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Originally Posted: Tue, 15 Jul 08:08 PDT Your Friendly Argonne Bicyclist Date: 2008-07-15, 8:08AM PDT Dear Motorists; I know, my jiggly keister plugging along at 11 measley miles an hour down a busy road isn't precisely what you want to deal with on your morning commute. I assure you, it's not what I want either. If there was another route, you wouldn't need to deal with me, and I would not need to be nervous about you. In my own defense, please consider; more...

Ghost Bike @ McNaughten and Main? UPDATED

Does anybody know the story behind the ghost bike over in Reynoldsburg? I passed it when I was heading home a few weeks ago. Jamie Fellrath had coverage on his blog - Thanks Jamie for the update. 10TV story here

best of craigslist > philadelphia > Please buy this fixie wheelset. My battered heart implores you.

Date: 2008-08-21, 10:53AM EDT Back in the halcyon days of our budding relationship, my now ex-boyfriend and I decided to start fixing up bikes. He was an old-school steel fan, so we started with his Schwinn Varsity---he converted it to a beautiful fixed-gear, and I contributed support, encouragement, and the impetus to apply that second coat of signpainter's one-shot. Thrilled with the result, we picked up more frames, parts, and wheels. And then tragedy struck. more...

KryptoFlex® 1218 Key Cable

I seem to be able to break anything. I have broken my KryptoFlex® 1218 Key Cable. I was pulling the lock out of the bike bracket and it has separated. I have tried everything to pop the two pieces back together. I also broke off the dust cover that protects the lock chamber. Superglue fixes everything. i have a call into Kryptonite. Will provide updates.

Chicago Trip

Bike lane and rider in Chinatown, Chicago I went to a trade show in Chicago out near O'Hare, but got the chance to drive around downtown on Tuesday evening. Couple of observations - Chicago has a Franklin Park and Schiller Park, except they are suburbs. The waterfront is really cool, we drove along Lakeshore Drive and stopped at Navy Pier for a minute. They have a bike trail that follows the waterfront for miles. Many city streets have bike lanes as well. We may be going back up in a month or two for a weekend trip so my wife can check it out. I may try to ride then. Rent a bike when you are there at Anybody ride around downtown Chicago on bikes? Feedback, suggestions?

9/22/08 Ride Report

I did not get to go to the ride. Did anyone ride it? Can they post a report? From Duncan I did go on the ride -- at least the first leg. Seemed like a smaller crowd than might have been expected at the Wex, considering students are back, and weather was real nice. Maybe 50, or so? -- except then when we took off, it all of a sudden seemed to balloon to 75+. Can't remember the name of the "leader" (my horrible memory for names)... used to be on OSU bike team, glasses -- but he was greeting everyone, and announcing the route to Antrim Park, then east and south. A pretty fast ride to the park, riders got strung out and dropped -- but the 2 or 3 bmx's did amazingly well. The highlight (which I only heard about) was the woman who was driving the BMW that got "corked" at Olentangy and Bethel, and got out to pull the baseball bat from her trunk. whew. Cop car showed up at park, to tell us to obey traffic laws. I cut out back for High-Beck. Last weekend I a

Have you seen the OSU Bug your Bike program?

Bug Your Bike Bicycle theft can be a problem for students. Use the latest technology to "Bug Your Bike" with a free RFID (radio frequency identification device) as part of Student Affairs Risk Assessment efforts to prevent theft. "Bugs" are available at University Security and Fire Prevention Services, 1010 Blankenship Hall. Special markings are scheduled on campus during the quarter so watch for announcements. Programs page... Bicycle safety page