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Pedal with Pete - August 15, 2009

The 2009 Pedal-with-Pete Columbus Bike Ride Ride, for Pete's Sake! is coming... On August 15, 2009 Location: Hilliard Heritage Middle School, 5670 Scioto Darby Road, in Hilliard Ohio Join us for good fun, well marked scenic routes, great food, door prizes... and help support Cerebral Palsy research! Stay tuned for more details... Meet Pete Pete's got Cerebral Palsy. Like the hundreds of thousands of people suffering with cerebral palsy, or CP, Pete is trapped in a body that is twisted, a body that fights his every movement. It is a body that will not easily let him verbalize the intelligence and quick wit that is the essence of Pete Zeidner. What Pete likes to do, more than just about anything, is bicycling. For him, it is freedom. video... GROWING UP Pete Zeidner was born to an immigrant family in 1958, in Cleveland, Ohio, and was not expected to live, because he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Pete's parents, Otmar and Ilse, were both born in Transylvania, which is now

42nd SPOT - Sat. 4/18 Ride Recap

Got a chance to ride with Brett and Ashley on this one. Brett was on his singlespeed and Ashley built up a steel frame. retty good turnout, there was a few hundred people at Cyclist Connection . We headed out in the cold, but it warmed up pretty quickly. Abundant sunshine and sunscreen. There was a headwind out of the southwest that we rode into until Circleville. Circleville was the lunch stop and we had burgers at Hardees. We decided to take the shortcut back so that Brett could make it back home at a reasonable time. We did 81 miles and averaged 15.2mph. Ashley continued on to do the 103 mile route. A side note - Cyclist Connection had free burgers and dogs for the riders which was a nice touch. The shop was open and if you are a COP member you will receive 10% off a purchase. I picked up a Park Tool that I needed for some work.

Friday Night Ride Follow-up - 4/17/2009

Got out with Evan and Jonny. We rode west to Grandview to Jeni's. A little coffee and some ice cream to get motivated doesn't hurt. Headed north then out 5th to McKinley. Trabue all the way out to Rome Hilliard. Headed south to Broad and back into town. 25 miles, averaged 17. Good ride, warm weather.

Tyler Hamilton retires from cycling after failing drug test - LA Times

Tyler Hamilton, who became an American cycling star in 2003 when he won a stage of the Tour de France while racing with a broken collarbone and who won an Olympic gold medal in 2004 in the time trial race, announced today he had failed a drug test for the second time in his career and was retiring. more...


I mean, hey, it’s a question worth asking, right? After all, for a lot of us, it’s a kind of urban shorthand that the best way to avoid DUIs is to ride a bike while intoxicated as opposed to driving a car. more...


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Catherine Girves, Director University Area Enrichment Association 614.371.8232 COLUMBUS VALET BIKE PROGRAM TO RECEIVE INTERNATIONAL AWARD Pedal Instead to be Recognized for Innovative Transportation Solutions 04/15/2009, Columbus, Ohio—Pedal Instead, an initiative of Mayor Michael Coleman’s Green Team operated by the University Area Enrichment Association, will receive the Innovative Transportation Solutions Award from WTS International at their May 2009 conference in Seattle, Washington. Pedal Instead is a free valet bicycle parking service which serves major events in Columbus such as Earth Day, Ohio State University football games and more. The volunteer-run program first received the award in 2008 from the Columbus chapter of WTS, whose mission is to transform the transportation industry through the advancement of women. The Columbus chapter of WTS advanced the nomination to the International board, which the

Planning Allegheny to C&O ride...

My good friend Ashley and I rode from West Newton to Frostburg in August 2006, 208 miles roundtrip. We are planning on part 2 this summer. We will ride from Frostburg to Hancock, MD for a total of 144 miles. I hope we can some others to join us (hint hint Kevin and Carolyn). the site...


RAIN is an annual ride across the State of Indiana sponsored by the Bloomington Bicycle Club. Its 160-mile length runs mostly on the Historic National Route 40, an older divided four-lane road with light traffic. It has gentle rolling hills. You should be able to average at least 12 to 14 mph for over 11 hours. the site...

BMX Freestyle Reunion Coming Up

SOLON, OH (BRAIN)—Solon Bicycle owner Dan Sirkin will be hosting a BMX Freestyle Reunion festival on July 18, 2009 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Solon Community Center. In the mid 80s to early 90s, Randy Loop of Columbus, Ohio assembled BMX Freestyle competitions that were held all across the country. The bulk of his efforts were concentrated in the Columbus region, however. His competitions consistently showed some of the strongest turnouts of any event series going at the time. Over the years, many of these riders ended up becoming sponsored by major bike companies. Some of these riders stuck with it throughout the 90s when the sport died while others just quit riding altogether. Dan Sirkin, a former nationally ranked flatland freestyle ride, who rode for Haro Bikes, has never stopped riding. Although the actual amount of time spent riding is much less these days, he still feels the same thrill as when he was much younger. Recently, he reconnected with many of the riders from the past an

Mountain Bike Tricks


Date: Saturday April 18, 2009 Start Time: 7:30 am - 9:00 am Location: Cyclist Connection Street: 200 Cemetery Rd City State Zip: Canal Winchester, OH 7:30-9AM Cyclist Connection, 200 Cemetery Rd., Canal Winchester, OH. Options from 35 to 102 miles. Fairly flat course with a few small hills. Budget Tour. $2 members, $4 non-members. Bob Allen 614/866-8698 rdavisallen AT David Hoodin 614/486-2123 (before 9pm) dhoodin1 AT

Ditch the Chain, a New Type of Bicycle Is Here

Bike Drifting

Saturday Ride 4/11/09 Ride Recap

The markings for Ridge Runner are still showing strong on the road. So was the headwind. Headed north from my house to meet David at the junction of New Albany-Reynoldsburg Road and old 161. Headwind was gusting to 25 out of the north. We rode to the northeast and then south to Granville. There were no cats in the road and the "Mayor of Leetonia" was not out. In Granville we stopped for lunch. Headed back west and the wind turned into a crosswind. Headed south to home with a tailwind. 66 miles or a metric century. Averaged 14.5mph. Great day in the saddle. Good conversation as well.

Bike Swap In Columbus Poll Closed

Looks like the majority of people are for a Bike Parts Swap and Meet. 88% of the people who answered the poll are in favor. There were two HATERS. I guess they don't have any bike parts to sell. They can just stay home. Stay tuned for details...