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2011 Columbus Fall City Ride is Sunday, October 23

Meet at  11:00 am  at the ball diamond in Whetstone Park next to the bike trail, just south of the foot bridge that crosses the Olentangy River and Route 315.   See Map   This will be a no drop, casual city ride which will take us through two of Clintonville's scenic ravines, the North Olentangy Trail, OSU campus, Victorian Village, the North Market, Franklin Park, German Village, the South Olentangy Trail, and downtown Columbus.  Don't forget to bring a lock.  We will be stopping at various locations to eat and drink. If you have any questions send e-mail to bluce [at]

36th Columbus Fall Challenge is Sat. & Sun., Oct. 1st & 2nd

Sugar Grove to Marietta and return.  Ohio’s hardest Full Service Tour.  Start is at Berne Union Schools in Sugar Grove.  Three snack stops each day, Sunday breakfast, Sag service, luggage transported, and gym floor space for overnight are provided.   Expect around 210 miles and 16,000 feet of climbing over two days.    The ride is designed to be strenuous, as a bonus you will get some great scenery.  The course is designed for experienced riders.  Cost is $50 for COP members, $55 for non-COP members, and $70 for day of ride (limited to 25).  Register on-line or download a form from Outdoor-Pursuits.Org ,  Registration is 7:00 to 8:15 and you should be on the road by no later than 8:30. CFC Sat Route 109 miles 8800 feet of climbing

Minneapolis' Midtown Greenway: Good for Biz, Good for Bikes. [VIDEO]

Minneapolis' Midtown Greenway: Good for Biz, Good for Bikes. from Streetfilms on Vimeo .

Video workshop: How to check for chain wear - BikeRadar

Welcome to BikeRadar's bike maintenance video series, produced in conjunction with Unior tools and What Mountain Bike. In part five of the series, What Mountain Bike's technical editor Justin Loretz shows you how to check for chain wear. This often neglected piece of maintenance could save you plenty of cash in the long run, as you'll know when to change your chain before your cassette wears out and requires replacement too. [Video]
Cycling For Everyone from Dutch Cycling Embassy on Vimeo . Introducing the Dutch Cycling Embassy, the world's cycling experts sharing experiences.

Oregon Manifest - The Constructor’s Design Challenge Winners

BEST OF SHOW: TONY PEREIRA, PEREIRA CYCLES We’re delighted to congratulate Tony Pereira of Pereira Cycles on his Best of Show award. Tony’s bike – centered around an electric pedaling assist — was specifically designed to get people out of cars, introducing amenities that drivers have grown accustomed to on the road; stereo, locking storage, stable loading and a huge dose of Fun Factor. See the rest of the winners here .

Parlee Cycles Tour

TOUR OR COMMUTE WITH STYLE AND GRACE The choice of Bob for commuting back and forth to work, the TOUR is the ultimate touring or commuter bike. The TOUR is built on the same platform as our race bikes but with more relaxed geometry and customization options to accommodate multiple water bottles, fenders and panniers. Although comfort is king here, you'll find the TOUR responds quickly underfoot and handles with the grace of a race bike. Whether you're planning an assault on the back roads of Vermont or simply looking for a great commuter bike, this is the bike for you. FRAME GEOMETRY:  traditional BRAKE BRIDGE:  carbon fiber CUSTOM GEOMETRY:  available from 45-63cm BOTTOM BRACKET:  titanium (English thread 68mm) or Press-Fit 30 TUBING:  PARLEE uni-directional DROP OUTS:  6/4 titanium OPTIONAL TUBING:  SL, XL, CL, X STANDARD FINISH:  high gloss clear coat SEAT STAYS:  twin OPTIONAL FINISHES:  waxed, custom paint Build Kits [Pa [Parlee Cycles]

Leaf Peepers Tour is October 15th [Crook's Cycle Right]

