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Month 3: Year of Yay!

Highlights 100 cyclists in the St. Patrick's Day Parade. No tax dollars spent. No bike lanes needed. We want to thank all the sponsors for Month 3: A Year of Yay!  Thanks to 200Columbus, COTA, World of Beer - Brewery District, Tip Top Kitchen and Cocktails, Traxler Tees, Small Business Beanstalk and Hal & Al's for all their support. 1 Pedicab (3 wheels) - BIG THANKS to Zach Henkel for toting me and my new friend around. 100 200Columbus bells! 70 special event shirts from our partners.

A Close Up Look at the Sony Bloggie Sport HD Camera [VIDEO]

Dodici Super Frame

The “Super” is the top, the top frame anybody riding fixed gear bicycle in the city might ever want or ever desire,this baby is stainless steel! All stainless steel basic track frame, the only one available on the market, stainless steel weights like steel but can have thinner tubes, so this frame is even lighter than the leggero, you can leave it under the rain forever and it will never rust , this frame will never perish or corrode, is very precious so might be you will make it sleep beside your bad and not take the winter weather during nights and frosty seasons but still nothing will affect this frame. The performance of a stainless steel is equalled only by titanium, but the brushed finish give this frame a wonderful full chrome look. The geometry is the same as veloce and leggero,the best in our opinion! Steel straight round tubes fork, low clearance , no brake holes, flat engraved crown head comes in white only. Dodici engravings are on the rear bridge, on all the dropouts , o

Crossing Tracks Safely [Off the Beaten Path]

A while ago,  we wrote about railroad tracks  and how narrow tires can fall into the gap between rail and pavement. We suggested that wide tires are safer, because they don’t fit into that gap. In the comments section, a few riders reported that they or others had crashed on tracks even with wide mountain bike tires. How could this happen? Every time I ride over railroad and streetcar tracks with my 42 mm-wide Grand Bois Hetre tires without undue concern or special precaution, I wonder what is going on when people crash on railroad tracks. I believe there are several mechanisms at work. 1. Falling into the gap next to the rail The most obvious problem is a tire that is so narrow that it fits comfortably into the gap between rail and pavement. (This gap is necessary because railroads use flanged wheels to keep their rolling stock on the tracks.) If the rider crosses the tracks at an oblique angle, the tire can fall into the gap. The bicycle no longer can be steered and crashes.

Sögreni Bell

This is the classic Sögreni bell. It comes with fittings, and is very easily mounted. Please note, that your head tube should be between 26 and 28 mm - but most bicycle head tubes are of that size and diameter. The brass is the clearest sounding bell, the zinc is the most muted. The steel gives the most authentic sound and the copper is the deepest sounding bell. The zinc bell has the most raw or industrial look. From left to right on the big picture: Brass, Steel, Copper, Zinc. [ Sögreni ]

Colnago catches up to Volagi, announces disc road bike [VeloNews]

Colnago has beaten the other top-end bicycle manufacturers to the punch and unveiled their C59 Disc road bike at the Taipei Show in Taiwan. The C59 Disc, based on the popular C59 frame used by team Europcar, comes equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, carbon wheels, and Shimano Dura-Ace Di2. The use of Formula hydraulic discs and Di2-enabled hydraulic drop bar levers sets the C59 atop the disc road bike genre. The C59 Disc has an all new rear end that has been reinforced in key areas to accept the Colnago-branded Formula R1 calipers and 140mm rotors. Similarly, the fork is totally new and, like the frame, can only be set up with disc calipers. [See more at VeloNews]

Getting Dressed With JayP - Because April in Columbus will be huge snowfall!

Review: Linus Roadster 8 [Bicycle Times]

By Karl Rosengarth, photos by Justin Steiner If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have noticed a resurgence of simple, reliable bikes designed for short-haul transportation.  Linus Bikes  of Venice, California, offers just such a lineup of basic-transportation bicycles that take their styling clues from classic French bikes of the 1950-60s and utilitarian Dutch city bikes. According to Linus Bikes’ founder Adam McDermott, the Roadster 8 is “an all-around city bike, intended for everyday use and utility.” The Roadster exudes a classy retro vibe. I especially like the way the painted-to-match metal fenders unify the look, from stem to stern. On a practical note, there’s nothing like full-length fenders to keep you singing in the rain. With the 8-speed gearing tucked inside the rear hub, the silhouette is clean and uncluttered. The alloy rear rack lets you know that this steed has some workhorse in its bloodline. Utility indeed. [Keep reading at Bicycle Times]

