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Saturday, July 7, 2012

STRAVA: Behind the Scenes with Lea Davison

No One Everyone was filmed in Annadel State Park, CA on February 9, 2012. As cars were not allowed in the park, the production crew hiked in all the equipment and carried it from location to location. Lea rode 19 miles during the shoot and crossed two Strava segments (RoughGo to Cobblestone and Lower Rough Go DH (from Cobblestone)).

Thieves steal 40 road bikes, 80 wheels [Bike Radar]

Thieves steal 40 bikes in LAThieves steal 40 bikes in LA (Jon Ashelford)
Taking place across six Southern California counties, it almost seemed inspired by the movies. A high-end theft ring targeted specific items, posed as interested buyers to get crucial information, and then pulled numerous snatch and grab jobs often in broad daylight. It wasn’t cars or high-end electronics these thieves were after, it was high-end bicycles.

According to L.A. County Sheriff’s investigators more than 40 high-end road bikes and twice as many wheels were seized by the Major Crimes Unit, this past May, after a month-long residential burglary investigation ended in the arrests of three men.
Authorities says that those three men, who include Julian Herrera, 23; his brother Jaime Herrera, 21; and 24-year-old Alberto Mejia, targeted bicycle enthusiasts throughout Southern California, and found many of their targets on Craigslist.
Investigators said that the suspects would contact those listing high-end bikes by using fictitious email accounts and fictitious names to gather information – including addresses. The suspects would then burglarize the bike owner’s home to steal the bike – often times doing so while the owner was asleep.

Bicycling in a Long Dress, Part 2 [Let's Go Ride a Bike]

Last month, I posted about bicycling in a long dress.  I demonstrated using an upright Danish bike with a full chain case.  Today I wore a long dress and I wanted to ride my Rivendell, which has an exposed chain and no skirt guard.  I assume this is the type of bike that most readers have, so I’m posting Bicycling in a Long Dress: Part II – no chain guard edition.
This is almost as simple as Part I.  The only difference is that I pinned up the bottom of my skirt.

Bikes are Back 2012 - Gearing Up Early This Year - Bike Lady

Dear Friends of the Bike Lady,

From my home to yours, I hope you enjoyed your 4th of July holiday! It’s the season of freedom, independence and the pursuit of happiness. For most kids, that’s exactly what a bike provides them year in and year out. Think back and try to imagine your childhood summers without a bike. The holidays are months away, but we’re already gearing up for 2012 and this your official invitation to once again be a Friend of the Bike Lady!

For four years, I have asked you to join me in donating bicycles to the winter “Holiday Wish” program benefiting local kids under the care of Franklin County Children Services (FCCS). To date, your generosity has created immense holiday magic and you’ve given a new bike, helmet and lock to 1,211 children with a history of abuse, neglect and abandonment. Your annual support is truly amazing and I thank you. We’re doing things a little differently this year and starting earlier.

We have wanted to purchase unassembled bikes for a number of years. We believe we’ll get more bike for the buck and be able to serve more kids. Warehouse space, timing of donations and volunteers to assemble have always been obstacles. This will be a test year and all donations received by September will be used to purchase unassembled bikes direct from Huffy. The bikes will be delivered to Pickaway Correctional Institute in Orient, Ohio to be assembled by inmates. I’m excited about this partnership. Funds received after September will be used for helmets, locks and additional bikes purchased retail.

New kids enter the system every day and you don’t come under the care of FCCS unless you’ve experienced unfathomable trauma, astounding poverty or are completely alone without a single relative to care for you. We’ve learned in the past four years that bikes truly change these young lives and what these children receive from FCCS Holiday Wish is often their only holiday gift. Seeing a new bike under the tree brings tears of joy, squeals of delight and hours upon hours of riding joy. And, it’s a positive lifelong memory – something in short supply for these kids. Surely you remember your first bike!

You make Bike Lady come to life each year. Your participation – through individual donations, organizing church and corporate giving and spreading the word – is the sprinkling of fairy dust needed to create this holiday magic. Our 2012 goal is 750 bikes. The intent is to provide FCCS at least 500 bikes and spread the joy to kids under the care of child welfare agencies in Delaware, Fairfield, Licking, Madison, Pickaway and Union and counties, too. It will take about $75,000 and that’s a long haul in such a tough economy with so many struggling financially. We can do it if you help.

