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Thomson Bike Tours: Giro D'Italia


Nona Varnado clothing and accessories

Nona Varnado  clothing and accessories bridge the gap between fashion and real athletic apparel using high-tech and traditional fabrics. We began sewing apparel   in NYC in 2009 and have continued our commitment to fair treatment and ethical sourcing as we have moved production to Los Angeles and abroad. Instead of having one set of “bike clothes” and another set of normal clothes – discover the joy of pants designed for surviving the elements, daily riding and making a gorgeous impression. Jackets that have the details of a technical jacket but the look and feel of a high end fashion garment.

Gravity Bike


Walkabout: South Siders want welcome mat out for coming cyclists [Pittsburgh Post Gazette]

Trail Town Pittsburgh By Diana Nelson Jones / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette When the last mile of the Great Allegheny Passage opens this summer, bicyclists will have an unbroken trail between Washington, D.C., and Pittsburgh. Odds are the connection now under construction between Homestead and the South Side will bring an increasing stream of visitors from all points east into the city. A promotional effort called Trail Town South Side Pittsburgh formed in January when Jonathan Growall, a real estate agent, teamed with Kim Collins, president of the South Side Chamber of Commerce, in planning to enhance the experiences of cycling tourists and help South Side businesses reap economic rewards. This is a big opportunity for the South Side to nurture a daytime economy that has long been overshadowed by weekend drinking revelries, which some stakeholders think have brought the neighborhood to or near the tipping point. "I have nothing against the nighttime economy, b

Eno Winged Bicycle Reflector Pant Clips

Ride fast but safely and clear of getting your pant leg caught in the chain. With these reflective wings around your ankle, ride like the wind or some modern mythical character of your choosing. These Winged Bicycle Reflector Pant Clips are called Windrider and are sold in a set of 2 pant reflector clips.  Made of silver reflective PVC. [fitzsu]

Upcoming Film about Afghan Women’s Cycling Team [combatapathy]

The bicycle is a commonly used metaphor for change and freedom – wheels in motion, self powered movement, pedaling a revolution… The bicycle lives up to this metaphor in Afghanistan as the Women’s National Cycling Team begins to take shape. Cycling is not an acceptable thing for women to do in Afghanistan, even while women’s sports grow and the first Afghan women have competed in the Olympics, cycling is still considered culturally offensive.  But when the men’s team formed, Kabul girls wanted to ride. At this point, the team is made up of 10-12 women, and despite officially forming the national women’s team, they must be kept as an underground sport. Using borrowed gear, they are trying to build the team and the sport. Whether or not they are aware of it, what they are doing is a huge step for Afghan women as there are only 60-70 female riders throughout the entire country. I am proud to announce that this spring we are partnering with the  Mountain2Mountain ‘s domestic pr

Detroit Gran Fondo, Woodward Bike Ride, Moves Ahead Despite Push Back From Royal Oak Officials [HuffPost Detroit]

The sponsoring organization of Detroit, The Woodward Avenue Action Association (WA3) has pulled its support for a 2013 Detroit-Pontiac bike ride, but some supporters are vowing to move on with the ride without municipal endorsement. (David Sands/HuffPost) Think Detroit's Gran Fondo bicycle ride has been derailed? Not so fast! True, the original sponsor of the 54-mile Woodward Avenue bicycle event, the Woodward Avenue Action Association  (WA3), may have pulled out due to resistance from the city of Royal Oak. But a Ferndale bike shop owner is ready to pick up where it left off. Jon Hughes, owner of the  Downtown Ferndale Bike Shop , plans to keep the ride alive on June 30, even if city leaders don't give the event their blessing. Gran fondo means "big ride" in Italian; it's an umbrella term covering a variety of large-scale biking events, which have been common in Italy for years but are just starting to catch on in the United States. Accordi


FINELY PRINTED T-SHIRTS • Black Women's T • White and Aqua Graphic • 100% Super Soft Cotton • Made in the U.S.A. [Buy it here]

Verizon TV Spot-Bike Heart

RAAM - The World's Toughest Bicycle Race

Start:  Oceanside, California, at the Oceanside Pier Finish : Annapolis, Maryland, at the City Dock Distance : 3000 miles When : The Solo Men and Women start 12:00pm (PDT) Tuesday June 11; The Teams start 12:00pm (PDT) Saturday June 15. Review this document for full details of the race - the 2012 GEAR Book under Race Resources includes the details of what is included in the entry, the refund/rollover policy and  the most current race updates. The GEAR Book will be updated for 2013 soon. Refund and Rollover Policy here.    Race Divisions Time Cutoffs What's Included Policies on Fees and Refunds To secure your spot on the RAAM roster you must Register and pay at least the deposit listed below though you can pay more. If you want to lock in the early registration fee you must in full at the time of initial registration. If you Register by December 1, 2012, your will lock in the entry fee . If you register after December 1, 2012, your full entry fee will be the fee l

Jackson Run Bike to kindergarten

Jackson Run Bike to kindergarten. from Ron Goldstone on Vimeo .

