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This Is How You Walk The Dog

JayP's 2012 Tour Divide Bike/Gear

JayP's 2012 Tour Divide Bike/Gear from Jay Petervary on Vimeo .

Cyclist Connection Women's Nutrition Social is Wednesday, January 8th, 2014 6:30-7:30pm

Join us at the Cyclist Connection shop for a fun-filled evening centered around Nutrition. Featuring guest speaker Colleene Weiser, Founder and Instructor at Fitness Firm located in the heart of Canal Winchester. Colleene is joining us to discuss Nutrition and how to use what we eat to our advantage when striving to meet fitness goals as well as what  and  how to eat when riding. Sara Molski, a brand representative from Juice Plus+ alongside representatives from other nutritional products will be in attendance. Setting a New Years Resolution centered around fitness? Let  cyclist connection  help you reach your goal with our annual Resolution Challenge. If you are interested, bring your bike to the social and we can get you signed up! This is a  FREE  event offered to  any   lady that rides a bike, has interest in riding or nutrition. Invite your friends and come socialize with  cyclist connection's  WomenSocial ! Questions? Contact Azia PH: 614.833.BIKE (2453)  OR  Ema

Happy Christmas from Mongoose

Light Trails

The Top 14 Bike Stories Of 2013 | FastCompany

From the vitality of bike share programs to new ideas for cycle-friendly streets, life on two wheels got a little sweeter this year. Bike culture went more mainstream than ever in 2013.  At last count there were 500 bike share programs  in cities worldwide, from the largest in Paris, with 18,380 bikes, to one of the newest--Citibike in New York City, which launched in May. The data shows that New Yorkers  are (mostly) loving it . A whopping 80,000 people signed up for annual memberships in the first 100 days. A lot of the rise in the popularity of biking is thanks to improvements in bike lanes and other safety infrastructure. Today, local governments are more aware than ever that making cycling easier for citizens is not just to please a few enthusiasts. Rather,  more cyclists on the road can save  a city in health costs, reduce road congestion, and boost local businesses. Europe has gone so far down this path that this year, for the first time,  new bike sales overtook  new car

Is this the biggest bike trick of all time?

Check out the Superman double backflip on a mountain bike by Ethen Godfrey-Roberts! Is this the greatest bike trick ever!? You be the judge!

This Old Bicycle? | Bob Vila

5 things to do with… old bicycles. Our favorite thing to do with old bicycles is to ride them, but this stuff is almost as fun. [Read more on]

Tern Eclipse S11i folding bike | Fully Loaded!

The Tern Eclipse S11i is one of the most well conceived folding bicycles from Tern. It has more features than any other Tern bike: dynamo lights, hydraulic disc brakes, rack, fenders, adjustable handlebar, and the list goes on! If you want the best of the best folding bikes from Tern the Eclipse S11i is the one for you. With an Eclipse S11i from Tern Bicycles you can ride around in comfort and style on one of the most deluxe folding bikes available. This is the perfect folding bike for someone who wants all the best features.

Boris vs Ventoux

Capitol Hill Bid For Bicycle Safety | Living on Earth

Citi Bike in New York City is the largest bike share program in the United States. (Bitstock photo) Cyclists and pedestrians account for nearly 16 percent of all highway deaths yet receive just 1 percent of safety related funding. The founder of the Congressional Bike Caucus, Oregon Democrat Earl Blumenauer, tells host Steve Curwood that a new Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Act he introduced to Congress could change the priorities. Transcript CURWOOD: From the Jennifer and Ted Stanley Studios in Boston, this is Living on Earth. I’m Steve Curwood. For years in America, the car has been king. As General Motors once put it, “it’s not just your car, it’s your freedom.” But increasingly Americans are finding a new kind of freedom, the freedom from traffic jams and lack of exercise that can be found behind the handlebars of a bicycle. So as driving mileage has dropped by more than eight percent in the past decade, at the same time the proportion of people commuting to work by bik


Saturday morning proved beautiful with wide-open skies greeting us as we began the bikepacking portion of the trip. We made it all of 250 feet before we had to stop and make adjustments to the bags on our  Fargo bikes . The next two hours can be described in four words: Ride, Stop, Adjust, Repeat. It was actually a great learning experience. We knew we wouldn’t get it 100% perfect from the start, so we gave ourselves two extra hours, and we wound up using it all taking pictures and rearranging our gear. The roads narrowed as we pedaled deeper into the north woods. Gravel roads became minimum maintenance roads. MMR’s became ATV trails, and for some stretches bike-only trails. We had all kinds of trail conditions; mud, rock gardens, steep climbs, and technical descents. Each obstacle was a learning experience. For both of us, it was the first time we had negotiated these things on bikes while carrying all our camping gear. After reminding myself that this wasn’t a race, picking

Zumba Columbus - option for working out when it is cold.

