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For the Love of ‘Cross @iamspecialized


Mt. Snowdon On eMTB - A Ride of Love & Hate @bikeradar


An Open Letter: Together We Can Defend Our Public Lands @OIA

Outdoor industry CEOs joined OIA Executive Director Amy Roberts in signing this open letter urging President-elect Trump and Congress to keep public lands public. Read on to add your voice and amplify the message. To our elected officials and those who value America’s great outdoors: This open letter expresses the view of more than 100 leaders of large and small businesses in the outdoor industry, which contributes more than $650 billion annually to the U.S. economy, generates $80 billion in tax revenue and employs more than 6 million people. Together, we represent a huge range of activities—from hiking to hunting and camping to conservation. Our businesses make the lives of everyday Americans, from every corner of the political spectrum, healthier and happier. We do not often unite as an industry in the way we are today but we are compelled to make clear our collective view on a vitally important issue that affects the economic health of our industry, our local communitie

Diamondback Andean @diamondbackbike

Encouraged by the success of our first foray into the tri world, we’ve created Andean. We gave our design team a clean slate, encouraging them to forget the rules and approach triathlon bike design with fresh eyes. We expanded our partnership with Kevin Quan Studios, adding Dr. Phillippe Lavoie and his grad students at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS) to the mix. Using their half-scale wind tunnel and unbiased input, we’ve made what the numbers indicate to be the fastest triathlon bike on the planet.  Addressing the unique problems presented by triathlon, Andean is poised to break some records. Tradition yields traditional results. We wanted more. To see the full Andean story, visit