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Steve Barbour Roscoe Village Ride Recap 07302011

Highlights 9 riders in core group, 15+ cyclists rode with us at one point or another 52 miles 3200 feet climbed 80's to start, 100+ in the sun Started in Coshocton - Roscoe Village Passed through Chili, New Bedford, Charm, Farmerstown Lots of Amish sightings

Detroit: The Heidelberg Project through Historic Elmwood Cemetery

I did the Beat the Train ride in Detroit last year and it was one of the best urban rides I have ever experienced. This is part of the route from the Heidelberg Project through the cemetery.

For A Guinness World Record, “Have Bike, Will Travel” - Indo American News

For A Guinness World Record, “Have Bike, Will Travel” During his visit to Houston, Avijit Chakraborty, who hopes to get into the Guinness World Book of Records for around-the-world cycling, met with members of the local Indian community and received accommodations and financial support from them. Rajinder Pal Singh, who is a talented tabla player hailing from Patiala and New Delhi met Avijit at the Sikh Center of Houston and members of the Durga Bari showed him around at their temple complex. From left: Santosh Mukerji, Jayanta Bandyopadhyay, Champak Sadhu, Avijit Chakraborty, Partha Ghosal, Partha Sarathi Chatterjee, Gopendu Chakraborty. By Jawahar Malhotra HOUSTON: Travelling alone along the long backroads can have its share of adventures, especially if you’re doing it on a bicycle and also happen to be in a foreign country and don’t know the language or customs. “I was in Yugoslavia, about 10 kilometers before the Hungarian border, minding my own business in a bar,” recalled Aviji

What is the Cycle Tavern? Columbus has ONE!

What is the Cycle Tavern? The Cycle Tavern of Columbus is a 16-person bicycle powered entirely by pedaling. There is room for 15 people seated and one "standee" in the middle. It's perfect for pub crawls, bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate team building, Short North Tours, Downtown Columbus Tours, sporting events like The Columbus Clippers, OSU Buckeyes, or Columbus Blue Jackets, weddings, tailgating, any kind of celebration……the ideas are endless! The Cycle Tavern is rented on an hourly basis like any other party bus or other special event rental vehicle. Typically, the Cycle Tavern is used as a safe, fun way to do a pub crawl or progressive dinner, but does not necessarily require stopping during the rental period. The renters choose 3-5 destinations that they would like to visit throughout the tour. We will meet at the set Cycle Tavern location, hop on board, and begin pedaling to each desired location. We try to keep things on our set routes but custom routes ar

Tuesday Night Ride Recap 07262011

Highlights 20+ cyclists 31 miles Dublin Field of Corn Surly Girl for food/drink

The Taco Bike [via BiteClub Eats]

The brilliantly-conceived Frankenbaby of a taqueria and a tricycle,  Todd Barricklow’s Taco Bike  is taking street food to it’s next logical step:  A complete mini-kitchen on wheels. It’s both simple and incredibly ambitious, kind of like all of Barricklow’s mobile creations. The Santa Rosa artist has already created a number of  freak bikes, soldering bits and pieces of metal and machine together to craft hybrid multi-use vehicle s, including the  Two Penny , a mega-trike (made for the 2009 Handcar Regatta) with 8-foot high wheels and his family’s own one-of-a-kind cargo-hauling bikes. But the Taco Bike is a beast of a different sort. [continue reading at BiteClub Eats]

CVD Prevention: More Bike Paths, Less Salt, More Expensive Cigarettes

FROM MEDSCAPE - Focus on Disease Prevention Most CVD can be prevented or at least delayed until old age, the authors write. Prevention may be primordial--preventing risk factors before they occur--or primary--modifying existing adverse risk factors to prevent an initial CVD event. It is no longer acceptable to simply treat cardiovascular disease and stroke, but in addition we must redouble efforts to not only prevent disease but also prevent the development of risk factors. Whereas pharmacological interventions clearly reduce risk factors and prevent CVD events in clinical trials, there is less evidence about the value of public policies--such as those to reduce salt consumption, eliminate smoking, and encourage physical activity. This is largely because it is more difficult to conduct long-term cost-effectiveness analyses. To investigate existing evidence about the value of CVD prevention, the AHA commissioned this policy statement, and the team reviewed over 200 papers. Some of the m

A new folding bike company: Tern Folding Bicycles


2011 Bike the C-Bus limited edition shirt design is complete!

Special thanks to Bill Ferriot for designing our t-shirt for 2011. Check out his website for more information. If you are interested in purchasing a shirt at $18 please email size and color to  

Bike Fixtation: The Bike Repair Vending Machine That Sells Parts, Tools, And Snacks

BY MORGAN CLENDANIEL Fri Jul 22, 2011 Say goodbye to bike shops. Minneapolis's Bike Fixtation will sell you the parts you need to get your bike back on the road, and give you the tools to make your repairs right there. It's happened to every biker. A flat tire in an inconvenient place on your commute, and the nearest bike shop is a long walk away. Most casual bikers don't carry extra tubes or tools with them; and so any repair work on the road can mean an end to a bike ride, and potentially leaving your bike locked up somewhere slowly rusting as you forget about it in your frustration. That's why the idea of the Bike Fixtation is so brilliant: a place for you to buy new parts and then install them yourself. The Fixtation is really just a vending machine, but with bike parts instead of snacks (though there are some snacks in case you're getting hungry on your ride). What makes it most convenient is the bike mount and tools--attached with aircraft cables to prevent th

Bike the C-Bus poster is done! Well, first version. Check out all our sponsors!