Bike Lady, Inc. Introduction 2012 [VIDEO]

When Sharrows Don’t Work [BikeNoob]

I’ve run across several streets with “sharrow” markings lately. Sharrows are generally a great idea. They signify the sharing of traffic lanes between bikes and cars, and thereby let cars know that bikes may be around, may be taking the lane, and that it’s all right to do so. However, one recently added sharrow in Austin isn’t working. Here’s a good example of a proper sharrow. It occupies the right lane, leaving the left lane open for motorized traffic. But bikes and cars can share the sharrow lane. [Keep reading at Bike Noob]

Making Streets Safer With On-Street Bike Parking [VIDEO]

Making Streets Safer With On-Street Bike Parking from Streetfilms on Vimeo .

Flux felt and leather bicycle bag

10"x11" made from industrial felt and vegetable tanned leather. big enough for an ipad or a ulock(your choice) with fit on any bike frame with a horizontal top bar over 20" made to carry the bare essentials when you just want to ride with out something extra hanging on your back. all solid brass hardware. Have any questions?  Contact the shop owner [Flux Productions]

Ynot Leather Pedal Straps

VIDEO  here Specs: The top strap is made with 2″ webbing, which is covered with FULL GRAIN RECLAIMED LEATHER for anded style. Versatile, comfortable and durable, YNOT Pedal Straps are adjustable to fit nearly any footwear. Great for anybody that rides hard and needs the ultimate foot retention system. Triple layer reinforcement adds strength and enables straps to keep their desired shape allowing you to easily get your footing every time. Their simple installation and availability in a variety of colours and designs, allows you to quickly customize your ride. * Note: Pedals not included. [Ynot]

Rob Portman (OH) doesn't care about bikes? Votes NO on Transport Bill [MAP-21]

[Find out how the rest of the Senate voted here at NY Times]


SpotMe badges are made using high tech retro- reflective fabric so are a great way for cyclists, runners, schoolchildren and anyone out on the streets in the dark to increase their visibility.  They are embellished with a range of quirky designs by Katie Barton in her studio in London using her freehand embroidery machine. Fun, unique and they get you noticed, a fantastic gift for anyone, especially yourself. [SpotMe]

Sogreni Old Shatterhand - Male

Old Shatterhand - Male Starting at: €1,599.00 Old Shatterhand is the older brother of Young Shatterhand. The classic design makes this bicycle the choice for a lawyer, a businessman or maybe just the gentleman who wants to ride a classic bike without too much fuss. This bike will not help you turn, it will not reveal its power unless you ask for it - but it will happily follow your instructions if you take control. When you get to know it, it will turn into a reliable friend, and the Old Shatterhand is known for working without any problems or hiccups for years and years to come. The wheels are 700C-size, meaning that this bike is excellent for taking longer trips, escaping the city and going into the countryside. A classic tour bike. If you plan to bring your child along, this is the model we recommend for mounting a child’s seat on the handlebars. Very Scandinavian thinking, very safe and the best way to keep an eye on your child when riding, instead of placing the child beh

OpenStreetMap - Maps by the people, for the people

Forget Garmin or even Google. Download maps to GPS units for free!  OpenStreetMap is a free worldwide map, created by people like you. The data is free to  download  and use  under its  open license . Create a user account  to improve the map. [OpenStreetMap]

Camp Chase Trail section approved [Dispatch]

Camp Chase Trail section approved View Larger RELATED ITEMS Westgate neighborhood wants new route for bike trail Groups peddle bike-hub plan Metro Parks putting last year's property-tax hike to use By   Mark Ferenchik The Columbus Dispatch   Thursday March 15, 2012 4:27 AM Comments: 0 ShareThis The next section of the Camp Chase Trail in western Franklin County should be completed by early next year now that the Metro Parks board has approved a $2.3 million contract to build the link. The 2.4-mile segment will run between Kropp Road at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park and the community of Galloway in Prairie Township. Metro Parks has finished a 5.5-mile section from the park west to Wilson Road in Madison County. Jess Construction of Arcanum, Ohio, was awarded the contract yesterday. In other business, the board: • Approved allowing Camp Mary Orton in northern Franklin County to build a canopy zip line, the first in the county. Th