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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cleatskins Bikeskins

Moving to and from the bike is part of the ride. Cleatskins Bikeskins provide traction, comfort and ease of movement without heel-walking. It's the perfect bike cleat protector for you, your cycling shoes and the surface you walk on.

Cleatskins Bikeskins are avaikable in a wide array of colors including: Yellow, True Blue, Black, White, and Red.

Perfect for all cycling cleats, including Look, Shimano, Speedplay, Time, etc.

Protects your cleats/bike shoes and provides traction

Produces a softer more comfortable heel-toe stride

Cleatskins Bikeskins

Pave - The coolest looking bike shop I have ever seen. Ever. [via Dezeen]

Pave by Joan Sandoval
Bicycles are displayed in backlit boxes at this Barcelona bike store designed by architect Joan Sandoval.
Pave by Joan Sandoval
Called Pave, the store includes a library where shoppers can drink coffee and read magazines on cycling, lounge where they can watch important races on TV and showers where they can refresh after training.

Ride your Bike to Taco Truck(s) Event is Sunday, May 15th 12p from Goodale Park

Sunday, May 15 · 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Goodale Park
Buttles and Park
Columbus, OH

Created By

More Info
We will be riding out to the west side of Columbus and visiting 3 taco trucks. The main truck will be Los Potosinos. There are multiple trucks within a few blocks for riders to sample. Unless something changes the following trucks will be our stops;

Las Delicias
Little Mexico
Los Potosinos (basecamp)

The ride will leave promptly at NOON so please be at the park by 11:45AM. Mileage from Goodale to the trucks and back is roughly 20 miles. I will be riding a cruiser bike so the pace will not be fast.

Hal & Al's is providing beer merchandise for the raffle. We will offer $1 tickets and are asking for a $5 voluntary donation for the ride and you will get 5 tickets for the donation. All proceeds will go to Yay Bikes! The raffle will be drawn at Hal & Al's after the event.
[Facebook Event]

Don't forget Pinchflat: A Bike Poster Blowout! opens TODAY!


Phone: 614.859.WILD


Wild Goose Creative, in collaboration with Yay Bikes!, Jeremy Slagle
Design, and Fulcrum Creatives, is proud to present Pinchflat: A Bike
Poster Blowout! Join us for the opening of the exhibition on May 14,
2011 between 1 and 9 pm at Wild Goose Creative, 2491 Summit Street,

Over 25 artists from central Ohio designed and created posters that
celebrate cycling, the art and craft of bikes, and Columbus as a great
place to ride. All posters will be on sale for $30 at the event, and
until June 17 at

The poster party on May 14 will include musical performances by Mike
Wojniak, To Kill a Monster, Teen Fiction, and The Seasonal Help. There
will be a bike ride departing from Wild Goose Creative at 1pm.
Columbus Brewing Company has provided a keg of beer for the
festivities. Pedal Instead is providing their Bike Corral for bike
parking, so guests are encouraged to ride to the event. Between 4 and
8pm, Backroom Coffee Roasters will be pouring coffee. ThoughtCo will
be on site printing T-shirts with the Pinchflat logo. Additional
sponsors include: Octopus Caps, Seagull Bags, Jeni's Splendid Ice
Creams, Paradise Garage, Trek, Make Believe Monsters, The Small
Business Beanstalk, and ARTillery Ohio.

Pinchflat is the centerpiece of a whole month of Wild Goose Creative
programs celebrating National Bike Month in May. For more information,
visit, email, or call Jessie at 614.390.3161.

Wild Goose Creative
2491 Summit Street
Columbus, OH 43202
Surprising Art - Real Community

Support Art and Community: Choose a delicious Menu Item today!

Mini Turbine Bike Video [thanks Tim!]

Xootr Crossrack Bike Rack - carry a pannier on your seatpost

The CrossRack system allows you to mount a standard bicycle bag to almost any bicycle. Your cargo is centered on your bike and mounted in your slipstream to reduce wind resistance. The CrossRack system takes advantage of the ample space right behind you, especially on bicycles with small wheels, and puts your bag just where you want it. The CrossRack system is the result of more than three years of testing and refinement by our engineers who commute by bicycle and who sought the best everyday cargo solution.

CrossRack Bike Rack Features

  • Mounts to most bicycles and scooters.
  • Centers load for best balance.
  • Positions cargo in slipstream of rider for low drag.
  • Works with most standard bicycle panniers.
  • Detaches in 5 seconds via locking pin.
  • Rack "horns"can hang many standard bags, including plastic shopping bags.
  • Welded aluminum construction.
  • Fits post diameters from 1.0 - 1.4 inches (25 - 35 mm).
  • Weighs 664 grams.
  • Load limit: 25lbs.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Take the lane in your bike disguised as a Porsche [VIDEO] Thanks Third Hand for link

