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Heritage Rail Trail - Hilliard, OH

The Heritage Rail-Trail is a 7 mile multipurpose trail which stretches between Hilliard, Ohio and Plain City, Ohio in the central portion of the state. (See trail map for more information.) The trailhead is located in the "Old Hilliard" historic district of Hilliard which contains many shops and eateries as well as the Northwest Historical Village located in Weaver Park. website...

Ortlieb D-Fender

The robust PD 620 body and the waterproof zip on the carrier’s back constitute the perfect resistance against environmental influences - be it hail or showers. This all-rounder is easy to handle and features a reflector design on the front. The D-Fender with TIZIP back will not only qualify as travel specialist or every day pack, but impresses with its know-how focussed on comfort: the ventilation is guaranteed by a foam back with air channels, and a chest strap adjustable in height ,and padded shoulder straps with reflective threads ensure perfect distribution of loads. The the flat base provides perfect stability. On the road, 4 D-rings ensure optimal attachment to vehicles, in particular as top luggage on the motorbike rack. It is particularly suited for use on motorcycles because it is designed without any loose straps. Website


Feetbelts are an alternative to traditional pedal cages. They are created from seatbelts and hand made in San Marcos, Texas by cyclists. Feetbelts offers straps compatible with both road and bmx style platform pedals. Place online orders in the store section. Stay strapped. the website...

Brett's Adventure in San Fran

Had an opportunity to explore San Fransisco by bike yesterday. I am visiting my mother-in-law for a week. She lives in Alameda, CA. SF is a touristy kind of place, so it was no trouble finding a bike-rental shop. It is Fall-like weather here. Even though it is August, cloud cover/fog comes in from the Pacific every afternoon. Temperatures range from mid 50's and never get out of the 60's. I packed all my bike clothing in my messenger bag and caught the BART into SF. Got off at Embarcadero Station and then took the F Line Trolley to get up to 1095 Columbus where there was a bike rental shop. San Fransisco's transportation system is rather amazing. You have subways, then you have "muni's," the electrified city bus system, then on top of that you have trolley cars. Then, of course, if you really want to, you can bring your 3,000lb automobile into the place. But why would you want to? Practically every street has bike lanes or sharrows. What's with Columbus?

Vision Vest

The Vision Vest is the first product line released by Seke Solutions. The Class II reflective vest is engineered to be lightweight, breathable, and allows maximum mobility while promoting visibility. The Vision Vest is a perfect solution for any runner, bicyclist, motorcyclist or law enforcement officer concerned about safety whom needs a vest that doesn't obstruct their movement. The cool model is the Deluxe version with LEDs. We offer a deluxe model designed for walkers, runners, bicyclists, and law enforcement. This version features light emitting diodes (LEDs) embedded within the reflective material. A flip of a switch illuminates the LEDs and enables the user to reach a new, extreme level of visibility offered no where else. This vest runs on a 9-volt battery. website...

Bike the C-Bus Twitter and Facebook Info

Join us for the Bike the C-Bus Bicycle Tour, Saturday, September 5, 2009 Our non-profit partner, the Eldon and Elsie Ward Family YMCA is providing online registration for the event this year. If you are on Facebook please become a fan of both the blog and the event and let us know you will be riding and follow us on Twitter.

Topeak Jango

I went to Roll: in Easton last night and they have the Topeak Jango demo models on the floor. The concept is a base frame and plug and play accessories that fit the various attachments. I know accessories are available for all bikes, but this looks like a method for breaking down the barriers for the average consumer to add parts easily. the website is here.

Crazy Japanese Bikes with Power Assist

The website is here.

Crazy Bike in NYC

Thanks Bethia for the pic!

Municipal Code for Columbus as it pertains to bicycles...

2173.01 Code application to bicycles, children's non-motorized vehicles. (A) The provisions of this Traffic Code that are applicable to bicycles apply whenever a bicycle is operated upon any street or highway or upon any shared-use path within the public right-of-way as defined in section 910.01 (P) of the Columbus City Code or easement adjacent thereto or however specifically provided for in Chapter 2173. (B) The provisions of this Traffic Code, except those that by their nature are inapplicable shall apply to bicycles except those which by their nature are not applicable, and any person operating a bicycle on a street shall comply with all operational rules and traffic control devices applicable to vehicular traffic. (C) Except as provided in division (E) of this section, a bicycle operator who violates any section of the Traffic Code that is applicable to bicycles may be issued a ticket, citation, or summons by a law enforcement officer for the violation in the same manne

Cycle Michigan

West - August 2 – 8 412 Miles Montague, MI - Experience the Lake Michigan Shoreline for 7 glorious days of riding. There is so much to see and do you won’t be able to do it all. From swimming in the lake, to the cherry lady, to the sand dunes, to the sights and sounds of Traverse City, thru the Tunnel of Trees and finishing with a spectacular view of the Mackinac Bridge. Come join us for our 23rd year of exploring the coastline of Lake Michigan. editor's note: A friend just returned from this tour and said it was amazing. The website is here...

James Bay Road - This looks like a challenge I may take...

The James Bay (Baie James) region of northern Quebec is located in northeastern Canada along the eastern side of James Bay. It is a vast wilderness area of taiga/boreal forest, reached by a single road - the very remote James Bay Road (Route de la Baie-James) - 620 km of forest and taiga and not a single town along the way! If you're interested in a long road trip into a very remote part of northeastern Canada, then this is the road - and website - for you! This website is the most comprehensive and detailed source of information about this area and its roads anywhere on the Internet. A REMOTE WILD LAND OF EXTREME DISTANCES THE LONGEST SERVICE-FREE STRETCH OF ROAD IN CANADA The 381 km (236 mile) stretch of the James Bay Road that is without services is the longest service-free stretch of road in Canada, and the second longest service-free stretch of road in North America! This is second only by a hair to the Dalton Hwy in Alaska, which has a 394 km (244 mile) stretch without servic

Summer Streets NYC - Shut the streets down!

Summer Streets rolls on August 15! NYC DOT and our partners are proud to present Summer Streets. We will temporarily close Park Avenue and connecting streets from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park to motor vehicles and open it up to people on three consecutive Saturdays in August (August 8, 15, & 22). Learn more This year DOT is also partnering with groups citywide to bring some summer streets fun to neighborhoods in all five boroughs. Visit the Weekend Walks website to find one near you. site...