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COP 21ST RIDGE RUNNER RAMBLE • Saturday, August 9 Recap

Evan and I rode the Ridge Runner ride. Evan decided to add some mileage for the day and rode from campus area. We picked the 52 mile route. Beautiful weather for the ride, 65 to start and ended in mid 70's. Many of the roads were newly paved which made for a fast first 25 miles. We averaged close to 20 miles an hour. The highlights for the ride included a dead cat and a man we nicknamed the "mayor of Leetonia." As we passed a cyclist we pulled into the middle of the lane. A car passed us and crossed over to the other side and ran over a dead cat. Both Evan and I screamed out, Oooooooh!, at the same time. We both thought the cat was a stuffed animal the way it bounced up after being ran over. I thought I head a little "meow, meow" during the incident, but it could have been my active imagination. The second incident occurred when we turned away from the 100 mile route. A man was walking on the opposite side of the street in greasy pants and a t-shirt. We both sai

Google Maps has been upgraded

The interface has changed on Google Maps and it is extremely fast updating when zooming. It looks like they have added a caching system and/or a image proxy system. The sidebar can be collapsed as well.

Clippers Bike Ride Report

We decided it was best to ride to a Clippers game on bikes than try to park, so we headed over from the Franklin Park area straight through on Oak to Broad into Franklinton and finally to the stadium. We had 8 people in the group. We didn't make it to the game until the fourth inning because we had a few people who don't normally ride much, including my wife. It was really nice out until the storm clouds rolled in to the east. It sprinkled a little toward the end of the game. Clippers lost 4-3. It was dark when we headed back, so we rolled out the lights. We were actually stopped by a policeman on Oak because he didn't know what my light was attached to. I get that all the time. 12 miles round trip. My wife was a real trooper, although she started to slow down a bit toward the end. A great evening all around.

Tune In! Listen in to Cranksters this Friday

I will be on Cranksters this Friday around 6:30PM. We will be discussing the latest updates to Bike the C-Bus and the WAD Bikeway commuter group we are organizing. My blog may come up as a topic of discussion as well.

WAD Bikeway Meeting Wrapup

I attended the WAD Bikeway meeting on Monday night. Someone had a great idea of a bike commuter club to generate interest in both the WAD Bikeway and bike commuting in general. The plan is to have a commuter group start in Westerville and pickup/dropoff cyclists along the way downtown. The route would be across Schrock to the Olentangy River Trail. Email either WADbikeway[at] or raymondmgeorge[at] for more information or if you would like to help plan this ride. I will publish updates soon...


Grab your bike and slip into your alter-ego because New Belgium’s Tour de Fat will once again be meandering and pandering through 11 western cities spreading the good word about the positive societal offerings of the bicycle. Costumes and decorated bikes reign supreme as the participants come to ride in the bike parade, then gather in the merriment of good music, entertainment, and tasty beer. Amid the hoopla, Tour de Fat raises money – $806,000 to date! – for local charities, increases awareness for reducing your waste stream, signs people up for Team Wonderbike, and culminates in a Car Bike Swap, where the winner gets a custom Black Sheep New Belgium Commuter bike. Admission to the Tour de Fat is free. All profits from beer sales go to local non profit organizations. More info... Their blog...

COP 21ST RIDGE RUNNER RAMBLE • Saturday, August 9

7:00-9AM. New Albany Elementary School, 87 N. High Street, New Albany. Ride the ridges on routes of 31/52/80/100 miles. Short route has three hills; longer routes have many more. Budget Tour. $2 members,$4 non-members. Joanna Pallos 614-868-6875 jootbuck(at); Nancy Betz 614-847-0517 betz.3(at) I did this ride last year with my friends Eve and Ashley. I did the 50 mile route which loops through Granville. Ashley did the century and said it had short but steep climbs. I missed the Ride the Darby (all apologies to those who contacted me), but I will make this ride. Contact me if you want to ride as a group.

Closer to home: Northern Ohio cycling trails can be a day trip or an overnighter

Ever wonder about those funny-looking people stuffed in graffiti-covered Lycra tops and padded shorts zipping along park roads and down the all-purpose trails? If you're looking for a way to escape the summer sun, you might want to join them. They're neighborhood cyclists, and sometimes serious team cyclists, enjoying a ride, pedaling along under cooling trees. It's a great way for you and the family to spend a day together. We asked a few cyclists about their favorite summer spots to pedal the day away, and we offer suggestions on how to make those rides an overnight experience. More...