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Yoann Barelli Rides Whistler’s A-Line on a Cyclocross Bike


In Gear: Richmond Cycles and Road Holland Is There @roadholland

In Gear: Richmond Cycles and Road Holland Is There from Road Holland on Vimeo . [Read more at Road Holland]

Here's What Happened When A Neighborhood Decided To Ban Cars For A Month - FastCoExist

Two years ago, an average neighborhood in the South Korean city of Suwon embarked on a radical experiment: For one month, the neighborhood suddenly got rid of every car. Called the Ecomobility Festival, it was created as a way to help the city move much more quickly to a low-carbon future by helping citizens get a visceral sense of how that future could look. "Usually in planning you do a computer simulation—an artificial picture of the future, and maybe a PowerPoint presentation," says Konrad Otto-Zimmermann, creative director at  The Urban Idea , who helped mastermind the festival. "We're doing it in a different way: in a real city, with real people, in real time. It's like a piece of theater where the neighborhood is a stage." [Keep reading at FastCoexist]