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Youth Bicycle Education Class

May is National Bicycle Month. It's a great time to enroll your child in a class to learn bike safety. Topics include: bicycle inspection, helmet safety and fit, exiting a driveway, dealing with dogs, stop and yield signs, hand signals, rock dodge, looking behind without swerving and trail etiquette. We will learn and practice skills in the parking lot. We will also take a short ride (2 miles) on the bike trail to Woodside Green Park and back. Snack will be provided. Participants bring their own bicycle (in proper working condition) and MUST wear a bicycle helmet. Each class is limited to 12 children. Instructor: Patricia Kovacs, Certified Instructor League of American Bicyclists Location: Academy Park shelter house and bike trail 1201 Cherrybottom Rd. Class Ages Date/Time Resident/NonResident 301901-A 10-14 Sat May 17, 1-3:30pm FREE 301901-B 10-14 Sat May 24, 1-3:30pm FREE Here's the registration form:

Worthington Wednesdays Bicycling

Worthington Wednesdays Bicycling Starts at 9:00 AM Location: Worthington All Year (every Wednesday) 9AM leave promptly at Worthington Hills Park on SR315. One mile north of I-270. South end of the Olentangy Valley Shopping Center (former Worthington Hills Shopping Center). One mile north of Wilson Bridge Rd. This is the new north end of the Olentangy River Bike Path. Restaurant destination will be determined day of ride. Bring money for lunch. Approximately 25 mile ride. New and beginning riders welcome. We meet for breakfast, if we can’t ride due to weather. Gail Falkinburg 614/861-4478. For a complete listing of our events please visit Columbus Outdoor Pursuits at and check out our monthly newsletter!

Reminder: Agora 08 This Weekend

Laura rem inded me that Agora 08 is set for this weekend. I may try to stop over in the evening. Fri Apr 18 Preview, 6pm Sat Apr 19 Main Event, 3pm More here...

4/14/2008 Ride Report

13 miles. 16 for me riding from bar to start. 40-45 degrees - dropped down to low 30's after we got to the bar. 30-40 people showed up. We rode east then south. Ended up at Franklin Park. A couple of people hit the curb entering the park. We had a flat there also. Pinky lost his U-Lock used in the now infamous road rage incident earlier in the day Monday. We rode west toward town. We stopped at Carabar waiting for another flat repair. West across 71 into town. South to the bar. Several splinter groups rode different routes to the bar. I was not feeling well so I headed home early. If anybody has photos, video or route info please email it to raymondmgeorge [at] so I can post it. Eyewitness account of a "incident" - Cropcho called in a tussle between Jonny and Isaac around High and Gay.

Road Rage Incident Monday 4/14/2008

Chris and several other fixies were accosted on Hudson while on a ride. A guy in the truck was swerving amongst the riders and slamming on his brakes. He caused one to go down. Chris wailed his U-Lock at the truck causing a dent. The driver was waving a knife out the window of the truck. He managed to knock Chris over a guardrail and punctured his Chris' tires with the knife. Police and EMT showed up just in time to subdue the guy. I am sure Chris will tell you the story better.

Riding TOSRV? Sign up before April 15. Oh, and do your taxes.

47TH TOSRV: TOUR OF THE SCIOTO RIVER VALLEY • Saturday and Sunday, May 10 & 11 Hyatt on Capital Square, Columbus. Annual, pre-registration tour from Columbus to Portsmouth for an overnight stay and return the next day. Half tour from Chillicothe. No entry after April 15. Registration and info on

41ST SPOT • Saturday, April 19

The next ride sponsored by Columbus Outdoor Pursuits 7:30-9AM. Groveport Madison Freshman School. 751 E. Main St., Groveport. Options from 25 to 100 miles Fairly flat course with a few small hills. Budget Tour. $2 members, $4 non-members. Bob Allen 614-866-8698 rdavisallen(at); David Hoodin 614-486-2123 (before 9pm) dhoodin1(at)

Woodstock 100 Ride Report - 04/12/2008

Woodstock is a budget tour bicycle ride organized by Columbus Outdoor Pursuits . I have not ridden this particular ride before. My friend Ashley from Wheeling, WV and Jonny and his dad joined me for the ride. I would have to estimate about 50 people showed up, but I may be low in my estimate. The Jersey Baptist Church on Morse Road is the start point for the ride. The route took us clockwise through the following cities; Galena, Sunbury, Delaware, Kilbourne, Centerburg and Johnstown. Ashley and I set our pace and rode consistently until the last 25 miles. When we turned south from Centerburg the wind smacked us right in the face. Before Centerburg our average was over 15 mph. Our final average was 14.5 mph. 10-20mph wind gusts hit us dead on or pushed us away from the berm towards the center of road. I was coasting down a small hill and the wind slowed me down to below 10mph. Very frustrating. Jonny said that he would rather ride through fire than face headwinds. We lost Jonny and his