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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Ride Report - September 20, 2008

I wanted to get some mileage and hills in before CFC. I am still on the fence on whether I am going to ride it. So I decided to head out on a 100+ ride with some hills. I remembered that the Ridge Runner 100 mile route was supposed to be a tune-up for CFC and the start is close to my house. I have the map from when I rode it a few weeks ago and the turn markers are still on the road. I thought we were going to have 4 riders, but only Jonny showed up to ride with me.

One of the funniest things to happen on the ride was at the split for the 50 or 85/100 mile route. When I did the ride with Evan a guy was walking down the street in greasy pants and a t-shirt. When we said good morning to him he started screaming at us. Today we get to the turnoff and he is there, but he has a bike. He also was wearing a helmet. We said good morning to him, he turned and screamed "good morning" three times and some expletives and proceeded down the road away from us.

We stopped for about 45 minutes in Granville to drink coffee and the Blues Fest was in full swing.

The weather was great compared to last Saturday. Low humidity and the temps were low 70's to mid 80's. We rode 115 miles. Averaged 15.5mph. Top speed 41mph. 5600 feet of climbing.

Friday, September 19, 2008

MASH SF rides with Lance on Fixed Gear in Austin Tx

Check out the video on their homepage....

Here is the link

Pretty cool video. Little did I know that Lance trained on a fixie.

Thursday night ride report

We rode around town starting around 9pm. 25 miles. Averaged around 15mph. We headed north and wound through the neighborhoods to get to Ruby Tuesday, not to be confused with Ruby Tuesdays. Jonny and Brian were there waiting to join the ride. They both had been drinking for a while and wanted us to stop and hang. We declined and we all were promptly called the "c" word. I think this was the first time that Brett probably was called that in his life. We headed over toward Weber to check out the downed trees and then over to Walhalla. Walhalla has at least three large trees down and may be a while before it is cleaned up. I may have pics and will post sometime. Ended up at the Tip Top for food and drink.

Beautiful bikes from Richard Sachs

One guy, one bike at a time. I believe there is a 6 year wait list.

His site...

Parlee Bicycles - Carbon Fiber Frame Goodness...

TRUE CUSTOM Our frames, molds and tooling were designed from the ground up to build true custom frames. No single company building with carbon fiber can match the range of customization in the PARLEE lineup. For 2007 we offer full custom in the Z1, Z2 and Z3 models. PARLEE Cycles is the trusted name in custom carbon fiber frames. Some say that it is impossible for a bike to be lightweight, responsive, stiff and comfortable at the same time. Any PARLEE rider will say their PARLEE achieves the perfect balance of efficiency, comfort, durability and style.

In achieving our goal to build the world’s finest carbon fiber frames there has been no room for compromise in materials, craftsmanship, fit, or customer service.

The reviews and feedback from customers, pro racers, magazines, and websites are unanimous in their high praise for PARLEE frames.

Simply put, PARLEE frames are the best built and best riding carbon fiber frames available today, at any price. They are functional works of art.

More at the website...

Waffle Bike - I saw this on the cover of Art in America

I think we should get this in for the "24 Hours of Waffle"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What is the Purple Pedal Project?

Follow the Purple Pedal bikes around the country...

Start here.

Crank Brothers Cobalt Wheelset

These are one of the craziest wheelset designs I have ever seen. Anybody run into any other wheelsets this crazy?

Check out the tech tour...

#61 Bicycles

Bicycles are #61 on this list. I wonder why #61? It seems to me most of the people I ride with fit into one or more of these categories, myself included.

The link...

World Naked Bike Ride - Columbus Ohio

Did this ride ever happen? Supposedly one needed to register with them to get the location of the ride. I did not register. Me naked on a bike would have probably caused a lot of anguish. or puking. or both.

Stolen Bikes from Columbus in Austin TX?

A friend texted me that he saw a message on Craigslist about stolen bikes. Supposedly bikes stolen from Columbus are showing up in Austin TX. Anybody hear anything about this?

Here is the post from Craigslist

If anybody has their bike stolen please email me photos and descriptions and I will post it. raymondmgeorge[at]

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

9/16/08 Ride Report

What a contrast from last week. We had about 50 people, including 4 or 5 BMX riders. Weather was decent, it was a full moon. Ride was not that great, at least in my opinion. We rode about 12 miles. Very few, if any mechanicals. Major stop was at the Topiary Garden. People started to bail because the stop was too long and we rode to the High Beck.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bike Commuters Website

This website is ran by several guys who commute to work in LA, Central Florida and Long Beach, CA. They test products and discuss their travels. They are also big fans of XtraCycle.

The site...

XtraCycle Utility Bicycles

This is probably one of the few companies in the US pushing utility bicycles to haul everything in your daily life.

Check out their site...


Date: Saturday, September 20th - rain or shine

Ride Description: The Knox County Bicycle Challenge (KCBC) is a recreational bicycle ride that can accommodate CYCLISTS OF ALL ABILITIES. The ride and route was established by the Knox County Bicycle Club and is now sponsored by Columbus Outdoor Pursuits. The longer routes showcase some of the prettiest country Ohio has to offer, magnificent vistas,
meandering valley roads, wooded wilderness and HILLS! The low cost short option provides a more moderate course.

