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For Project Information: Nicholas Popa, P.E. City of Columbus, Department of Public Service Project Manager 109 North Front Street Columbus, Ohio 43215 645-0543 Media Only Contact: Rick Tilton City of Columbus, Department of Public Service Assistant Director 645-7263 The City of Columbus proposes to install 189 pavement markings or “sharrows” (pictured) on High Street between Nationwide Boulevard and Morse Road in spring 2010. These pavement markings are part of the Bicentennial Bikeways Plan adopted by City Council in 2008 and would serve as companion signage to 54 Share the Road signs installed on the same section of North High Street in the fall of 2009. The word SHARROW is a combination of SHared lane and ARROW. Shared-lane pavement markings, or sharrows, are bicycle symbols. The graphics are intended to guide bicyclists to the best place to ride, avoid opened car doors and remind drivers to share the road with cyclists. Shared lanes are different than b

What is with people. Kornheiser should be ran over by a cyclist. Bikeradar story

Radio host Kornheiser apologises to Armstrong By BikeRadar Lance Armstrong will appear on Tony Kornheiser's morning show on ESPN today (James Knowler/Getty Images) Lance Armstrong will confront US radio talkshow host Tony Kornheiser today after the sports journalist recommended running riders down during an anti-cycling rant. The seven-time Tour de France winner wrote on his  Twitter page : "... Just off the phone w/ Tony Kornheiser who's very sorry 4 his comments re: cyclists. Going on the show 2morrow 2 discuss this w/ him." However, Kornheiser's colleagues at radio station ESPN980 seem far from contrite. After Armstrong's original Tweet, in which he branded Kornheiser "a complete f-ing idiot", they wrote on their Twitter page: "Hoping to be a Trending Topic Worldwide today, keep your fingers crossed..." Armstrong's response? "How douchebags apologize." more...

Hub-Maker Phil Wood Passes Away

BAXTER, IA (BRAIN)—Phil Wood, the man responsible for sealed hubs and bottom brackets, died this week on his farm in Baxter, Iowa. He was 84. He started the Phil Wood Company in 1971 as primarily a hub maker, though he offered other components. He sold the business to Peter Enright and a group of investors in 1991. “I feel so lucky to have talked with him about a week before he passed away, and he mentioned again that he was so lucky to sell the business when he did,” said Enright, Phil Wood Company’s president. more... - Tips, news, reviews and safety for commuters

Our mission at is to provide you with the knowledge, reviews, tips and how to advice for your commuting endeavors. History : has been active since the spring of 2005.  All the contributors to this site have a wealth of experience and commuting history.  We believe that bicycles can solve many of the worlds issues, relieve stress, and great a healthy lifestyle.

Tuesday Night Ride Report - 03162010

Seven showed up. We rode from Goodale east over to the 670 trail. The trail is full of glass. We hopped onto Leonard and then 5th Ave out to the airport. We rode the airport rollercoaster to the entrance and jogged south over to Cassady. Andrew headed west home and we headed south into Bexley. We took Main to Kroger and got on the trail north to Franklin Park where we stopped to see the community garden. Up Bryden to Oak and we had pizza and beer at Yellow Brick Pizza. Total was 23 miles. We had a couple of new people show up as well. Looking forward to more rides like this.

My boss went to Australia and all I got was a pic of a bike friendly street light!


Recession put brakes on miles of new bike trails - Dispatch

After a ceremonious kickoff almost two years ago, the city of Columbus has made little progress on its plan to add 50 miles of bicycle projects, including new trails. Plans to spend tens of millions of dollars by 2012 building bike bridges, trails, lanes along roads, and other improvements largely have gone nowhere, even though voters approved a bond issue in November 2008 that city officials said would help finance the projects. The recession caused the city to scale back the plans, said Public Service spokesman Rick Tilton. "We haven't had any money to do it," Tilton said. more...

Joby GorillaBike Looks Seriously Unsafe - Gizmodo


NBC 4 Checks In On City’s Bike Path Project - Yeah, nothing is happening...

TOSRV early bird discount ends today!

TOSRV Fees The TOSRV registration fee is $47 per person until March 15th, when it will increase to $57. COP members receive a $10 discount. The entry fee includes 1) baggage transportation to Portsmouth and back to Columbus (or Chillicothe), 2) indoor floor sleeping space or camping in Portsmouth on Saturday night, 3) food and beverage en route both days and donuts and hot chocolate in Portsmouth on Sunday morning, 4) a marked route, 5) first aid and communication services, 6) an embroidered patch, 7) TOSRV identification number, and 8) a certificate of participation. TOSRV Site

Ride to Granville with Molly 03142010 Recap

Got out for a ride with Molly and we decided to ride a loop through Granville. At the start it was overcast but as we got about halfway to Granville it started to mist and light rain. Temp dropped to 42. We jumped on the trail outside of Alexandria and rode into Granville. Stopped in town for coffee to warm up. When we started back up our clothes were a little damp and we were cold so we picked up our pace and it made a big difference. Molly's rear wheel started making a noise similar to rim pad squeal but she wasn't breaking at the time. It happened about 5 times during the ride back and I suspect it is contaminated bearings. We finished just shy of 50 miles (49.8) and averaged 15.3mph.

As seen at Baer Wheels

Jamis Xenith - Full Carbon Frame with rack/fender mounts (As seen at Baer Wheels)

Racing has sex appeal, romance, and a nearly irresistible allure, but let’s face it: The weekend club ride is not a race. But this doesn’t mean we should settle for anything less than the best. Xenith Endura is built for speed, with the same exacting manufacturing processes, materials and engineering as our flagship Xenith racers—only it’s a little more relaxed, with a slightly longer wheelbase that adds stability, a more vertically compliant rear triangle for a smoother ride, and a bit more head tube height for a less demanding  riding position. It’s the perfect speedster for those of us who ride hard on the weekends, and count ourselves lucky  if we can sneak in a few midweek rides when the weather’s good. more...