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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another Seagull, this time it's a century! Seagull Century

The Seagull Century is held each October in Salisbury, MD and was my introduction to century rides. I traveled with a group of friends from Pittsburgh for several years in a row before I moved to Columbus. The route is very flat because it is on the MD peninsula and it is a great ride because the weather is usually pretty warm, although rainy and at that point in the season a flat century is relatively easy. The 60 mile stop is on Assateague Island where the wild horses run free. Scroll down a little to see a couple years worth of my photos. I was 25lbs heavier which I have since lost from cycling. 

If you get a chance to do this ride, take it!

[Seagull Century website]

2004 Seagull Photos

2005 Seagull Photos

Shimano Dyna-Sys is an interesting idea.


Shimano has been making mountain bike drivetrains for more than three decades, including, eight generations of Shimano Deore XT, the original off-road drivetrain, and six generations of its flagship XTR group. Each generation is a reflection of the riding that defined the sport and the technology that defined the era. True to this legacy, our next-generation Dyna-Sys drivetrain brings with it the legendary quality, durability and performance Shimano is known for, all packaged to meet the ever-evolving demands of today’s riders.

Through Dynamic Systems Engineering, Dyna-Sys brings together the rider, the bike and the trail. Intuitive gear combinations account for how riders deliver power through the drivetrain; optimization around the 32-tooth Primary Driving Gear lets riders get the most out of modern suspension designs, and even the roughest, rockiest, muddiest trails can’t shake Shimano’s most stable off-road drivetrain to date.

Dyna-Sys is more than another batch of iterative improvements—it is a comprehensive redesign made up of a multitude of thoughtful details, features and revisions that together add up to more than the sum of their parts

Dyna-Sys technology makes shifting seamless and intuitive, enabling riders to deliver consistent, efficient power while maintaining that delicate balance of traction and momentum control. Take a rider accustomed to a traditional 3x9 drivetrain and put them on a 3x10 Dyna-Sys drivetrain in a blind test, and that rider will be faster and more efficient around the same test track. Dyna-Sys delivers a more efficient gear, more of the time.

A wider-range 11-36 10-speed HG cassette means riders can climb further in their Primary Driving Gear—the 32-tooth chainring. When other riders have pulled the ripcord and drop into their granny gear, the Dyna-Sys equipped rider will still be motoring along in a more efficient gear without sacrificing momentum or traction. Furthermore, CloseStep front chainring gear ratios—42-32-24—make shifting smoother and faster. With Dyna-Sys, getting from the 24-tooth ring back into the middle ring—the Primary Driving Gear—is easier and more intuitive. Plus, a 42-tooth big-ring is more appropriate for the needs of today’s trail riders.

Traditionally, triple-ring riders have had to get used to making two to three recovery shifts in the rear every time they drop into their 22-tooth granny gear, complicating the downshift and killing momentum. With Dyna-Sys, the 36-tooth rear cog means the riders can stay in their Primary Driving Gear longer on the same climb, and when they do have to drop into granny, the system only requires one recovery shift, making the entire downshift process smoother and more efficient.

Suspension designers are well aware that riders spend the majority of their time in their 32-tooth Primary Driving Gear, and they have optimized their designs to work best in that gear. Dyna-Sys drivetrains squeeze every drop of traction out of today’s active suspension designs.

Forget paper, MORPC has the bike users map for Columbus online.

Can we get an Android and iPhone application to tap into this on the fly?

bike love

bike love
Originally uploaded by Moritz Resl
i miss spring & summer (as well)

Friday, February 4, 2011

robo-rainbow: instrument of mass destruction (Watch the video!)

robo-rainbow from mudlevel on Vimeo.