I wanted to extend an invitation to the 2nd Annual Leaf Peepers Tour. This is the perfect event as an end of year ride. All routes take you through the Wayne National Forest during the height of leaf color season. Fund raiser for The James! Great Route! Easy to reach! Great food and treats! Great support! We have 3 routes. 70 mile Metric Century is a challenge on the order of Pelatonia to Athens with stunning scenery as you ride along what is known as "The Rim of the World" 35 mile Half Metric is a challenge on the order of Pelatonia to Amanda with some very long "close to flat" sections and some of the hills from the Pelatonia route at the end. Your choice length - bring the family to ride the bike trail from Hocking College as far as you like and back. Family fun includes the pioneer village and the train stop at the ride start/stop point. Perfect for sharing some family fun or riding with novice cyclists. Fully supported with rest stops, sag, mechanica

How to Lock Your Bike [VIDEO]


A Year on the Bike: 12 Months of Commuting to Work Without a Car [via The Atlantic]

BEN MCALLISTER - Ben McAllister is an assistant creative director at the innovation firm frog. His writing has appeared in  Fast Company , PSFK, and  Interactions Magazine . What I've learned about systems design, health, and human nature a year after I sold my car and decided to bike 12 miles to the office every day In our era of polarized politics, the idea of changing someone's mind seems increasingly implausible. But what if instead of changing someone's mind, you could change their behavior? This is a subject on the mind of many designers today. Whether you're talking about healthcare, the environment, or education, designers are increasingly being asked to solve problems by changing the way people act. How can we encourage people to eat right, reduce carbon emissions, and spend less (or more)? For empathy's sake, over the last year, I undertook a behavior change of my own: I sold my car and started biking to work every day. One year late

Mini Monkey Light - 8-Bit Bike Light [Kickstarter Project]

How do I know you guys can deliver?  The Mini Monkey isn't just an idea, its a tested design that is production ready.  Dozens of Mini Monkey test units have been getting the harshest treatment by our testers for months.  We also have three years experience making our original Monkey Light M133.  We've learned how to navigate manufacturing plants and supply chains, we've talked to thousands of our customers - we know the new Mini Monkey our best product yet. Mini Monkey Light - 8-Bit Bike Light [Kickstarter Project]

Bicycle Traveler: Free Online Magazine

Bicycle Traveler is an international magazine on bicycle touring. It’s full of entertaining stories and inspiring photography which will have you dreaming over new destinations, as well as information over cycling gear. New issues will appear on a regular basis. Subscribe to the magazine (it's free!) so that you don’t miss out on future editions. The magazine is designed to be viewed on full-size computer screens. In this issue: Checkposts & Magic Letters Long distance cyclists Hiromu and Peter Gostelow cross into the Central African Republic. Riding high in the Dolomites The Cycling Gypsies pedal over Italy's Passo Giau with the help of their dogs Paco and Jack. The Hungry Cyclist Helen Lloyd's hunger knows no bounds at a South African barbecue. Tibet Inspiring photos from Nathalie Pellegrinelli. Bicycle Traveler is edited and published by Grace Johnson. She is now “Bicycling around the world in search of inspiring cycle images” together with photographer Paul Jeuriss

REVERSE KEG RIDE is Saturday October 29, 2011 [PITTSBURGH]

Once again, that crisp Fall air means that the end of Pedal Pale Ale Season is drawing near.  As you may  have heard, back in May about 450 of our GOOD FRIENDS came out to help deliver the first Pedal Pale Ale kegs of the season at our annual  PEDAL PALE ALE KEG RIDE , and raised some nice money for charity at the same time!  And just like last year, we need to get the last of this year's empty Pedal Pale Ale kegs back to the brewery... which in my book is the perfect excuse for another bike ride!  (Okay, it's a pretty flimsy excuse, but work with me, okay?) FIRST, A BIT ABOUT THE BEER:  In case you've missed it so far this year, our summer seasonal, PEDAL PALE ALE is a crisp, American Pale Ale with a bright floral hop character, and a lighter body than its big brother (our flagship Big Hop IPA).  We change up the recipe a little bit every year to suit our ever shifting tastes, and to keep the release a little more interesting.  I believe it just might be THE PERFECT po

"Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery" closes up shop

[Yehuda Moon]

Detroit Bicycle Company

I got the chance to talk with the owners at Tour de Troit 2011. Their bikes are built based on 70's - 80's frame degrees and add vintage parts to create an entire bike. [Detroit Bicycle Company] My photos from Tour de Troit and Detroit Bicycle Company Bikes are here.

