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British Postal Service wants to do away will posties on bikes

CTC gets behind posties on bikes Jonathon Harker  Jun 8 2010, 10:19am Cycle group takes the battle to save cycle deliveries to new Royal Mail chief exec The CTC is rallying the efforts of opponents of the Royal Mail’s plans to get postmen and women off bicycles. The campaigning body is urging the public to write to the Royal Mail’s new chief exec Moya Greene by filling out a form on the CTC's  site . The letters will then be collected and sent to the Royal Mail's headquarters - delivered by cargo bike, naturally.  Greene's predecessor Adam Crozier, first revealed the plans to scrap bikes for posties due to ' safety concerns ' and the ‘changing nature of postal deliveries’ and growth of  internet retail . more story here...

From the Mailbag: Women's Cycling Conversation Forum

FROM JEN DUANE: My girl Meredith Joy and founder of   Yay Bikes!   is organizing a   forum   to discuss biking for females in Columbus. She wants to know how woman feel about cycling in Columbus; what it means to us and what we would hope for cycling in the future. The info gathered from this forum will be used to create an agenda for women's cycling in Columbus to be carried out in 2011. The forum will be held Wednesday, June 30th at 6:30PM at the   University Area Enrichment Association   building on campus. It'll be a super low key (multiple, small) round table discussion Let's get riding ladies!! Women's Cycling Conversation Forum facebook event

Buy a tandem built in Ohio (Newark to be more specific) - Franklin Frames

ESTABLISHED   in 1976, Franklin has built over a thousand frames. These include singles, tandems, triples, trikes, small wheel, and an occasional recumbant or high-wire cycle. Most work is done "in house", including painting and polishing for chrome. Actual plating is sent out.   Bicycle frames are the primary work, al- though over the years, additional offerings have become a major part of our business. Other work includes product and prototype development, jig, fixture, and specialty ma- chine building. The prototype and machine building is not limited to just the bicycle industry. Website is here!

Cool Rags!

A cool way to keep the sun off your head and stay cool, reduces UV rays too! Classic Cool Rags are Biker skull caps that have cooling polymer inserted into the front band to cool you off in the heat. The cooling crystals go all the way around from your forehead to your temples. Works great under helmets on a hot ride. Skull caps are 100% cotton to help keep you cool. website is here...

Amazing stunt riding...on a carbon road bike

Cycling for Change on Chicago's Paseo Boricua

Chicago's  West Town Bikes  is celebrating its 5th birthday this year. West Town Bikes, a non-profit that focuses on mechanical skills building and cycling awareness for under-served youth, opened a store front in the heart of  Paseo Boricua , a Puerto Rican community on the near north side of Chicago, last summer. West Town Bikes is well known for its youth programs and "build a bike" classes. The non-profit has an innovative and hands-on approach to using cycling as a means of building community, reaching out to youth, and advocating for a healthier city. West Town's youth bike programs focus on how youth interact with their environment. Most of the bikes they use in classes and refurbish/resell at  Ciclo Urbano  (their storefront location) are taken from trash.  read more here...

Join us on your bike in the Doo Dah Parade

Doo Dah Float Date: Sunday, July 4, 2010 Time: 12:00pm - 5:00pm Location: Goodale Park Street: Park and Buttles City/Town: Columbus, OH View Map Description   Do you want to be in a parade? Do you like to ride your bike? Join us for the Doo Dah Parade. We will be riding the fantastic frankenSTEIN bike with a keg of Elevator beer strapped in the center. Be a part of our float, wear a costume, or dress up your bike for the Fourth. We don't care as long as you show up on your bike and join us. Then after the parade follow us to Hal and Al's bar to tap the keg. For each beer purchased from the keg Hal and Al's Bar will donate to Yay Bikes. Tell us you will be riding on Facebook.

Tuesday Night Ride Recap - 06/15/10

Highlights: 25 people at the start (largest group yet) 30.5 miles Stops at; Antrim Park Sharon Woods Rush Creek Tip Top

Hilly Billy Roubaix

Assault on Mt. Lookout Ride Recap, Chattanooga, TN - 06132010

Highlights 40 miles total 2425 feet climbing Average 13.5mph Wilcox Avenue Tunnel Rode around downtown before climbing Mt. Lookout Chattanooga has the longest pedestrian bridge in the world Temps reached 100 in the sun, humidity was 60%+ Ascended and descended Mt Lookout that spans the TN and GA border