1 Watt Power LED plus 2 red LEDs for visibility up to 1 mile

New attention-grabbing Turbo flash pattern

Soft-touch power switch accesses flashing or steady mode for up to 100 hours of run time on two AA batteries

Ultra compact vertical design is weatherproof, lightweight and durable

Includes bike mounts and clip mount for multiple mounting options

Available this spring for $29.99-$34.99

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tour de Cause is scheduled for July 16, 2011


The Lancaster Cause (TLC) is a nonprofit organization committed to making Lancaster and Fairfield County a better place in which to live. TLC will respond to community-wide needs by raising awareness, organizing fundraising events, and donating to the cause. Our current goal is to eliminate the harmful effects of heroin and opiate addiction in our community.

[tour de cause]

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

mopha tool roll

Everything you need to get home! 

How quickly can you put away your bike? Watch the video.

Complete Streets

The streets of our cities and towns are an important part of the livability of our communities. They ought to be for everyone, whether young or old, motorist or bicyclist, walker or wheelchair user, bus rider or shopkeeper. But too many of our streets are designed only for speeding cars, or worse, creeping traffic jams.
Now, in communities across the country, a movement is growing to complete the streets. States, cities and towns are asking their planners and engineers to build road networks that are safer, more livable, and welcoming to everyone.

Instituting a complete streets policy ensures that transportation planners and engineers consistently design and operate the entire roadway with all users in mind - including bicyclists, public transportation vehicles and riders, and pedestrians of all ages and abilities.

The purpose of this site is to help people learn how to fix their own bikes. While I don't work in a shop anymore, I still have all of my tools and some parts so I might as well share what I know (and learn from you). I'm on the lookout for different kinds of bikes so I can cover as many different jobs as possible. I'm keeping a tidy list of all your requests and I imagine we'll have 1-200 videos on this site over the next two years. If I figure out a way to make money from this (while keeping the tutorials free) I plan to get a studio and some better equipment. Then I'll go back and refine many of the videos using close-ups and cut-aways, etc... and improve things based on what I've learned from all of your feedback. Thanks for watching!

Bike the C-Bus donates 4 passes to Franklinton Cycle Works Benefit Silent Auction

Items donated (so far) for the silent auction at the Franklinton Cycle Works benefit on February 24th are: 
Bike the C-Bus- 4 passes totaling $100
Green Tech Solutions- Solar Energy Capability study $250
Seagull Bags- Black Bag
Paradise Garage- Pump and Cleaning Kit
Delicious Mixtures- frame painting
Evolved Body Art- $100 in gift certificates

Thanks everyone!

Franklinton Cycle Works Benefit Event is February 24
Thursday, February 24 · 6:30pm - 9:30pm

The Shop (897 West Broad st.) then Hal & Al's Bar (1297 Parsons Avenue)

Created By

More Info
Franklinton Cycleworks will be hosting a fund raising event complete with a Keg or two of local beer, a silent auction of cycling merch, and Columbus Underground's no. 1 band, Old Hundred. Come to support FCW and plug into Columbus's cycling community.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The Oxford Cape was re-created in London by a team of fashion designers who are also avid cyclists. The group mastered the art of cutting and stitching in Savile Row, the renowned London street of bespoke tailors. The garment is manufactured in England using the finest waterproof cotton, JB Raver Tweed and the same vegetable tanned leather used for the legendary Brooks Saddles. Reflective JB Raver Tweed is a Dashing Tweed fabric manufactured exclusively for John Boultbee using the finest worsted wool yarns subtly combined with modern technical reflective threads, woven together in a traditional mill in Scotland.

Franklinton Cycle Works Benefit Silent Auction Update

Items donated (so far) for the silent auction at the Franklinton Cycle Works benefit on February 24th are: 
Bike the C-Bus- 4 passes totaling $100
Green Tech Solutions- Solar Energy Capability study $250
Seagull Bags- Black Bag
Paradise Garage- Pump and Cleaning Kit
Delicious Mixtures- frame painting
Evolved Body Art- $100 in gift certificates

Thanks everyone!