Bikepacking to Backcountry Huts in Colorado [via Bike Overnights]

Posted by  Kirsten Armbruster  | Tags:  Colorado  ,  Deluxe  ,  Routes & Rides Colorado is a beautiful state in which to play outdoors. There are so many activities depending upon the time of year. My husband, Dave, and I moved out here to ski in the winter and mountain bike in the summer. Friends of ours introduced us to ski touring to the backcountry huts maintained by the  10th Mountain Division Hut Association . Experiencing the serene beauty of the mountains in the winter was amazing, and having a luxurious hut for shelter was a major bonus. A few years ago, we decided to try our hand at a summer hut trip with mountain bikes as our mode of transportation. The logistics were a little different than a winter tour as bikes aren't allowed in the wilderness areas. We had to carefully plan our route, and make sure our fitness level was good enough for the long mileage, high altitude and extra weight of our gear. [keep reading at Bike Overnights]

Bicycle rush hour Utrecht (Netherlands) 2011 [VIDEO]


Fuseproject Tries To Design The Perfect Bike For Hauling Stuff

Bikes can be a fine way to travel shortish distances--except when you’re hauling a lot of stuff. Take it from someone who doesn’t leave the house without a bag the size of a large carry-on. Yves Béhar’s Fuseproject to the rescue: Its new Local bike comes with enough cargo space to haul a dog, a picnic, and a large umbrella to the beach--while retaining the manageable dimensions of a standard two-wheeler. Local emerged from the Oregon Manifest Challenge, a contest to design the ultimate utility bike. Fuseproject partnered with the Sonoma-based custom bike builder Sycip to create the bicycle equivalent of a pickup truck: a three-wheeler with a sturdy front platform, detachable satchels for holding smaller items, and straps for securing items as large as a surfboard. According to Fuseproject's press release: "For all who have wanted to use a bike for their daily lives and have considered the concept too impractical, we focused on designing a useful tool for a local life, not just

Detroit Adventure Ride 2011 recap and photos

Detroit Adventure Ride Highlights We decided to explore the city (again) after Tour de Troit 2011 Michigan ave Downtown Lafayette Greens community garden Heidelberg Project Dequindre Cut Detroit River Walk Roberts Riverwalk Hotel Atwater Block Brewery Cadieux Cafe for dinner 49 miles total for the day!

Tour de Troit 2011 recap and photos

Tour de Troit 2011 [website] 4300 riders 22 miles official route, we rode the bonus miles on Belle Isle Start/finish at Roosevelt Park / Michigan Depot

Beat the Train in Detroit 09242011 Recap and Photos

Beat the Train in Detroit weekly ride [website] 12 miles, abridged due to earlier Tour de Troit start time 25+ riders

Suburban Detroit Critical Mass recap and photos

Suburban Detroit Critical Mass 40+ riders Starts in Ferndale at Rust Market 12 miles Dinner at Anita's Kitchen [Facebook group]

Soft-Ride Bike Has Steel Tires, And You Can Ride It Now

For W Hotels' "WOW Bikes," Ron Arad designs a bespoke bicycle that reimagines the wheel using nothing but curved sprung steel. And anyone who stays at the hotel can ride it. Twenty-five years after his Well-Tempered Chair, Ron Arad has used a similar process--in which the naturally sprung properties of tempered steel, bolted in tension, gives a natural yield or “softness”--to build a bike with wheels made of sprung steel. To account for the added flexibility in the materials, Arad’s sprung wheels of steel are in fact a little bit larger than the average bike wheel, says Marcus Hearst, director of the design department at Arad’s studio. But it’s this yield that gives the wheels a slight cushion and makes the wheels work in a practical way. Hearst said it’s a surprisingly comfortable ride, and, ironically, the faster you go, the smoother it is. Read more...