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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Upcycled Bike Tube iPad / Tablet Sling Case Built in the USA | Kickstarter

The eco-friendly, durable, padded, storm-resistant travel case for your iPad or tablet made from upcycled bike tubes in the USA.
After being frustrated with using a tablet and not having adequate storage to hold accessories like power cords, stylist, headphones, etc. I decided to design a durable and functional case to solve this dilemma in a stylish and eco-friendly manner.
I knew I could develop a case that would be functional, stylish and eco-friendly. After a bunch of prototyping this is my latest version almost ready for production.
For your support in this project we will reward you with first run of the upcycled bike tube tablet sling cases and other sweet Green Guru Gear made from upcycled bicycle tubes in Boulder Colorado. You will be helping make a difference recycling more bicycle tubes with every bit of support. The more we raise the more tubes are recycled. You can see more about our company here and follow us on facebook here
The initial concept was to have a case that offered padded protection to the tablet as well as help organize and protect accessories that I needed to take along with me. I started sketching different concepts and configurations. I explored different ways to get the tablet in and out of the case as well as different shapes.
I knew I wanted it to be as eco-friendly as possible, as well as durable and water resistant. That influenced me to make it out of upcycled bike tubes and recycled fabrics in the USA. From growing up working at a bike shop, I know how many tubes are thrown away every day and I wanted to reduce that impact of an activity I love.
Once I determined what general design and materials I wanted the case to be made of, I started the prototyping process. The initial prototypes were rough, but functional.
I then realized I needed to have some type of carrying handle to transport the case easily. So I included a haul handle on top.
After thinking about it further I started to want to carry the case by itself outside of a bag. 
I determined it also needed to have a shoulder strap so that it could be slung over my shoulder for walking long distances or for my bike ride to work or the coffee shop.
After sketching out a variety of concepts, I have been able to develop a few prototypes. 
What makes this products so special is that it is constructed of used bike tubes that would normally go to waste. Being an avid cyclist this was a great way to reduce my impacts from getting all those flat tires and at the same time have a material that was durable, water resistant and looked classy like leather.
Beyond its functionality and looks, the tablet sling case will be lightweight and very well made. We won't skimp on anything and it will include a rear padded zipper pouch for accessories, as well as multiple strap points for your carrying convenience. We are in the final stages of prototyping and testing our designs.
Each new version is more refined and closer to production. We have been taking a lot of measurements and making updates to the pattern sets and sewing new prototypes.
This is our latest prototype that is almost complete. With a little more fine tuning, then designing the dies for cutting, we will be able to go into production.

 The outside is made of upcycled bike tubes for style and to shed the rain.
The back will have 100% recycled PET fabric with water resistant coating that when it is against your shirt or skin it will be soft to touch and not hot. There will be 4 triangle rings to allow for a wide range of attachments to the strap or other bags.

After receiving necessary funding, we will be able to complete the design with a few more prototypes refining the design as much as possible. This will take 2-3 weeks. Once the final design is decided on, we will design and construct the cutting dies with a local die maker. This will take about a week. Once the dies are finished we will work with a local sewing partner to help cut and sew the cases. This will take approximately 3-4 weeks. Once production is complete we will start shipping the cases out to the backers. They will take about a week to be delivered. Through the process I will be sending pictures of the prototypes, die designs, die making process and the sewing/manufacturing stages so you can see the process first hand and see how much difference your backing has made.


Thanks for considering my project. We look forward to making it happen with your help! You will not only be receiving great incentives, you will also be helping reduce the amount of bike inner tubes that will go to the landfill making the world a little greener.

If you are interested in checking out more upcycled products I have developed for Green Guru visit or our facebook  . Also we will be launching other great products through Kickstarter in the future so be sure follow us on facebook to get updates. Thanks! 

2014 Bible of Bike Tests: "Don't Come To Sedona"

Samsung And Trek Team Up To Make Smartphone-Friendly Bikes | Gadget Review

The bicycle is one of the more effective means of conveyance out there. But it’s also not necessarily one best-suited to our connected lifestyle; if you see a cyclist on his or her phone, you’re probably seeing somebody about to get hit by a semi. But that doesn’t mean there can’t be some phone-friendly innovations on your bike, and Trek and Samsung would like to show off a few.

