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Summit draws attention to Chattanooga's bike tourism industry @timesfreepress

Shannon Burke, owner of Velo View Bike Tours, is photographed on the Walnut Street Bridge on Thursday. Burke is moving his business, his family and his residence from Austin, Texas, to Chattanooga. Velo View Bike Tours specializes in bike vacations across the country. Photo by  John Rawlston  /Times Free Press. Bicycles were scattered around the Edney Building in downtown Chattanooga this week during the inaugural Southeast Regional Bike Tourism Summit. Bicycles were scattered around the Edney Building in downtown Chattanooga this week during the inaugural Southeast Regional Bike Tourism Summit. Inside, their riders — in town from seven states — discussed things like bikepacking, electric bikes, U.S. bike routes and the economic benefits that they can bring to communities. Bicycle tourism is a burgeoning idea in the South, and Chattanooga will soon be the headquarters for another business based solely on the concept. Velo View Bike Tours, an Austin, Texas-based company fou

Bike the CBus 2015 Metric Century Video

Bike the CBus from Kathy Koontz on Vimeo .

Sea Otter Classic 2016 US Cup #2: Pro Women's XCO - local Jen Malik @wcxproject


Zenga Bros - Tall Bike Tour

Zenga Bros - Tall Bike Tour from Zenga Bros on Vimeo . [More at Zenga]

How Copenhagen reshaped minds by reshaping roads @IrishTimes

Copenhagen built proper, one-way cycle lanes with kerbs separating them from pedestrians and motorists. Anything else, the Danes say, is a waste of time, money and effort. Photograph: Thinkstock Kamilla stands on the Knippel Bridge spanning Copenhagen’s inner harbour, drinking coffee as the spring sun plays on the water below. At her side, the trusted bike that will soon carry her into the city centre past the Christiansborg Palace – familiar to fans of television’s  Borgen .  Now 26, Kamilla has been cycling since she was a child in her native  Copenhagen , which ranks alongside Amsterdam as a European cycling utopia. Ask people in this city why cycling works here and you hear different theories. But all are part of a wider effort: to boost cycling through a virtuous circle of good infrastructure and positive perception. [Keep reading at The Irish Times]

Los Andes en bici. 43 Cruces "Paso Sico"

Los Andes en bici. 43 Cruces "Paso Sico" from PEDALeANDO ruta 40 on Vimeo .

Bike the Cbus 2016 registration opens May 1! #letsride @yaybikes

[More information at Yay Bikes!]

Ortlieb Bikepacking Seat Bag - @pathlesspedaled


NJ52 WUC close pass and road rage - update


Hack Bike Derby

Hack Bike Derby from Hack Bike Derby on Vimeo .

Fairdale Bikes Research and Design Front Derailleur Repurposing Division: Shifting Your Perception @fairdalebikes


Life Beyond Walls: Trans Cascadia @smithoptics

Life Beyond Walls: Trans Cascadia from smith optics on Vimeo .

London Considers a More Bike-Friendly Truck Design @nextcityorg

Transport for London’s proposed design (Credit: TfL) Trucks can be death traps for cyclists. Out of eight bikers killed in collisions with vehicles in London last year, all but one collided with a truck. But London’s transportation agency says a relatively simple design addition to trucks could help reduce the number of cyclists hit by truck drivers. Transport for London is considering proposals that would require trucks to have large, glass panels along their side doors, the  Evening Standard  reported. The design gives truck drivers a “panoramic” view of the road, and also gives drivers greater responsibility in avoiding collisions with bikers and pedestrians. [Keep reading at Next City]