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Camera catches cyclist hit by car - CNN

Holmes County Trail - Ride through Amish Country

About the trail - From the website W elcome to the Holmes County Trail!  It is our desire that you have an enjoyable outing on you r upcoming visit to the Holmes County Trail and that you find our web-site useful in planning  your trip to our unique Trail.       The dream o f a multipurpose recreation trail through Holmes County was born shortly after the flood of 1969 ended the active use of the railroad in Holmes County.  Throughout the last half of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century the railroad was an integral  part of the life and business of our county.  The railroad connected Holmes County with major cities in Ohio.  People and goods regularly traveled the tracks on their way to destinations throughout the county.  During  W.W. II the troop trains rolled through Holmes County on their way south.  With the advent of better highways and efficient truck transportation, use of the railroad declined.  Repairing the railroad grade after the flood w

Have you seen this van?

Thank God I Don't Live in Colorado - From the mailbag

Oh, the horror, no bikes are allowed on the roads in Black Hawk Colorado. Subject: recent bicycle ban on all roads in black hawk, co Yesterday I rode with team evergreen  up the the central city parkway to Black Hawk and 7 of us got stopped by the police in black hawk at the post office/coffee shop at our re-group point.  Black hawk passed an ordinance (attached) last July that just went into effect in the last 2 weeks that BANS BICYCLES ON ALL ROADS in black hawk!! .  The only road through BH that you can ride a bike is 119, but there are no roads you can ride on from central city parkway to get to 119 or 119 to central city parkway!  They didn't see us ride our bikes, so no tickets.   Police told us that they "have been instructed not to give warnings".  So when you hit the city limit, you have to dismount and walk your bike about a mile down the steep hill to get to 119  & peak to peak highway and to do the golden gate canyo

Cheap and bright lighting system - Magicshine MJ-808

Review is here

Tuesday Night Ride Recap - 06/07/10

Highlights 15 riders to start (10 to finish, 5 left for bike polo) 19 miles We rode around an island Rode through the bogs on the west side on the wooden paths West Park Los Potosinos for dinner We found a Shrek action figure in the parking lot of Los Gauchos (see pics) Raced Paktinat up Front St. on my mountain bike surpassing 25mph Started to rain toward end of ride

Wanted: more bicycle questions on State drivers exams - James Fellrath for

WOSU radio news  featured a story this morning about bicycling advocates working to get more questions about cycling on the State of Ohio Drivers' License Examination.   Local  League of American Bicyclists  Cycling Instructor  Patricia Kovacs  was interviewed by WOSU's Mandie Trimble for the story.  Kovacs, many of you may recall, is the advocate whose efforts resulted in Columbus being named a League Bike-Friendly City two years ago.  She is also an  Ohio Bike Federation  board member.  read more...