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Purely Custom Bicycle Parts - Customize your bike!

Chain Ring Bolts Dress up your chain rings with brightly colored chain ring bolts.  Choose colors to match or complement your bicycle.  These colorful high strength bolts are an accessory too good to pass up!  more here...

Metro Parks to expand Three Creeks bike path - Columbus Messenger

(by Rick Palsgrove, Southeast Editor - April 08, 2010)  Work has begun on extending the Blacklick Trail bicycle path at Three Creeks Metro Park. The project, expected to be completed this fall, will connect the trail to existing paths that will enable cyclists, runners, and walkers to travel the five miles from Three Creeks to Pickerington Ponds. According to Steve Brown, Metro Parks chief landscape architect, the Blacklick Trail is being extended north from its current end point just south of U.S. Route 33. An 880 foot long bridge will carry the path over U.S. 33 and across to the west side of Blacklick Creek. The bridge over the highway is needed because there is not enough clearance to go under U.S. 33 at Blacklick Creek. From there the path will follow Blacklick Creek until it crosses the waterway again  just south of Winchester Pike where it will connect to an existing path that reaches the Winchester Pike/Ebright Road intersection. Next the trail will go under Winchester


SICCO GOES SUN, RAIN OR SNOW!!! HELMETS & FUN ARE MANDATORY SICCO (Pronounced Sick-O) stands for Spring In Columbiana County Ohio. The route is a flat to rolling 35 mile loop through small towns and beautiful countryside including the Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail. There is a snack stop at the gazebo in historic downtown Lisbon. At the end of the 35 mile loop, you will get a delicious Pizza Hut lunch. After refueling, try the optional rolling to hilly 28 mile loop for a total of 63 miles. SICCO begins at Firestone Park (Mapquest 347 E. Park Ave., Columbiana, OH. 44408). Registration opens at 8:00 am and closes at 10:00 am. First riders out at 8:00 am. T-Shirts are available if ordered by April 9th, cost is $12. Pre-register! All pre-registered riders receive a packet containing maps, lunch band and shirt (if ordered). Confirmation? Kindly send a SASE with your registration. Questions? Contact Paul Rienerth by email at Printable SICCO entry form

Taco Truck Bicycle Ride - Spring 2010

So - we will be riding BICYCLES from Goodale Park to meet up at the start. We will ride to the trucks and ride back into town. It will probably be about 20 miles total riding on our BICYCLES. This BICYCLE RIDE is being organized by COLUMBUS RIDES - a BICYCLE blog. Type: Trips  -  Roadtrip Date: Saturday, April 24, 2010 Time: 3:00pm - 8:00pm Location: Goodale Park Street: Buttles and Park City/Town: Columbus, OH View Map Facebook event page From  The days are getting longer, and the temperature is rising – yes, folks, it’s taco truck season! What better way to mark the occasion than to join us on our first Taco Truck Tour of the year? Meet us on April 24th, at around 4:00pm in the parking lot by Taqueria Little Mexico (3900 Sullivant Ave.) for an afternoon of sampling the cuisines of Mexico as offered by the taco trucks of the west side, including: The tacos & gorditas of Little Mexico, Columbus’s oldest taco truck Succulent pollo al car

Tuesday Night Ride Report - 0406010

Eight people showed. Two new people. We left with seven because of a mechanical. We found Mike at Paradise Garage waiting for his repair. He didn't want us to wait so we left. Only six left the store. We rode south into the headwind into town and then down the trail to the Audubon Center to see the progress being made. Then we stopped at Front and Whittier to wait for Marty. We headed west through Franklinton out to Sullivant and stopped at Gauchos Taqueria for two for one taco night. Then we headed north and then east on Fisher to McKinley. From the we turned on 5th back towards the start. I ended with 22.5 miles. Beautiful weather and great friends.

Take a Seat - One Tandem, One Camera


The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) is seeking an Intern for the Transportation Department to assist with planning and research for the Active Transportation and Safety Section. Applicants will gain a clear understanding of regional transportation planning and its principles, practices, and techniques.   Assignments may include site specific projects or policy issues primarily in pedestrian, bicycle, transit, safety, and ITS planning. The ideal candidate should be able to conduct independent research and provide benchmarking and best practices reports.   This position requires strong communication skills (both written and verbal) and organizational skills. Working knowledge of databases, word-processing and spreadsheet software is essential. Office 2007 experience is preferred. Good statistical analytical abilities are required with familiarity with SPSS a plus. Experience with ArcGIS, SketchUp, and Access software is helpful. This is a team oriented position, although th

Trek District Carbon

The Envy of All We took District to the next level and gave it an OCLV Carbon frame handcrafted in our Waterloo, WI factory. Throw in the deliciously quiet ride of the carbon belt drive, and you suddenly become the envy of all. trek site

VAR Tyre Lever

My friend Tim has one of these tyre levers in his toolkit. Very cool and functional. Next time someone goes to England pick me up one of these at the bike shop. Often refered to as a "bead jack" tyre lever, this is the answer to people who find getting tyres on and off a pain, especialy useful for tight beaded tyres or rims which have been made slightly oversize. SJS Cycles