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Got Kids? Want to Bike? Want to ride with the kids safely?

Check out the trioBike... The worlds first carrierbike where the bike also can be used as a normal bike. The site...

'World's Largest Bicycle Parade!'

The city of Davis (CA) is ready to set the world record - again. Saturday at 3 p.m., UC Davis Aggie Pack, in conjunction with the city, will host the "World's Largest Bicycle Parade!" in an attempt to reclaim its previous hold on the Guinness World Record. The event will take off from Aggie Stadium and is free to the public. Story continues...

Another Urban Bike - Swobo Dixon

The Dixon builds on the simple and functional Otis platform, with the addition of 6 more gears and a rear disc brake. Just like the Otis, the shifting is intuitive and easy with the elegant twist-shifter. If you have steep hills to climb, the additional gears will make it easy. We jumped at the chance to be the first kids on the block to get the all-new SRAM I-Motion 9. The first 9-speed internal gear hub on the market, it shifts precisely over a wide gear range, under load or standing. The benefits of internal hubs are mostly hidden, which masks the beauty, simplicity and zero-maintenance of not having two derailleurs; and multiple chainrings, cogs and shift-levers. The Swobo purpose-designed alloy frame and fork are light and tough and are designed to withstand urban abuse. Threaded eyelets on the forged dropouts and on the square-section chainstay and seatstay bridges accept racks and fenders. We designed the frames for a discrete fit of the rear disc, to accommodate rack and fender

Fat Rabbit Racing on a Sunday Morning - Columbus OH

Arnold Sports Festival to Partner with Fat Rabbit Racing in the Creation of the Inaugural Arnold Cycling Challenge The Arnold Sports Festival 2008 will present a new Olympic sport in 2008, The Arnold Cycling Challenge, a short distance criterium road race Sunday morning March 2 in downtown Columbus. Jim Lorimer, Producer of the Arnold Sports Festival commented, "The Arnold Sports Festival grows annually and this event will present an exciting new element of athletic acumen to the Weekend." "The Arnold Cycling Challenge will be a test of speed and endurance on a criterium course," said Craig Thompson, CEO of Fat Rabbit Racing. "We will welcome the top male and female cyclists from across the country to participate in this high caliber event." Thompson added, "The Arnold Cycling Challenge will kick off the 2008 cycling season for Ohio and indeed the Midwest. Our cyclists will have to begin their training earlier in the winter months and the element of t

ACB-Ohio Tandem Bike Rally to be held September 21, 2008

ACB-Ohio Tandem Bike Rally to be held September 21, 2008 Kokosing Gap Trail, Mount Vernon, Ohio The American Council of the Blind of Ohio, (ACB-Ohio) is hosting its second annual tandem rally-fundraiser. Visually impaired stokers and sighted captains will have three routes to choose from, 30 flat miles on the trail and 30, and 60 mile-routes on rolling terrain, each starting and ending on the beautiful Kokosing Gap Trail. The two more challenging routes will include the gently rolling hills and some more challenging ones through the beautiful Amish countryside, while the flat route will stay on the trail, which is noted as one of the prettiest and most well maintained rails-to-trails bike paths in Ohio. Sighted tandem teams and single bikes are also welcome. Many Ways to Participate: Bring your tandem and your stoker and enjoy a beautiful ride and meet some other folks who enjoy tandem cycling. Bring your tandem and meet your stoker for the day, who might be visually impaired. Many bli

Weather Poll

I have restarted the weather poll after someone complained that the coldest temps were not listed. This person, not to be named, first initial A, stated that he/she rides until tires become brittle and his/her hands have frozen to the handlebars. LOL So, please cast your votes (again).


Canadian Entrepreneur, Peter Sandler, President of Therapy Products and Inventor of the E-V Sunny Bicycle developed the first all Solar electric bicycle driven completely from power derived from the Sun’s Rays. The E-V Sunny Bicycle has light absorbing Solar panels built right into the Wheels, creating continual power from the Sun’s Rays, and maintaining a constant charge to the batteries. The bike is propelled by a 500 watt front hub motor. The variable speed electronic controller drives the bike to speeds of up to 30 kilometers per hour. Overall weight of the bicycle is 75 lbs. and comes with 17 amp hr. batteries and a built in battery charger. Cost of the E-V Sunny Bicycle is $1295.00 and comes with a 90-day warrantee. The cost of the kit starts at $795.00, and the Company provides after sales servicing. Orders are now being taken for delivery in September of 2006; contact the Company through their email at , Toll Free at # 1 800-567-9926 or their web site w

Very Cool Commuter Bike

The Civia was recently introduced and includes the Shimano Alfine Component Group Civia designed the Hyland from the ground up, combining leading-edge technology and aesthetics into a bike of uncompromising performance and beauty. Simple yet elegant features like post disc mount brakes, sliding dropouts in the rear triangle, and a specially developed cable shaft make the bike as pleasing to ride as it is to see. From frame to fork we chose the best materials to fit the function. Hyland’s lightweight aluminum frame is stiff, fast, durable and corrosion resistant. And when the time comes—many miles down the road—it is also fully recyclable. Sturdy and light, the carbon fork absorbs road shock and helps smooth your ride. Stainless steel headtube badge and hardware please the eye while resisting rust and corrosion, assuring years of worry-free performance. The Hyland’s innovative hydroformed down tube features the cable tunnel; a recess for hydraulic brakes and cable housing that also prov

2/25/2008 Ride Report

This was submitted by Duncan... I did not make the ride. 4 guys met at wex -- jeremy, ben, duncan, and jim (who just stopped by to say hello) -- spinning off @10:30? -- just as the sleet was starting up -- over to summit, and down to carabar, where webmaster-ray was known to be nursing his tummy... uh, locking incidents ensued and eventually resolved?... ben peels off for home, so j.&d. continue thru downtown for high-beck pizza... trip dist. approx 5.6 miles (wimps!)... half-dozen other nice bikes found tethered to front gates -- vegan foosballers found inside... mucho action also around the pingpong-table, w/strangers happily challenging strangers... a "good time" had by all. Conversation topics ranged from bikes, to romance, to sorrinesses, to next week's 50F. forecast... and then a very sloppy ride home. thanks to high-beck tavern for their continued hospitality! ed. note. - the weather may not be as kind to us as early forecast indicated. The temps may drop

Will this be the end of the bicycle chain as we know it?

Lightweight Clean Maintenance Free High Durability High Efficiency No rust No lubrication Quiet Smoother running Instant engagement Carbon Drive Site... Here they are in action on Spot Bikes