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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Yoga for Cyclists - Yoga Journal

A yoga program can build a cyclist's strength and endurance and introduce flexibility to chronically tight muscles.
By Baron Baptiste and Kathleen Finn Mendola
Rudi Altig was a man before his time. In the 1960s, the German Tour de France bike racer known as the "yellow dwarf" was a yoga enthusiast. Before and after his arduous races he used yoga to relax his muscular body. Maybe he instinctively knew that yoga—with its ability to usher athletes though other dimensions and angles—is the perfect foil for bicycling, a one-dimensional sport.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Keep your hands warm while riding - install Bar Mitts!


The original design of the Bar Mitts was based on Shimano brake shifters with the shift cable coming out of the top of the brake / shifter hood. Campy / SRAM / Shimano with internal shift cables & Mountain Bike / Commuter Bar Mitts are now available for sale.
Bar Mitts are easily installed and removed. Bar Mitts stay secure on the handle bars while riding allowing your hands to slide in and out without difficulty. Braking and shifting is also easily accomplished.

Bar Mitts are made of neoprene, a synthetic rubber often used for waterproofing or weather resistant clothing (wetsuits). The neoprene has a closed cell construction, meaning it is filled with closed air bubbles. These bubbles serve as insulators, just as styrofoam does. Since the cells are closed, the neoprene itself is waterproof. The thickness of the neoprene is 5.5 mm with nylon laminated on each side. Due to the body of the neoprene, the Bar Mitts stay open allowing easy access and removal of hands.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tuesday Night Ride Recap - 01192010

We had four people show for the TNR. Two new people, Jabar and Zach, showed up to ride. We headed out west and looped out past Georgesville Rd and back into Franklinton. Then up and over Grandview to 3rd back to campus. We stopped at Tip Top for food and drink. I ended with 17 miles.

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Just Tattoo the Helmet on your head!

Tatoo, Bicycle Helmet from Opton on Vimeo.

Mark Beaumont Cycling the Americas Blog

World record breaker Mark Beaumont is cycling from Anchorage, Alaska to Ushuaia in Southern Argentina. Following the line of the mountain ranges which form the American Cordillera, he’ll climb the two highest peaks Mount McKinleyand Aconcagua, on foot. Recording the adventure on this blog and for a BBC One series, The Man Who Cycled the Americas.

The blog is here

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Trail Updates from the City of Columbus


2010 will be a busy year for greenways in Columbus...and well it should be.  We have lots to share.

Olentangy Trail

Starting with the hard news---the trail will be closed between Pacemont and Patterson for a sewer improvement project.  I've attached the detour (which of course has to rely on High St.).  Utilities has promised us this will be very quick.  Mostly February and March.

OSU is building the trail @ Herrick bridge and the Drake Union!!!  (I'll let Steve Volkmann chime in on this--he's done all the hard work.)  Many of you have already heard about it.  Fantastic improvement.  It will mean a Cannon Drive work around the campus trail section for a season...but I think we all will rejoice when this is all done.  Congratulations Steve on patience and perserverance.

Safety Improvements

We will be out on the path this spring with some needed safety improvements:

Re-striping the centerline of the Olentangy

Improving the sharp turn hazard areas (especially downtown @ the confluence bridge)

New trailhead maps and signage

Scioto Trail

A new bridge is now under construction.  The first ever bikeway project in the west side---Scioto Hilltop Connector bridge.  This bridge will span the Scioto from McKinley Ave. to the existing trail from Grandview Ave. to Riversedge.  Actually, there's a ton of projects in the next two years in the near west side/Grandview areas.  I attached a powerpoint slide rather than try to write down all of this.  In short, we will have seamless connectivity from Harrison West to Hilltop, from Upper Arlington to downtown.  Long time coming, lots o' planning, coaxing, discussion.


Keep crossing your fingers on congress, the state, and the city on continuing their crucial support for projects such as is the lifeblood of our move towards an active transportation mecca.

Alum Creek Trail

A 2 mile secetion from Innis Park to Sunbury Road is now under construction.  Thanks to MORPC's stimulus funding set aside.  This is a key segment---we only have two short segments left, and this entire trail will be complete---22 miles from Westerville to Obetz, including a direct connection to downtown/Columbus State.  You will hear more about this...we need your continued voice and support, even if your are an Olentangy Trail regular or on-street regular (or like most of us, both)

Land Acquisition

It takes land to do these projects.  Right now we're quietly working some major greenway corridor acquisition projects on the Big Walnut (wait until you experience this river corridor---unbelievable).  Also 2 miles of major work on Clover Groff, a tributary of the Big Darby (for you far west siders)

And our key partner Metroparks is extremely busy---both with construction and acquisition, and soon they will be taking on a big hand with trail security and maintenance.  Watch the news for the 11 mile Camp Chase Rail Trail on the west side and the Blacklick Trail.  They are single handedly finishing the Blacklick Trail, including some very difficult projects @ Rt. 33 and Hines Road on the far east side.   Three Creeks to Blendon Woods, with direct connectivity to downtown and everywhere in the metro region.  (Within two or three projects, folks, you will be able to ride so far you'll need provisions and a tent.)

Brad Westall       Columbus Recreation and Parks

Olentangy Trail Detour – Pacemont Avenue to Patterson Avenue - January 26 to April 2

Olentangy Trail Detour – Pacemont Avenue to Patterson Avenue
January 26 to April 2

A 1.5 mile segment of the Olentangy Trail will be closed, between Pacemont Avenue and Patterson Avenue, from January 26 to April 2.  A detour will be posted beginning from Pacemont Avenue to High Street, south to North Street, to Neil Avenue, then west on Patterson Avenue to return to the trail.  From the south, the detour will route from Tuttle Recreation Center at Patterson Avenue, east to Neil Avenue, north to Dodridge Street, east to High Street, north to Pacemont Avenue, then west to return to the trail.