Charging While Pedaling

The first, and simplest, addition is a charging cradle between the handlebars. Designed, as you may have guessed, for Samsung devices, you simply slot your device in between and can use it as a GPS or other tool while your pedaling ensures it doesn’t lose any juice. In other words, it’s fairly similar to devices we’ve seen and tried out, but with a Samsung focus. The other bike is, however, the more interesting.

Eyeglass company sees business beyond the Web | Seattle Times

Inside Caruh Salon on Roosevelt Way, Madeline Anderson stands beside a salmon-tinted three-wheeler topped with trendy eyeglass frames and a glamour-lit mirror. She says she has a rounder face with soft features, so the sharply angled frames she’s wearing contrast nicely.
After discussing pricing and other details with customers, she says face shape is the next thing she talks about.
Anderson is a personal stylist who started working for Seattle-based Rivet & Sway three weeks ago when the company launched the newest physical counterpart of its women’s eyeglass boutique online.
“Specs on Wheels” was wheeled into Caruh two weeks ago and will stay in the salon through November.
The cruiser-bike-contraption is equipped with an iPad and about 36 different frames on display. It represents the third leg of Rivet & Sway’s company, which began as an online store in August 2012 and added a Pioneer Square showroom in July. During the last year, the company has also staged various pop-up-shop events in Seattle.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Yay Bikes! Year of Yay fun ride is Saturday, Jan 11th #letsride

Yay Bikes! Year of Yay 14.1
Historic Franklinton!
10 AM Goodale Park

A YEAR OF YAY! is a series of 12 tours on the streets of Columbus to get people out riding bikes and helping to support our community and small local businesses. You'll be amazed at what you'll discover! 

Tours start at the Goodale Park open-air shelter, near the playground. HELMETS are *strongly* encouraged on all YB! rides. LOCKS are also useful at our stops. All YoY rides are FREE for Yay Bikes! members and $5 for everyone else. Membership is only $25 and helps support bicycling advocacy in Columbus. Become a YB! member at


Vagamonde: Chasing Euphoria and Getting Hit by Reality

Our book Vagamonde: Chasing Euphoria and Getting Hit by Reality is now available in English on,, and

Update as of January 7, 2014: our book is now available on

In May 2010, we left Montreal, Canada to pedal our way to what would end up being a two-year journey through sixteen countries. Most bicycle travellers leave for a year or two, renting out their house and putting their belongings in storage. We left our jobs, sold our stuff and gave up our apartment. Except for some sentimental objects kept by family, all that we owned was with us on our bicycles.

Having hoped for a more relaxed and carefree lifestyle, we quickly learned the hardships of long-term travel. To cope with this, we started documenting the trip in this blog. We just finished writing a book that enhances our blog with more stories, drawings, hand-drawn maps and chapters of the long preparation and the reintegration back into so-called normal life in Canada.

[Vagamonde website]

Ridgetop Ramble 2013 photos

[Swallow Bicycle Works Ridgetop Ramble 2014]

Ridgetop Ramble by Swallow Bicycle Works is February 9 #letsride

Get off your trainers and pull out your gravel-grinding machine of choice! This is a rain or shine bicycle ride on gravel roads through Shawnee State Forest on Sunday, February 9.  
Ride Details
Date and Time: February 9, at 10AM.
Ride Start Location: Click here.
Lodging: Click here.
We have two route options in store for this year’s Ridgetop Ramble, so whether you are in the mood for an all day adventure with challenging terrain and elevation, or simply a tour on the premier gravel and paved roads throughout the park, there is something for everyone. Don’t be fooled, Shawnee State Forest is not your stereotypical “Ohio plain land,” all riders should come prepared with their climbing, descending, bike handling skills, and enough endurance for 4-7 hours on the bike. 
Advanced Route: This is a 60-mile route with 7,200 ft of climbing. The terrain consists of gravel roads, bridle trails, double-track, and paved roads. GPS Link: Click here (is subject to change). 
Intermediate Route: This is a 41-mile route with 4,300 ft of climbing. The terrain consists of gravel and paved roads. GPS Link: Click here(is subject to change).
This is a “choose your own adventure” ride organized to bring together a group of like-minded cyclists to ride some of the most beautiful and challenging terrain in Ohio. Everyone willing to take on the journey will be given a map and a cue sheet. We encourage folks to participate in any way they would like, whether that is riding with the group, or tackling the ride with a friend. The adventure lies within the challenge of navigating the route, conquering the terrain and supporting yourself with the supplies you need to complete the ride.
*Note to riders: This is a self-supported ride, meaning we are not providing any sag or support. You will be responsible for anything that may happen to you or your bike on the ride. It is also up to you to complete the ride whether you can keep up with a group or have to ride by yourself. If this makes you nervous, consider visiting some of our self-sufficient rider courses (starting January 26!) and train up for our next ride! 
There are also no opportunities to refuel on food and water along these routes. There is also very limited cell service and GPS is sometimes unreliable. Focus on your map, ride within you limits, and be safe!
While this is a free opportunity to ride, we will require that every rider wears a helmet, and fill out some basic emergency contact info. 
Rental Demo Program: We have a selection of Salsa and Surly bicycles available for rent for this event. Call the shop today to make your reservation! 513-MUD-BIKE (683-2453).