How To: Superissimo Küzette Repair Kit [Superissimo]

I have never agree with a bag dangling from the seat like a pair of americanische trucking ball (pelota). This happens so muche in the pleasure cycling I am shaking my mind. The bags are so big I can fit a half a cabbage there and why? Who is preparing like this? Who is having a head so big? Today, we are showing how to make you own Superissimo Küzette Repair Kit with a favorite Superissimo küzi. Okay, so introduce the Superissimo Küzette Repair Kit. This is a special thing. A  Køøl et Organizé  systemme for when you are going bad. You pop, and you then make your fix and if it is close to a can, you can then have a küzi too. Do you see? Step 1: For setup, you have two cans. One for the job. One for friend. This is most important because maybe you are having a different kind of riding so now you decide what Küzi you will use for representation. This matters so muche I cannot even say. If you are being seen, when do you knotte have the ‘nache in the mind? Not now. Not today. So t

Detroit Bike City is March 16th, 2013 @detroitbikecity #letsride

[Detroit Bike City]

Tulane study finds cycling surge after city bike lane project [Tulane University]

The city of New Orleans has added more than 37 miles of bike lanes on 16 streets since 2008. (Photo by Paula Burch-Celentano) Bike lanes continue to gain popularity in New Orleans with the latest set of lanes boasting a surge in riders, according to a new Tulane University study. On South Carrollton Avenue, researchers at Tulane University School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine saw more than three times the number of people cycling after one-mile long bike lanes were striped. Kathryn Parker, assistant director of Tulane’s Prevention Research Center, led the study that was conducted over a 10-day period in September 2009 and again in September 2010 – before and after the lanes were installed. The findings were recently  published online  in the  Annals of Behavioral Medicine . [Keep reading at  Tulane University]

Why 12 per cent of all trips in Vancouver are by bike – It’s simpler than you think [Green Energy Futures]

As anybody who has seen astronaut Chris Hadfield’s incredible images from space can attest, the single most prominent human-made features of cities like  Toronto , Windsor  or  Edmonton  are roads. As seen from space the new Anthony Henday ring road forms a  dramatic necklace  around our home base of Edmonton. Ever since the 1950s the car has been the accidental architect of our cities. Billions of dollars have been dedicated to roads, overpasses, tunnels and other car infrastructure. But this single minded dedication to making sure cars got to where they wanted to go as fast as they could has had some pretty serious unintended consequences.  As our country becomes more and more urban  it’s clear that while our cities will continue to grow in size and population there’s only so many roads that lead to the places people want to go. This leads to everyone’s favourite way to wile away a few hours a day – traffic gridlock. The separated bike lanes on Dunsmuir in Vancouver. Ph

Ridgetop Ramble is February 10, 2013 by @SwallowBicycle #letsride

We combined some of our favorite roads and trails through Shawnee State Forest and would love to share them with you! Join us for a Ridgetop Ramble through Shawnee State Forest this Sunday, February 10.   Location: Shawnee State Forest, Blue Creek, Ohio. Statistics: Approximately 47 miles and 5,000ft of climbing Terrain: Mostly gravel and paved roads with some bridle trails (double track dirt) Estimated Ride Time: 4-5 hours (including the normal amount of stopping, jibber-jabber, and unexpected trailside bicycle repair). Carpool Rendezvous Location and Time: 8:45 a.m. at  Swallow Bicycle Works  Ride Time and Start Location: 11:00 a.m. from the  U.S. Post Office   Meet us at whichever location is more convenient. GPS Route:  Click here. Ride Note: This is a “choose your own adventure” ride organized to bring together a group of like-minded cyclists to ride on some of the beautiful roads within Shawnee State Forest, only an hour and half east of Cincinnati. We w

Bike Camping? Try the Strap and Crap. Or not.