Register before August 15th and save $5 plus guarantee your t-shirt.

Apple’s Campus Bikes Are Classically Minimal [Wired]

Neither high-tech nor fancy, Apple's campus bike is nonetheless perfect for its job. Photo Everaldo Coelho This bike is the Apple campus bike. The photo, taken by designer Everaldo Coelho, shows one of the bikes apparently used to get around at Apple’s HQ at One Infinite Loop, Cupertino. [continue reading at Wired]

Ride for Hope - Team Speranza is also Saturday July 30th


City Bike Trail Links Cross State Off-Road Path [WOSU]

Tom Borgerding, WOSU News   (2011-07-18) Listen Now: COLUMBUS, OH   (WOSU)   -   During summer months more Central Ohioans head for bike trails in the region. The network of paved and gravel paths winds through parks and alongside creeks and rivers. The newest section of the bike trail system .a two-and half mile stretch along Alum Creek on the city's northeast side ..offers bicyclists an entry point to a much longer off-road path. WOSU's Tom Borgerding reports.  Beneath a grove of mature trees at Innis Park, Columbus mayor Michael Coleman arrived to dedicate a recycled bridge and a two-and-a-half mile section of the Alum Creek Bike trail. The newest section of trail becomes part of what is now a 165 mile-long system that offers bicyclists and pedestrians an off-road means of getting around town. Mayor Coleman, who described himself as "bikin' Mike," for the 60 people in attendance, describes Columbus as a boom town for bicycling.  [see photos and continue

Steve Barbour Legacy Ride (Roscoe Village-Amish Country Ride) is Saturday, July 30 - NO FEE

Roscoe Village-Amish Country Ride-A Steve Barbour Legacy Ride-Roving Ride Saturday, July 30 9:00 AM Class A, B, C. Maps will be provided. No fee. Ohio Amish Country - where the pace is more relaxed and the scenery is absolutely stunning! This ride will take you into Holmes County which has the largest Amish population in the world.  We'll pass through several cozy villages such as Charm, New Bedford, and Sugar Creek - the little Switzerland of Ohio. Enjoy beautiful scenery,  sample homemade foods and listen for the clip-clop of a horse and buggy. After the ride, visit Roscoe Village, a restored 19th century canal town. Routes of 55 and 72 miles with rolling to hilly terrain. Ride starts from parking lot near the south end of Roscoe Village.  Take SR 16 east to Coshocton and exit at the SR 541 exit. Turn left onto SR 541, cross the freeway, and then take the first left past Roscoe Village (S. Whitewoman St.) The parking lot is located at the SW corner of SR 541 and S. Whitewom

10 great places for city cycling [via USA TODAY]

Portland, Ore., has an extensive system of bike paths and lanes, like this one along the Eastbank Esplanade. By Janis Miglavs, Travel Portland Expensive gas isn't the only reason to switch from four wheels to two. Bicycles offer a great way to get to know an urban area, says   Elizabeth Cutler  , co-founder of SoulCycle, a New York-based chain of cycling workout studios. "It's fun. It's an easy way to see a city in a different way, to slow down a bit and look at the architecture and the landscape," she says. More urban areas are adding bike lanes, and most have rentals for visitors to hit the trails. She shares some favorite cities for biking, with   Larry Bleiberg    for USA TODAY. [Find out where city cycling is great!]

Tour de France winners and their average speeds [VeloNews]

2011  3431km, (2144m); 198 starters, 167 finishers (84%); Winner:  Cadel EVANS,  34, avg: 39.8 kph (24.9 mph) 2010  3642km, (2276m); 197 starters, 170 finishers (86%); Winner:  Alberto CONTADOR,  27, avg: 39.6 kph (24.7 mph) 2009  3459km, (2162m); 180 starters, 156 finishers (87%); Winner:  Alberto CONTADOR,  26, avg: 40.3 kph (25.2 mph) 2008  3559km, (2224m); 180 starters, 145 finishers (81%); Winner:  Carlos SASTRE,  33, avg: 40.5 kph (25.3 mph) 2007  3570km, (2231m); 189 starters, 141 finishers (75%); Winner:  Alberto CONTADOR,  24, avg: 39.2 kph (24.5 mph) [Continue at VeloNews]

Killaflaw - Set me on Fire [VIDEO]


Bike Washington: The Recreational Bicycling Guide to the Washington DC Area

Welcome to!   This site provides details about all the great recreational bicycle facilities around the Baltimore/Washington metropolitan area. Listed here are many area  recreation trails  and  bicycle routes . These routes attempt to avoid heavy traffic areas by making use of various recreational paths, rail-trails, and back streets. New to Washington? Check out the  Visitor Guide . Join the Bike Washington  Message List and be the first to receive information about bike rides, new trails, and advocacy alerts. [Bike Washington]

Birthday Ride to First Watch 07232011

Highlights 11 riders Barb's birthday Rupa rode her mountain bike for 35 miles I rode from my house to Gahanna to meet the group and we headed north almost to Galena then east and south through New Albany to end at First Watch on N. Hamilton. 49 miles (others mileage may vary) Temps in low 80's to start, 100F at end. I crossed 2500 miles for the year