Thursday, January 9, 2014


[Check out the article at The Atlantic Cities]

Falco VelowSpace® Automated Cycle Parking System

How To Survive A Indoor Training Session @CyclingInform

survive a cycle home trainer session
I used to have no time for the indoor trainer. Sure I had one, but I’d barely used it and considered it to be a boring, less effective alternative to “proper” riding on the road. All that changed when I understood the power of home training.

How To Survive A Indoor Training Session – Follow a Structured Plan

There are a lot of people that hate indoor training. This is mainly the result of these people jumping on a trainer without any structured plan. I’m sure you have done it too. It’s not long before your mind starts wandering and the only thing that you can focus on is the amount of time still to go as you slowly watch the seconds count down on your monitor. This article discusses several important tips to help your indoor training sessions become more interesting and motivating for you…
This is easily and simply solved by setting up a structured weekly training plan with goals that include the exact details of the set exercises to complete during each of the sessions. Just like going to the gym and working through a set routine it is amazing how motivated you can become. Even to the point when you can’t wait for your next stint on the home trainer.


Photo: Andrew Catellier
Imagine if every ski trail at Vail was a black diamond advanced run. Gone would be the easy runs marked with green circles and the intermediate blue square runs.
Expert skiers would rejoice. Every trip down the mountain would be an adrenaline-charged workout -- unfettered by kids, beginners or out-of-shape vacationers from the flatlands.
The only problem is that Vail Resorts would probably go out of business, because only about 20% of skiers are skilled enough to navigate advanced runs. Instead of hosting more than 1.6 million visitors a year, they’d attract one skier in five. It would be a terrible business decision and the smart people at Vail Resorts would never consider it.

Photo: Brian Wilson.
In most U.S. cities, riding a bicycle is a black diamond adventure. A combination of skill, daring and training is necessary to feel comfortable riding in traffic on big busy streets.
Of course, not all city riding is challenging. There are a lot of greens and blues in the system, including quiet neighborhood streets, greenway paths and rail-trails. But they often don’t connect, and that’s a problem.

Pioneer's Cycling Sports system tracks serious data for serious cyclists

LAS VEGAS—Of all the things you expect to see at Pioneer’s CES booth, a bicycle probably isn’t high on the list. Still, Pioneer’s new Cycling Sports brand attracted plenty of attention with a live demo showing off the new Cyclocomputer and Pedaling Monitor.
The Cyclocomputer and Pedaling Monitor work together with Pioneer’s Web dashboard, the Cyclo-Sphere, to provide cycling enthusiasts with a complete system of metrics and analysis.

pioneer cyclometer handelabrsIMAGE: PIONEER
Pioneer's Cyclocomputer mounts to your handlebars.