The Full Challenge: 100+ miles that will test the seasoned cyclist. Numerous significant climbs along the course give this option a serious degree of difficulty (TTD=10). Bikers have the opportunity to climb Tunnel Hill, Water Tower Hill leaving Roscoe Village and numerous other hills throughout the Holmes County portion of the route. One lunch and two snack stops are provided. Be on the road by 8:00 AM.

Other Long Options: The most popular route is the metric century (62.3) miles). Other options provide distances of 85, 79, and 57 miles. Part of these routes follow the beautiful and scenic Kokosing River Valley. These are moderately difficult routes (averaging a TDD=7.5). Lunch and one snack are provided. Be on the road by 9:00 AM.

Short Option: The low cost 31-mile route is designed for the more novice riders. The route has relatively short, steep hills at the beginning. After turning off the long routes, the hills are less severe to the halfway point. After you arrive in Danville, you may elect to take the “flat cut”, the Kokosing Gap Bike Trail, back to the start. Be on the road by 10:00 AM.

Start: KCBC will start at the library/community center on Meadow Lane in the Village of Gambier. Gambier is located on State Route 229, 5 miles east of Mt. Vernon and 5 miles west of Route 62. Signs will be posted from Rt. 229 to the start. Registration opens at 7:30, start riding after 8:00, and be on the road by 9:00 (except the short option).

Support: Staffed entirely by volunteers, please thank the World’s Greatest Volunteer Crew at any opportunity. A limited sag service will be provided in the event of breakdowns or accidents. All routes will be marked with arrows, and maps will be provided at registration.

Food: For long options only: AM Snack stop in New Guilford, Lunch Stop in Nellie, and a PM Snack stop in Glenmont (century riders only).

Safety: Obey all traffic laws, ride at a safe pace, be alert and check your bicycle for a hilly day. . Although the routes are planned to minimize traffic, you will be sharing the road with other vehicles. You MUST wear a CPSC or Snell approved helmet.

Contact: Gary Schmidt at 614/657-9669 or

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tour of Hocking Hills ride report

That's me flashing the gnome gang sign in the photo.

It was raining with thunderstorms when I woke up. By the time we got to Circleville it was clear and dry.
Temp peaked at 91 degrees
When I looked later on the Internet it claimed 95% humidity.
It felt like we were riding in a rain forest.

Two major hill climbs - topped out at 16% grade
Climbed 3000 ft
72 miles
Averaged 15.5mph

5 riders - We were missing at least one rider, possibly two who decided to stay home.

Cyclists sign up for 24 hours of hard racing at Mohican

From the Mansfield News Journal

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LOUDONVILLE -- Despite a night with only six hours of sleep, Tim McSheffery said he was ready to start a 24-hour mountain bike race.

"What do I enjoy about these?" said McSheffery, 40. "When they're over."

The Columbus man was one of more than 100 who participated Saturday in the Marathon 24 Hours of Mohican.


Going to Vegas? Interbike is coming up!

Bring 1,000+ brands and 10,000+ buyers from around the world to Las Vegas and you have Interbike - the ultimate blend of industry leaders and innovative products in the bicycle business. The gathering kicks off each September with two days of OutDoor Demo in Bootleg Canyon - a world renowned outdoor cycling venue - and continues for three packed days of exhibits, product launches, insightful seminars, meetings and celebrations at the Interbike International Bicycle Expo in Las Vegas.

2008 Show Dates:
September 22-23 - OutDoor Demo
September 24-26 - Interbike Expo
October 21-22 - OutDoor Demo East

The site...

Takes 2 To Tandem - American Council of the Blind of Ohio, (ACB-Ohio)

Date: Sunday September 21, 2008
Time: All Day
Location: Kokosing Gap Trail, Mount Vernon, Ohio
Notes: ACB-Ohio Tandem Bike Rally to be held September 21, 2008

Kokosing Gap Trail, Mount Vernon, Ohio

The American Council of the Blind of Ohio, (ACB-Ohio) is hosting its second annual tandem rally-fundraiser. Visually impaired stokers and sighted captains will have three routes to choose from, 30 flat miles on the trail and 30, and 60 mile-routes on rolling terrain, each starting and ending on the beautiful Kokosing Gap Trail. The two more challenging routes will include the gently rolling hills and some more challenging ones through the beautiful Amish countryside, while the flat route will stay on the trail, which is noted as one of the prettiest and most well maintained rails-to-trails bike paths in Ohio. Sighted tandem teams and single bikes are also welcome.

Many Ways to Participate:
Bring your tandem and your stoker and enjoy a beautiful ride and meet some other folks who enjoy tandem cycling.
Bring your tandem and meet your stoker for the day, who might be visually impaired. Many blind folks love to ride, but they need a captain and/or a bike.
Volunteer for transportation, registration and/or food stops.
Pledge on a rider or sponsor a tandem team.
Donate give-aways to promote your business.
Join the PB&J lunch preparation crew the night before.

The American Council of the Blind of Ohio is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality and equality of life for persons who are blind or visually impaired. We offer information and referral for resources for equipment, training programs, emotional support, scholarships, and more.

The proceeds from this ride will help sponsor the quarterly seminars ACB-Ohio conducts for visually impaired Ohioans and their families.

Sign Up Today!

Registration Donation--$30 or more, per rider

Snacks! Lunch! New friends! Great ride! Support a worthy cause! Free stuff!

How to Sign Up:
Contact Mary Hiland at
Or Call 614-221-6688