You Can, You Should, You Must Hop - May Green Drinks is Thursday, May 19th

May is Bike Month and as far as we're concerned, the more we know about bikes, the more we love them. A few fun facts about the most energy efficient vehicle ever created:
  • Anywhere from 6 to 20 bikes can park in a single car parking space
  • Bike trips replacing car trips displace over 238 million gallons of gasoline per year (nearly $1 billion worth at current prices)
  • Bicycles use 2% as much energy as cars per passenger-kilometer, and cost less than 3% as much to purchase.
  • Ohio Fun Fact: Unicycling is a mandatory subject at St. Helen's School in Newbury, Ohio.
Celebrate two-wheeled freedom in one of the flattest cities and join us for our annual Bike Hop on Thursday, May 19th. We will kick it off at 6pm at the Village Idiot (1439 N High St) with $3 Green Olive Vodka drink specials (Mountain Dew Flavor anyone?) For a little fuel for the ride, grab a sandwich next door at the newly opened Common Wealth Sandwich Bar, a local food treat. Around 7, we'll head to Wild Goose Creative (2491 Summit St) for a look into the Past & Future of Bicycle Propaganda . Note, Wild Goose is BYOB, but there are stores with beer close. We'll top off the evening, around 9, with a short ride to India Oak Grill (590 Oak Park Ave) for a cold drink and a late night nosh. [Green Columbus]

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Brooks Saddles

Americans Work 2 Hours Each Day To Pay For Their Cars [via The Urban Country]

Cars and cycle path in Montreal
Cars & cycle path in Montreal, Quebec – April 2011 – James Schwartz / The Urban Country
Imagine you could work 500 hours less every year. That works out to be an extra 12.5 weeks of vacation. Alternatively, imagine you got paid for an extra 500 hours of work each year, without having to work those extra 500 hours. That would work out to be an extra $11,000 every year for an average American making $22 per hour.
500 hours a year - or 2 hours each day - is roughly the equivalent to what the average American worker will work in order to pay for their cars (the average is between 1.46 hour/day and 2.90 hours/day depending on which data is used).

[continue reading at The Urban Country]

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Better Than Art: Moulton's Dual-Suspended Compact Bike

A legendary bike company founded by one of the Mini's original engineers unveils a drool-worthy new offering, the Pylon.

What’s better than a gorgeous bike tricked-out with space-frame technology? One with a proper British pedigree, of course. This sexy ride got its start nearly 50 years ago, when the engineering mastermind Alex Moulton debuted his “bicycle of the future,” proving that small wheels could deliver speed. And now, it's been revived with one of the craziest support systems we've ever seen, this side of Norman Foster...

[Full Article]

Sunday, May 8, 2011

TOSRV 2011 Ride Recap

The group - Ray, Tim, Bill F., Brett, Andy R., John D., Dylan, Katie, Molly, Brent, Mitzy, John C, McClain, Ashley
We passed/saw Shelee and Tricia/David riding on their tandem
Joined paceline - Lauren and Kelsey (please comment/contact me to correct) and Kristy and Russ Yonyon towards the end as we came into Columbus.

Saturday, May 8
106.89 miles
16.4mph average

Light headwind @5mph (gusts to 15mph from S)

Andy flatted a few miles from Circleville and rode in on a flat. He purchased a new tire/tube.
A participant was riding a penny farthing from Columbus to Chillicothe.
Started to light rain in Waverly and we geared up, but it held off.

We had dinner at Toro Loco Authentic Mexican and it was great. I had the burrito grande which filled a platter big enough to hold a Thanksgiving turkey (see pics).  

  • We setup camp at the stadium in the rain, plus a football game was in progress. Four local kids wandered through the parking lot as we were setting up and asked if we were camping. We told them that we were indeed camping. Their response? "That's retarted". Lovely kids in Portsmouth.

    Once it cleared up we walked into town and visited a few bars. The highlight was the Dickens Pub because of the atmosphere, beer on tap and a live band was playing. Around 1am a thunderstorm blew through and a lightning strike hit within a few hundred feet if not closer to our tents. It rained for at least an hour pretty solid and we woke up to soaked tents. After we broke down camp we headed to Bob Evans for breakfast which ended up being so-so and really slow. Because the service was so slow we didn't make the cutoff point for the rest stops.

    Sunday, May 9
    104.71 miles
    15.6mph average
    Light headwind @5mph from N
    Tim flatted leaving Portsmouth. Brett was running late from the restaurant and proceeded to pass us as we were fixing Tim's flat.
    Ray flatted from a staple puncture outside the protection belt area
    Ray flatted again coming into Chillicothe. It seems as though the tire pinch flatted and blew the tire off the rim.
    McClain broke a spoke in Circleville
    Four riders joined our paceline heading into Columbus. We called our group Team Bob Evans because we realized everybody in the group was subjected to the lousy service and were late getting out of town.

    Hipsters: A Super-Simple Shoe For Bike Commuters That's Waterproof

    Tough and refined, Outlier's Supermarine shoe is hand-built for foul weather using a World War II technology that still can't be beat.

    Brooklyn-based clothing label Outlier began with two friends in search of a decent pair of pants. "Riding my bike around the city, I just wanted durable pants that looked a little nicer and could handle rain," says co-founder Abe Burmeister....