The closure is due to a sewer improvement project.

Additional questions or concerns can be directed to (Sewers and Drains) or 645-2441 (Recreation and Parks).

The Lost Trail, or the Trail that nobody wants... The Downtown Connector

This trail is located on Convention Center Drive and connects Vine and East Goodale. It was supposed to be the connector for the 670 trail and Olentangy Trails. More information is available at the WAD bikeway website in the documents section.

2010 Ride-A-Thon to celebrate the life of John Blais

via ALS Warrior Ohio Blog

Below is an email that I sent out to try and create support for a great local (and national) event.  This event was the inspiration for my “Without You, We go Nowhere” campaign and really helped me to realize that we can all do something, even if we don’t think we can.  Please offer whatever support you can, with whatever resouces you have.  Each act is a gift and supports the lives of others, while nourishing yourself, the cause, and the families who need it most.  Fighting ALS is an movement of action, being and ALSWARRIOR is a state of mind.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Stolen Bike Alert: Marin stolen from Olentangy Village this morning

Please email me at raymondmgeorge [at] if you see this bike on the street or being sold somewhere.

TOSRV 2010 is May 8-9, 2010 - who's riding this year?

May 8-9, 2010

The Tour Of the Scioto River Valley

is a 2-day, 200-mile bicycle tour

from Columbus, Ohio, to Portsmouth, Ohio, 
and back again

Pi Mobility advanced light electric bikes and electric motorcycles

Pi Cycle's arch promises a new, exciting and revolutionary experience.

And it delivers.
Hills, distances and other impediments to riding are now minimized. Pi Cycle's human electric hybrid plug-in operating system not only overcomes obstacles, but rewards owners with unparalleled comfort, style and performance. Just push the throttle and (silently) away you go!
Pi Cycle details include:
  • 36 volt brushless motor rated at 2 kilowatt - with 30 to 50 miles of range
  • Auxiliary charging system
  • 10.4 amp-hours of Lithion-ion with recharging time of 3.5 hours with a top speed in excess of *30 mph
  • Disc brakes front and rear (8 inch front and 6 inch rear)
  • Optional forged front trailing-link suspension fork
  • Seating variations to accommodate heights ranging from 5' to 6'8"

Pi Cycle's patented monocoque arch frame provides a stable and cool environment for the battery pack. This innovation makes Pi Cycle robust and reliable enough to use as daily transportation and light enough for fitness and errand running.
Yet for all of its design impact, Pi Cycle would be just an iconic fashion statement were it not for the sheer joy it delivers to the rider.
Whether commuting, errand running or simply riding for fun, there's a Pi Cycle model to fit your lifestyle and mobility needs.
Download PiCycle Specs (PDF, 5.1mb)
*Please note the legal speed limit for electric bicycles in most states is 20 mph.

Sanyo Eneloop Bike

Electric Motor Assists Pedaling.

The SANYO Synergetic Hybrid Bicycle is a next generation bicycle that transports you efficiently with minimal effort. The SANYO Synergetic Hybrid Bicycle features innovative functions such as "loop charging," which charges the battery while riding. "Two-wheel drive" allows for smooth start-up on hills and slopes and ensures a steady, stable ride. These advantages allow the SANYO Synergetic Hybrid Bicycle to be used for commercial or consumer purposes.

Loop Charge*1
Conserve energy while you ride.

Loop charging is a power regeneration function that circulates energy for more efficient use, charging the battery by generating power while riding. The "brake charge system"works in conjunction with "Auto Mode" to deliver an ideal riding experience best suited for the particular riding conditions the bicycle and rider are currently experiencing.

Brake Charge System

Depressing the rear brake lever transforms the motor into a generator that is capable of charging the battery. This is known as the "Create Energy" charging system that is activated whenever rear brakes are applied while riding.

Auto Mode

In Auto mode, the bicycle automatically adjusts itself to the riding conditions.By applying the perfect amount of assisted power and brake-activated regeneration based on the environment (flat, uphill or downhill), Auto Mode allows you to ride comfortably and increase your distance.

Power-up Mode
Ride more comfortably with powerful assistance.

The built-in Power-up Mode increases the output ratio of the power assistance motor, allowing you to comfortably and steadily ride uphill with very little energy expended from pedaling.

Two-Wheel Drive
Ensures stable riding with smooth start.

The unique drive configuration enhances ride confidence and stability by combining the motor-driven front wheel with the pedal power of the rear wheel. This prevents wobbly starts and provides a smooth, enjoyable ride.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday 1/16/10 Ride Recap

The weather finally cooperated enough to allow me to head out on the bike for only the second time this year and the first on the Lemond. I replaced the Bontrager Disc front wheel last month after a friend fell and bent it during a ride. I don't see much of a difference in the new version over the old. Plus, I replaced the Shimano 105 derailleur pulleys with upgraded Ultegra models with bearings instead of bushings from Baer Wheels. They seem to shift a little better due to less side to side play.

I rode north from my house through New Albany and out east in a loop which brought me back down New Albany Reynoldsburg Road. It was really quiet out, when the cars weren't passing, and I took the time to stop and watch Blacklick Creek gurgle through the ice. Very peaceful. I put in 26 miles and averaged 16mph. I wish the sun would have come out because it peeked through for just a moment and warmed up, but then went away just as quickly. My friends in Wheeling said the sun came out and it hit 50 degrees while they were riding.