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Californian-Designed, Swiss-Engineered @amspecialized AF


36 Hours in Kitsbow: Spokes and Ropes


California Golde #bikemovie @Kodak @BedrockSandals @SwiftIndustries @TheRadavist

California Golde from Sandy Carson on Vimeo . The warm fuzz of a technicolour California summer, captured on Super 8 from the saddle of touring bicycles, amidst the bittersweet backdrop of a smoky Sequoia National Forest fire season. California Golde is a conceptually spun psychedelic yarn of analogue exploration and recreation in the digital age that ultimately disconnects from our hyped-up, phone-obsessed culture. Produced and directed by Ronnie Romance Jr. and Sandy Carson Cinematography by Sandy Carson Edited by Karen Skløss Sound design by Eric Friend Written and narrated by Ronnie Romance Jr. Colour grade by Sandy Carson Titles by LAND Music by John Wesley Coleman III Starring 'Ronnie' Romance Jr, Tenzin Namdol, Kyle 'Cubby' Emery-Peck, Erick Cedeno, Sofia Torres, David M.Lane, Moi Medina and Sandy Carson. Presented by KODAK, Bedrock Sandals and Swift Industries and The Radavist. © California Golde 2019  All rights reserved. A book to accompany th