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4/28/2008 Ride Report

It rained... We rode 16 miles around the city doing errands and eating dinner. It rained for the last five miles and we were soaked. Nothing else to report. Nothing that I can remember.

27TH TOP OF OHIO HUNDRED • Sunday, May 4

7:30-9 AM. Start at Hilliard Community Center for TOP 100, 51, 20 routes or Milford Center School, just south of town of Rt. 57, at 8-9am for the TOP 50. Varied Terrain. Century route takes riders to highest point in Ohio. Shorter routes are basically flat. Budget Tour, $2 members, $4 non-members. Roy Burnham roy(at) 614/343-3704

34TH MID OHIO CENTURY • Sunday, April 27 Ride Recap

Jonny and I rode the MOC. We decided to do the century. For some reason we never ever see anybody else out on the century route when we are riding. We did see a lot of people when we crossed the 67 and 35 miles routes. We ate lunch with a couple of guys who were interesting. Dick said he will be riding his 38th TOSRV this year. The weather was good. It warmed up enough to shed the leg warmers and jacket. We were riding pretty fast out of the gate. I instructed Jonny to push me along (or pull me). He always was in sight of me, but I rarely caught him. We rode together for sections of the ride though. We had a slight headwind for most of the ride. I cursed it around the 50 mile mark before we reached the lunch stop. It is not very scenic of a ride. Jonny said he was sick of seeing fields. I had the fastest century ever. We rode 102.5 miles and averaged 17mph.

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