This really obstructed the job of the bike messengers which made their future uncertain. Nowadays the messengers are back in business with over 100 bikers a day. Bike messenger Lou Winston talked to experienced bike messenger Lou. Lou bikes around Manhattan for over 80 kilometers a day. His job is to deliver packages around the city by bike. This job is not always without danger, because he got hit by a car once. Luckily he didn’t got hurt. A funny fact is that Lou suffers 20 flat tires a year. Safety measures After 9/11 in 2001 Manhattan put the city on a safety alert. This made the job of the bikers a lot harder to do. After a few years of struggling, the messengers are back in business and they make sure all

Peter White Cycles found the missing WMDs

Peter White Cycles is now the exclusive US supplier for many high quality Weapons of Mass Destruction. With the demise of Saddam Hussein's Iraqi government, WMDs have inexplicably become hard to find on the world market. As an experienced importer of many high quality consumer products, we feel we are in a position to supply your WMD needs at competitive prices without compromising our high standards of customer service. While others are having difficulty locating reliable sources of WMDs, we believe it's a simple matter of knowing where to look. And, well, of course, where not to look. Due to federal regulations, payment for all WMDs must be made through our bank in Nigeria. more here...