Strap and Crap™ from Laura Stude on Vimeo . When nature calls, do you like answering by squatting in the woods? Me neither. That's why I invented the Strap and Crap™, a simple,  Made in the USA  strap device that reduces thigh strain and eases your woods waste woes.     By raising these funds, I'm looking to do a limited production run on the Strap and Crap™ so I can sell it online and in local sporting goods stores. I was able to get a feel for various manufacturers during the prototyping phase and ultimately chose a manufacturer based in Austin, TX. Your generosity will fund materials and manufacturing for the Strap and Crap™, as well as help me bring it to a larger market. Thanks for supporting a small, local business! Benefits, Uses and Specs Made in USA Mold and mildew resistant Designed for use by individuals weighing up to 250 lbs. Lightweight and packable - weighs less than 1 lb. and folds neatly Sanitary 9 ft in length No need to remove your pack


Our hangin' Tufts are highly reflective and can be attached to zipper pulls, bolo ties, earrings or anything else the 1/2" jump ring can fit around. It's a simple and visible accessory- makes a great gift! Made from a custom developed 3M reflective material, 3" long. Hardware is rhodium plated brass. [Dargelos]

Joyride150 - XC Session

Joyride150 - XC Session from Justen Soule on Vimeo .

Pub Pedals

The Short Story Eggbeater pedals are awesome for mountain biking because their four-sided design makes them the easiest pedals to clip into on the trail. But the minimal design that makes them great on the trail is precisely what makes them painful for riding your bike to the pub, or to dinner with friends in your favorite pair of shoes. We want you to enjoy comfortably biking over to the beach in your Birkenstocks or cruising to a yoga class in your flip-flops. Pub Pedals are designed so that you can wear any footwear you like with your Eggbeaters and get a comfortable ride. Say goodbye to the difficulty and discomfort of trying to ride on tiny little Eggbeaters without bike shoes! Just slide Pub Pedals on over your Eggbeaters, and you are ready to ride --- no matter what shoes you are wearing. What’s the Secret? When you slide the Pub Pedal onto your Eggbeater, the force activates the spring inside the Eggbeater to create tension, so that you get a nice secure fit.

Video: Kirt Voreis Rides Retallack, British Columbia

AllRide at Retallack from Kirt Voreis on Vimeo .

Do More Bars - gluten free energy bars

Do More Bars, our original recipe  gluten free bars   are reminiscent of those crisp              rice treats you loved as a child but in a healthier gourmet version. Whether you have            a  gluten intolerance ,  celiac disease  or you're just looking to eat healthier,                these  gluten free snacks  are for you! They are not only delicious, they are..... Packed  with Fruit &  Nuts Made  with Whole Grain Organic Crispy Brown  Rice No Artificial Colors or Flavors No Preservatives or Sulfites No Hydrogenated Oils No Marshmallow Creme  No Corn Syrup Over 50% Organic and All Natural! Whether  you eat them on the go or enjoy them at home,  Do More Bars are a Healthy Gourmet Snack For Your Do More Life! Don't disappoint your taste buds, click on your favorite flavor and begin shopping now.  Enjoy!   Date Pecan   Pineapple Coconut   Raisin Peanut Orange Cranberry Pecan Cherry Almond Variety Packs Product Reviews 'Gluten-Free

Wheel Mill Pittsburgh

No matter what type of bike you ride we have something for you. Here are some of the features we will house in our 80,000 SQ FT bike riding mecca. Jump Park! 12,000 Square feet of jump lines, set up to mimc the feeling of riding some of Pennsylvania’s many world class trails. Designed in collaboration with professional BMX riders to insure you get that true trail feeling. Beginner box jumps and rollers for those who are new to the experience. MTB Trails! Beginner to expert, east coast rocky to west cost big mountain, we have all the obstacles. Designed to feel as natural as your favorite piece of single track, we have lines that flow together and never get old. Trials area Warm up area: an area with movable and fixed obstacles that are prefect for fine tuning your handling skills or shaking the dust off. Pump Track! 7,000 square foot pump mecca – great for perfecting your race skills of working on your pump so you can go for big air in the jump park. Street P

Glacier Bike Downhill 2011 144 km/h


Zero Grip


LeMond recovering after car crash in Minnesota [NBC Sports]

PLYMOUTH, Minn. (AP) - Three-time Tour de France winner Greg LeMond crashed his car in a Minneapolis suburb this week. A Plymouth police report says LeMond left the road Wednesday morning, hit a fence and shrubs, and then hit an embankment before ending up in the back yard of a home. The report says the 51-year-old LeMond went to a hospital with back pain. According to the report, LeMond may have lost consciousness before the accident. LeMond became America's first Tour de France winner in 1986. He also won the Tour in 1989 and 1990. A message left for LeMond through a friend was not immediately returned Friday.