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Amsterdam biking Saturday

I realized that the density of bikes in Amsterdam creates a problem just like owning a vehicle. It is hard to find a parking spot. That sounds funny, but supposedly 600,000 bicycles are in use in Amsterdam. We stayed at the Victoria Hotel right on Damrak and across the street from Central Station. Very convenient. But very limited bicycle parking. A new metro line is being worked on and construction areas line the Central Station so there are very few fences/bike racks. I ended up locking it to the fence near the canal boat launches. Across the canal is a bike parking lot, but I was too lazy to walk over to see if there were any open spaces. It looked like several thousand bikes were stored in that facility. I didn't get a chance to ride out of the city on Saturday. It was our travel day and I needed to return the bike. I did get about an hour and a half ride in before it started to rain and I called it a day. As we were heading to the airport on the train I noticed that all roads