The system as a whole is noteworthy, but the Pedaling Monitor in particular caught my attention: Pioneer is the first to achieve on-bike, real-time pedaling-power measurements for both legs using 12 different points spaced out on a single 360-degree pedaling stroke.
What does that mean? Essentially, this means that the devices can measure metrics throughout an entire pedal stroke—it knows how much force you exert continuously as you pedal, and not just at the beginning of a pedal stroke.

pioneer pedal arankIMAGE: PIONEER
Pioneer's Pedaling Monitor attached to a pedal crank

Both the Cyclocomputer and the Cyclo-Sphere transmit information on a specialANT+ stream to help users track power output, pedaling stroke efficiency, power loss, force vector, torque, and 195 other kinds of data.That’s right, the Cyclocomputer tracks a total of 199 different metrics—heart rate, cadence, speed, distance, GPS positioning, elevation gain or loss, ambient temperature, and (obviously) much, much more.
However, it doesn’t come cheap: The Cyclocomputer will set you back $900 (I think I may have actually gasped when they told me the price), while the Pedaling Monitor retails for a whopping $1600 meaning the total price of the hardware is enough to purchase a (crappy) used car.
It is truly an enthusiast product. And the incredibly detailed metrics both on the Cyclocomputer and within the Cyclo-Sphere dashboard definitely make these high-performance products that provide enough data to make a team of scientists happy—and hopefully more than a few cyclists.

Watch the video at TechHive

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2013 TD Five Boro Bike Tour Presented by REI

Europe's Most Congested City Contemplates Going Car-Free | Atlantic Cities

Europe's Most Congested City Contemplates Going Car-Free
Wikimedia Commons
If the city’s new mayor gets his way, Central Brussels will soon be essentially car-free. Socialist Party mayor Yvan Mayeur, sworn in last month as mayor of the Brussels City district, wants to turn the Belgian capital's central axis into a pedestrian zone.
The move would transform a handsome but car-snarled four-lane boulevard and a string ofsquares into a long, cafĂ©-filled promenade.  This new zone will join up with an existing pedestrian zone in the narrow streets around the city's Grand Place and Rue Neuve, turning Brussels’ core into a spacious, rambling open-air living room.
The change is long overdue. No European capital has been quite so ruined by motor vehicles as Brussels, which even last year was scorned by the French as a "sewer for cars." And the new plan is going over well with locals, meaning Brussels might finally gain its deserved place as a likeable European city.

Camping vs. Touring | Rivendell Bikes

Bike Camping. How it's different from touring, and why you may actually have time to do some of it. And about the bike camping gear we like, use, and stock.

Mt. Diablo, California, USABike camping and bike touring are alike enough to require the same kind of gear, but bike touring emphasizes the journey, and you stop only so you can refresh yourself and do it again the next day. Bike camping emphasizes the destination and what you do once you get there, and you just happen to get there on a bike.
If you have to work for a living and don't have summers off, bike camping is easier to fit in, and the easiest way of all is with Sub-24 Hour Overnight (S24O) trips. You leave on your bike in the late afternoon or evening, ride to your campsite in a few hours, camp, sleep, and ride home the next morning. It's that simple, and that's the beauty of it. You can fit it in. It requires almost no planning or time commitment. In the past 9 years I've done more than eighty of them, and I'm no planner.
The S24O is like the movie Groundhog Day, because you get to refine your style over and over again, without major suffering or consequences. You can take notes in the evening about what you should've brought and what you didn't need to bring. After a few of these, you'll have a kit-of-gear that works for you, and how to modify it for conditions.

[Keep reading at Rivendell]

Conway E- Rider (Extreme E- Bike)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Cruiser: A Stylish Motorized Bicycle

The Local Motors Cruiser is a modern take on a classic bicycle. It was designed by a member of the Local Motors community, and the first prototypes were built in our Microfactory. It’s a product of true co-creation and vehicle innovation, and you have the chance to own one of the first models available by taking part in the first-ever Local Motors-sponsored crowdfunding campaign. 
Pre-order prices are available on a limited quantity of cruisers while supplies last, so act now to receive purchase your Cruiser motorized bicycle at a low, introductory price. Only 29 Cruisers will be available at the discounted price of $3,499! Once the campaign is over, Cruisers will have a MSRP of $3,799. 
By pledging your support to the campaign, you can be part of bringing a new designer’s innovative vehicle concept to life. Seven participation/reward levels, starting as low as just $1, are available. Once the campaign is fully funded, Local Motors will deliver the first production Cruisers - both electric and gas-powered selections - in March 2014. In addition to unique rewards, each funding level up to $400 will also include a discount on a future purchase of the Local Motors Cruiser.