Franklinton Cycle Works Benefit Event is February 24

Thursday, February 24 · 6:30pm - 9:30pm

LocationThe Shop (897 West Broad st.) then Hal & Al's Bar (1297 Parsons Avenue)

Created By

More InfoFranklinton Cycleworks will be hosting a fund raising event complete with a Keg or two of local beer, a silent auction of cycling merch, and Columbus Underground's no. 1 band, Old Hundred. Come to support FCW and plug into Columbus's cycling community.
[facebook event page]
[franklinton cycle works website]

Sign the Pledge for People for Bikes and get a chance to win a Timbuk2 bag!

We're writing to you today with one simple request: ask a friend to sign the PFB pledge today. If each one of us recruits just one friend, we will instantly double the size of our movement from nearly 200,000 to 400,000. With twice as many supporters, we will double our clout and dramatically enhance our capability to make bicycling in America safer and more appealing for everyone who rides.
As some extra motivation, anyone who signs the pledge during the month of February will instantly be entered towin one of five Timbuk2 custom messenger bags stuffed with other awesome PFB swag. (Don't worry; you can still enter the giveaway even though you've already signed the pledge. Just fill out this form).

As you know, signing the pledge is easy and only takes a few seconds. You can check out our latest blog entriesto learn more about why it's so important to get all riders to raise their hands in support of better biking now by signing the pledge.
We also want to send a shoutout to the thousands of PFB supporters who have shared their stories and photos about why they ride on our story gallery. If you ever need inspiration to get back on two wheels, spend a few minutes reading through the gallery, and then share your own story.
Happy trails,
Tim Blumenthal

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure

Kenton - Marion - Delaware - London - Bellefontaine

GOBA 23: Let's put all the pieces together! And what do you get? A picture that gradually takes shape over eight days. First, you see the 50-mile-long spectacle of people riding all sorts of bicycles and from places both near and far-flung. Next, you explore the countryside, drinking in the perfume of a summer day along with the tickled-pink realization that you are up to the challenge. Gather in the bushels of impressions, from the neat Amish farms to the splendid castles.
Wrap it up with a generous dose of hospitality from the communities along the way. You'll find that greater central Ohio brings it all together for you in GOBA-23. To get started, browse the website using the links above, view our brochure[pdf], or go straight to the registration page.
GOBA is a project of Columbus Outdoor Pursuits, a volunteer-based participatory organization created to provide opportunities and education for outdoor recreation and activities

Pinchflat Poster Blow-Out: a call for entries

What and Why
Wild Goose Creative, in partnership with Yay Bikes!, Fulcrum Creatives, Jeremy Slagle Design and the Columbus Society for Communicating Arts, announces a call for entries to a bicycle-inspired poster show called Pinchflat. Posters will be displayed and sold at Wild Goose Creative (2491 Summit Street, Columbus) and starting with a poster party on Saturday, May 14, 2011 and continuing through June 17.
All posters will be created by artists in Columbus or central Ohio. Artwork included in the poster show will encourage bike riding, celebrate the art and craft of bikes, or invite thought about bikes as an important way to get around Columbus. Pinchflat is intended to be a fun, creative, celebratory approach to cycling.

Posters should be silkscreened or letterpressed and should measure at least 11×17 inches. Each poster should be designed to sell for $30 and will be displayed along with approximately 30 other posters. Artists will be responsible for having their artwork printed and delivered to Wild Goose Creative for exhibition and sale. Wild Goose Creative and Pinchflat will retain the right to handle sales of posters for the duration of the exhibition. 5% of proceeds will be retained by Wild Goose Creative and 5% of proceeds will be donated to Yay Bikes!


We suggest that you consider the following businesses for printing:
Don’t have access to printing resources or can’t front the money to have posters printed? Consider asking a friend or business with whom you have a relationship to sponsor your poster, investing money up-front that they will then make back when your posters sell. Poster sponsors will receive credit on title labels in the exhibition at Wild Goose Creative and will be noted on the Pinchflat Columbus website.

How to Submit
Submit artwork in a digital file at between February 15 and March 15. Once a proof is submitted, notifications of show entry will be made by March 30. A run of 30 posters must be printed and delivered to Wild Goose Creative by May 1.