From our cycling friend Kat -  I teach 2 Zumba classes each week at Zumba Columbus ( ). We're located in Kenny Center strip mall, on Kenny Rd, near Henderson Rd. We are in the back corner and have a green neon "Zumba" sign in the window. 1st class is FREE, so give it a try! Open to all ages, fitness level, gender, etc. Wear any comfortable workout clothes and gym shoes. (Change into gym shoes at the studio if it is wet / snowy out, please). Bottled water and snacks are available for purchase for anyone who does not have their own. I teach: Sunday 12:30 - 1:30 pm (Zumba) This is a great workout, with a mixture of song styles (Salsa, Reggeton, Current Pop / Hip Hop, etc), high energy, great fun & everyone has a great time shakin' our butts! Monday 5:30 - 6:30 pm (Zumba 4 EveryBody) This class really is for Everyone!!I wear a headset to give some verbal instruction / cues for beginners, and it is lower impact, with less twisting, so it

Quebrantahuesos 2013

After complaints, Amtrak clarifies: folding bikes always allowed as carry-ons | Bike Portland

Amtrak Cascades, the regional line several BikePortland readers said is bike-friendlier than many. (Photo by   Stephen Rees .) A  late-night incident  in which Amtrak workers awoke two Portlanders to tell them, incorrectly, that their folding bikes weren't allowed as carry-ons has led the agency to clarify its policy. Amtrak spokeswoman Vernae Graham said last week that every passenger car in the system allows folding bicycles as carry-on luggage "if they fit  the dimensions described in the policy  and can fit in the areas designated for carry on baggage or bikes." The maximum dimensions are 34 inches by 15 inches by 48 inches, as stated in Amtrak's policy. Mass-market folding bikes meet those constraints, Dean Mullin of local shop Clever Cycles said Wednesday. [Keep reading at BikePortland]

EDUGO & ASIA’S HOPE work to bring bikes to children in Cambodia, Thailand and India

ABOUT EDUGO EduGo has chosen to partner with Asia's Hope to fill a need: provide safe, reliable transportation for children to get to school and give them the push they need to keep their wheels turning. After visiting some of the family homes in Cambodia in 2012 and then again with his family in 2013, Jeremy Slagle recognized the importance of bicycles and motos to the people of Southeast Asia and what an impact providing these tools can have to a child as he or she seeks to complete their education.  Partnering with one of his clients, Ganola; Jeremy, and owners, Jared McCullough, and Heather Gray decided to do something about it. EduGo was born. Our first goal is to provide for the annual needs of the children of Asia's Hope. After those needs are met, we hope to partner with other organizations around the world who have the same needs. No matter who we partner with, the goal will be the same: to provide bikes for kids for school. ABOUT  ASIA’S HOPE Asia

CEDRIC GRACIA'S 'MEGA' CRASH - not for faint hearted

Bloody CG

Mobilize Me

Salsa Post-Lock - attach a rack to seatpost

Our Post-Lock is a rack attachment point that can be positioned anywhere on your seatpost to provide a mounting point. Post-Locks do not have a lip like our Lip-Lock, Flip-Lock, and Rack-Lock so therefore cannot be used as a seatpost clamp. NOTE: This IS NOT a seat collar and CANNOT BE USED to keep your seatpost in place NOTE: NOT FOR USE with carbon fiber seatposts NOTE:  Please consult your seatpost manufacturer to check compatibility Max torque 3 - 5 N-m 6061-AL Welded on rack attachment points 34mm-wide rack mount threaded for M5 bolts Stainless steel pivot and bolt Available for 27.2 and 31.6mm diameter seatposts Black anodized with laser-etched logo 44 grams [Salsa]