The Product

Electric Local Motors Cruiser

The zero-emissions Electric Cruiser can travel 20+ miles on a single, fully-charged battery set (up to 40 miles with a second battery), features a Brushless DC - 500W 36V rear wheel drive hub motor with regenerative braking, and in the current configuration is projected to cost less than $0.01 per mile to operate. Whether in the city or a suburban neighborhood, the Electric Cruiser will give you an awesome vintage look with a modern, eco-friendly twist.
Fun to ride, the Electric Cruiser is the perfect power-assisted bicycle choice for commuting to work; just ride it there, plug it in, and ride it home. You’ll save money every day you ride it.

 Gas-Powered Local Motors Cruiser

The gas-powered version of the Cruiser features a Honda GXH50 49cc 4-stroke air-cooled motor with 2.0 lb-ft torque at 450 rpm, can travel up to 70 miles on just one tank of gas, and gets approximately 150/mpg. With a max speed of 34 miles per hour, the gas-powered Cruiser maintains the feel of a classic board track racer; from the iconic styling, to the riding posture, to the custom-tuned throat resonant stainless exhaust.
Inspired by the board track racers popular in the early 1900’s, the modernization of this bicycle style breathes efficiency into its classic design. The frame and exhaust are constructed of high quality, hand-welded 4130 Chromoly. Genuine handcrafted leather accents and strap reinforcements, including a high-quality Brooks B17 saddle in Honey with Black Rails, accompanied by a classic Quad-coil springer front-end, battery powered 1200 Lumen Cree XML T6 head torch, and hand-laced wheels with vintage, smooth riding side wall tires, add an elevated sense of class to the both versions of the Cruiser, each available in a luscious color palette of Creme, Black Satin and Honey with Chrome accents. To ensure everyone enjoys a comfortable ride, the Cruiser is available in two sizes, medium and large. Medium is suitable for people shorter than 5’7” (1m70), and the Large size is suitable for those who are taller than 5’7” (1m70).

The Designer

The Cruiser was designed by Ianis Vasilatos, a dedicated member of the Local Motors community and a talented vehicle designer. He took first place in the Local Motors Cruiser Design Challenge and quickly saw his concepts come to life at the Chandler, Arizona Microfactory.
Ianis has been a member of the Local Motors CoCreate community since April 2011. He is one of the top Local Motors community designers. By day, Ianis is a production manager at the Queen Marry Theatre in Oradea, Romania. By night, he is a talented, passionate vehicle designer with aspirations to see his visions of vehicle innovation brought to life.
His passion for vehicle design fueled his drive to create this incredible concept on his own time. It’s this dedication to creativity and innovation that makes the Cruiser such an inspiring bicycle to build. It’s even more exciting to have the potential to offer this bike to the public, sharing this world-class design with cycling enthusiasts.

The Specifications

Detailed Specifications
Gas Powered Cruiser
Electric powered Cruiser
Max speed
34 mph (limitable to meet local regulation)
27 mph (limitable to meet local regulation)
70+ miles on a tank of gas (0.6 Gal)
*20+ miles on a single, fully-charged battery set (up to 40 miles with a second battery)
*at an average speed of 15mph @75 deg F, with a rider of 180 pounds
up to 150 MPG
Cost : Less than $0.01/mile
Zero Emission
Honda GXH50 - 49cc 4 stroke gas engine
Brushless DC - 500W 36V rear wheel drive hub motor
Centrifugal Clutch, Direct Drive Transmission, Chain Final Drive
Hub Motor
No battery
Nominal Voltage: 36Volts
Battery life: 1500 cycles
Recharge Time - up to 8 hours
Battery-powered Head Torch
1200 Lumens
1200 Lumens
Front & Rear Drum
Front Drum, Rear Wheel Regenerative Braking and Disc
High quality hand-welded (TIG) 4130 Chromoly
High quality hand-welded (TIG) 4130 Chromoly
73 lbs (env. 33kg)
68 lbs (env. 31kg)
*Although production Cruisers will be substantially the same as the development prototypes shown, all specifications are subject to change.

The Team

Our team is dedicated to solving any problem they’re presented with, whether it involves creating a new snowboard design, a food-delivery vehicle, a troop transport vehicle, or a motorized bicycle. Launching a crowdfunding platform is just the next step in advancing the concepts developed by the Local Motors community. Taking the Cruiser design, researching its development, and bringing it into reality is exactly what the Local Motors team is most passionate about.