Any questions should be directed to

Columbus Outdoor Pursuits Budget Tour Fee Increase in 2011

The pricing of budget tours will be changing with the start of the "Spring Classics" this year. All budget tours will be $4 for members and $7 for non-members.

[Columbus Outdoor Pursuits]

Yay Bikes! apparel is now available.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bicycle Museum of America

Bicycle Museum
of America

7 West Monroe Street
New Bremen, OH 45869-1146
(419) 629-9249


Click on the title (link) to enjoy collections of vintage bicycle photos!

BIKND Helium Case

The unique bicycle travel case equiped with air protection

THE HELIUM BIKE CASE uses a combination of light, flexible materials and strategically positioned rigid reinforcements, allowing it to offer excellent protection at a surprisingly low weight of only 9 kg (19,8 lbs). Not only is our bags easy on your shoulders, it also makes it easy to respect the strict baggage weight restrictions imposed by many airlines.
The Helium’s unique 360° opening means that packing your bike is easier than ever.
It even has enough room for two wheelsets. We specifically designed a proprietary anchoring system for wheels, which guarantees they will be well protected and will not damage your frame in transit.
Air protection
The biggest innovation inside the Helium is its network of inflatable partitions, strategically positioned on either side of the frame. They offer more stability and protection, at a lower weight, than other systems. The partitions are held in place by Velcro straps, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze.


Where do old bicycle tubes go to die? Tie-downs of course...

photo from

The IT (Inner Tube) Clips™ and IT Hooks™ allow you to reuse your old bicycle inner tubes as tie downs. This version fits mountain bike inner tubes from 1.5 in - 2.5 in. wide.

  • As inner tubes deteriorate and break down, the IT Clips and IT Hooks allow them to be reused; it's a great way to keep old inner tubes out of landfills
  • Cut your old inner tube and thread it through the clips as you would a strap through a buckle and latch the clips together; you determine the size you need
  • Let your imagination guide you on the unlimited uses you can create for the IT Clips and IT Hooks; replace bungee cords and tie-downs to bundle goods or equipment for storage
  • As an added feature, the IT Hooks can be attached to expand the application of the reused tube as your needs dictate
  • Attach sleeping bags to backpack during hiking, tie down a tent's rainfly, hold a load on a car's roof rack, tie skis together so they hang well in a ski rack
  • Secure pant legs during cycling and secure gear on a bike rack; the applications are endless!
  • Includes 1 pair of IT Clips and 1 pair of IT Hooks
Made in USA.

Where do old bicycle tubes go to die? Rubber Bands of course...

Plattfuss Rubber Bands 
Made of recycled bicycle tubes. 
The previous flat becomes useful again. 
A bag of 70 in assorted sizes. 
Made in Switzerland by «tät-tat». 


The Gourmet Century


Chris King's Oregon Wine Country Gourmet Century

Save the date: Saturday July 30, 2011
Registration opens on April 1, 2011

The Gourmet Century is the signature event of the Chris King Precision Components event calendar. The 103-kilometer event is a non-competitive bicycle ride through Yamhill County, the hub of Oregon Wine Country, located less than an hour's drive from downtown Portland. The route is a worthy road course interrupted with just enough fun and epicurean interest to keep you moving ahead, wanting more of everything. In previous years, The Gourmet Century has hosted riders with menu themes such as Italian Cucina, Salsa!, Greek, Spanish and, most recently, French. We'll announce this year's theme on March 1, 2011.
The event begins in McMinnville, Oregon with a hearty, full breakfast. But don't fill up! The route rolls west from town with tempting rest stops and a delicious lunch stop to delight your senses. Upon completion of the route you will return to McMinnville where Chris King himself gets hands-on in the kitchen. Full table setting and service will allow you to intimately enjoy the Gourmet Century's crowning principal meal; a meal expressly tailored for the efforts of a day's riding. Three seating times will accommodate the fast-finishing rabbits and the meandering sight-seers alike.