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This Is What Happens to Your Bike After It’s Stolen | SeattleMet

Image:  © Todd McLellan, All Rights Reserved TO THE PREPARED THIEF,  every bike rack is a buffet. You think a cable lock will keep your beloved wheels in your life. The thief knows a simple pair of aviation snips cuts through that cable like butter. You’re convinced a locker-style combination lock will outsmart a crook. He pops it in seconds with a shim—just slides it in between the body of the lock and its fishhook tip, and your bike is his. (A good bandit can make a shim in about five minutes with nothing more than a beer can and a pair of scissors.) U-locks? Routinely opened with a Bic pen jammed into the keyhole. Even with that rare unbreakable lock, a bike is no safer than its anchor; outside Guthrie Hall at the University of Washington sits a metal rack that bike thieves have sawed straight through. The components, meanwhile—the lights, seats, handlebars, derailleurs, and brakes that turn a frame into a ridable bike—can go for hundreds of dollars each on the black market.

EVO - The Urban Bike Utility by HUGE-DESIGN

EVO - The Urban Bike Utility by HUGE-DESIGN from HUGE DESIGN on Vimeo .

Lucas Brunelle goes to Africa

Lucas Brunelle goes to Africa from Cinelli Official on Vimeo . "Lucas Brunelle Goes to Africa" movie has been produced by CINELLI and edited by Benny Zenga. Filmed by Lucas Brunelle while riding the new #BootlegHobo cinelli bikes through the 1700km of the legendary Diamond Coast route, final stage of the Tour d'Afrique! Hobo is a totally new steel bicycle, engineered and equipped for off-road rides on long distances, Tour d'Afrique has been an incredible test for our new bike as well as an outstanding way to announce Hobo to the world! With such a cast a short introduction about our friends spotted in the video is a must! Chas Christiansen, 100% pure San Francisco, is one of the top riders of the Cinelli Mash Team, iconic figure of the fixed-gear culture, always on the highest steps of Criteriums, Alleycats and Cyclo-Cross Single-Speed races podiums. Lucas Brunelle is the famous video-maker who introduced the first-person point-of-view shooting technique

Kentucky bicycle case brings unwanted attention to State. | Examiner

Play Cherokee Schill Mark Twain was reputed to have stated "I want to be in  Kentucky  when the end of the world comes, because it’s always 20 years behind." A recent Kentucky court case may affirm his statement. Cherokee Schill was convicted of "driving carelessly" for riding her bicycle in the right lane of Nicholasville Rd. In the State of Kentucky this is legal, however, she was convicted anyway and then arrested again. This time the charge was increased to "wanton endangerment". Ms. Schill posted a video on her  Youtube page  that clearly shows drivers braking, driving erratically and passing her in the shoulder to avoid waiting a few seconds to pass in the left lane.  Channel 27 News  also showed video of Schill's encounter. Nicholasville Police Officer Grimes admits that the motorists were reacting and behaving in a dangerous manner but only Ms. Schill, the bicyclist was cited. "It could cause harm to others and she had kno

Tackling climate change presents a “golden opportunity” for public health | Grist

For Carol Kelly, biking to and from work is a no-brainer: She doesn’t have to deal with the notorious Seattle traffic, she can exercise without visiting the dreary gym, and she saves money on gas. And, of course, she acknowledges that her  swap of a tailpipe for pedals  contributes — at least in a small way — to tackling climate change. “I don’t necessarily connect it to climate, but it’s a bonus,” said Kelly, 47, a fine arts professor at Seattle University, as she waited on her bike at a stop sign Friday evening in the Green Lake neighborhood of Seattle. “The planet is going to burn up. If everyone were on bikes, it wouldn’t be as much of a problem.” Biking, walking, and other active forms of transportation are just a few ways that reducing our use of fossil fuels may benefit not only the planet but also our health and the economy, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on Monday — to coincide with the  United Nations Climate Summi

Tough at the Top - 24" Fat Bike Commuting

Tough at the Top from Planet X Bikes on Vimeo .

Georgesville becoming popular stop for bicyclists | Columbus Dispatch

A family bicycling along the Camp Chase Trail in western Franklin County last month stopped at Janet and Jimmie Moore’s house and asked if they could set up camp in their backyard. “They were coming from Canada and pitched a tent behind the carport,” Mr. Moore said. For at least one night, Georgesville once again served as a whistle stop for inter-city travelers. The town used to have a railroad depot — on Railroad Street, of course — along the east-west rail heading into Columbus. For decades, passenger trains whizzed by the houses there. Mrs. Moore said she remembers watching people in the dining car, wondering where they were going. [Keep reading at Dispatch]

Bontrager's TLR Flash Charger Floor Pump - Review | Pinkbike

Bontrager's TLR Flash Charger floor pump is actually two different tools in one. It's a floor pump, obviously, but it also has a secondary, larger cylinder that stores a charge of air pressure until you're ready to release it all at once, very much like a compressor does. The idea is that this flood of air will seat a tubeless tire much easier than you pumping like a madman in order to get the tire's bead to seal against the rim walls, even if you've employed helpful tricks like soaping up the tire and rim or removing the valve core so allow air to enter faster. The TLR Flash Charger sports an aluminum barrel combined with a plastic base and secondary tube, and the high-pressure gauge is mounted at the top of the body so it's easy to read. An 'Auto-Select' head does both presta and schrader valves without asking you to switch any tiny bits around, and the hose is long enough to reach a bike that's still up in a work stand. MSRP $119.99 USD.

SILCA SuperPista Ultimate Floor Pump is $450 @silcavelo

Functional Work of Art The SILCA SuperPista has long set the standard of what a bicycle floor pump could and should be.  As an object used before almost every ride, a floor pump has the ability to optimize the comfort and handling of your bicycle, to allow you to adjust the way a bicycle feels before a particular ride.  They can bring great pleasure of use, or pain, suffering and frustration.  A great floor pump must feel good in your hands, operate smoothly and consistently, and be stable under foot, regardless of what shoes you are wearing.   For 2014, SILCA has moved SuperPista production to Indianapolis and taken the historic SILCA ideals and reimagined them with new technologies, manufacturing methods and processes.  High tech manufacturing methods and materials have been combined with old world materials and ideals to create an heirloom quality product which you will be proud to hand down to the next generation.  At 7 pounds (3.2kg) the Ultimate is easily the heaviest an

Elements: Smith Overtake Road Cycling Helmet

You wouldn’t think that you could shake up the bike helmet market all that much, but Smith did it this spring with its amazing Forefront mountain biking helmet and now it’s looking to do the same thing in road cycling with the Overtake. Weighing a scant 250 grams, the Overtake is constructed of a polymer called Koroyd, which Smith says absorbs 30 percent more energy than traditional EPS foam. That allows for less structural material, which allows for larger vents and a cooler ride. The Overtake comes in two versions, standard and MIPS, the latter of which you might have heard about (and which you certainly will in the future). MIPS standards for Multi-directional Impact Protection System and consists of an inner lining that breaks away from the outer shell upon rotational impact, absorbing more energy with the helmet thus less with your noggin. There are five colors available with MIPS, 12 without.