Spread the word, follow the progress at Bike Lady Inc. on Facebook, forward this email and, of course, donate today:
·          Donate online at
·          Or mail a check payable to Bike Lady, Inc., PO Box 311, Blacklick, OH 43004
·          Or select and purchase a bike, helmet and lock, then drop them off at FCCS Holiday Wish Santa's Workshop at 855 W. Mound Street, M-F, 8-5 – only during the holiday season.
Bike Lady Inc is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charity. Your donation is tax deductible per IRS guidelines. EVERY dollar goes directly to the purchase of bikes, helmets and locks. We’re already rolling. Please join us. Truly, no donation is too small. I ask that if you have a little to share, could you give a kid a bike? You’ll change their life.

Forever grateful,

Kate Koch Gatch | Executive Director | Bike Lady, Inc.
PO Box 311 Blacklick | OH 43004 |T: 614.946.6463
Email: | Web: | Facebook: Bike Lady Inc.

Bikes for Africa | Documentary Trailer

Bikes for Africa | Documentary Trailer from Minaret Media on Vimeo.

In 2003 Hap Cameron decided to dedicate his twenties to traveling, creating a personal goal to live and work in every continent before he turned 30. Eight years later there is one chapter to his journey left, Africa.
Bikes for Africa is the entertaining, insightful and emotional story following the life adventures of Hap and his girlfriend Mandy, their journey through Hap's seventh continent on two wheels, and their attempt to help implement a self-sustainable bike workshop in rural Namibia with a container load of secondhand donated bikes from Melbourne.
This feature documentary endeavors to investigate how a bicycle can fundamentally change the lives of rural Africans, and brings to focus the great works of two-wheeled charities Bicycles for Humanity and the Bicycling Empowerment Network Namibia.
Official Website
Like us on Facebook
Special Jury Award - New Zealand Mountain Film Festival 2012
A film by
Richard Sidey
Hap Cameron
Featuring Music by
Hazel Boot
Heddy Fraze
Samuel de Silentio
More on the Bicycle Charities
Bicycles for Humanity
Bicycling Empowerment Network Namibia

Friday, July 6, 2012

Love, Sweat & Gears!

We are a four women cycling team from Colorado committed to competing in the Race Across AMerica (RAAM) in June 2012.  RAAM is known as “The World’s Toughest Bicycle Race” and is one of the most respected and longest endurance event in the world.  We will
Ann, Julie, Dina, & Amy
Ann, Julie, Dina & Amy
cross 13 states, riding 3,000 miles from Oceanside, CA to Annapolis, MD, and climb 170,000 feet in less than a week.  Read more about Race Across America by clicking on our tab above or visiting the RAAM website at
We will be riding in support of LiveWell Colorado a state-wide nonprofit organization whose goal is to decrease the growing trend toward obesity throughout the state of Colorado by inspiring healthy eating and an active lifestyle.  While Colorado is often touted as America’s “leanest” state, we are not immune to the growing health crisis of obesity.  It is our intention to bring awareness and financial support to LiveWell Colorado by modeling the importance of active living across the age span and by hosting several fund-raising events over the next many months.Read more about LiveWell Colorado by clicking on our tab above or by visiting the LWC website at
Get out your calendars and get ready for some really fun times all while raising money for Love, Sweat & Gears and Livewell Colorado.  We will keep our event calendar updated.  Learn how easy it is to make a donation via our website link and learn about our sponsors.
Team & Crew at crew training
Meet our Team.  Meet our Crew. All of this can be found on the toolbar at the top of this page.  Don’t forget to read our blog posts listed to the right under “recent posts”.   Please let us know your thoughts by entering a comment on our posts. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter listed under Love, Sweat & Gears.  We are ready to make a difference and we are ready to ride!
Did we mention we are a team of women with an average age of 50 years?

An Open Letter To Drivers Who Don't Like Cyclists [BaseTriFit]

Dear Drivers:

I understand your frustration at having to slow down for a few seconds on your way to wherever is so important you need to blow by me going 60 MPH. I am on a small, 2 wheeled machine that might weigh 30 lbs. You are the equivalent of a baseball bat getting ready to deploy explosive candy-spreading power against a pinata. I prefer not to end my day in a casket so instead of me angrily flipping the bird or screaming out "you knucklehead!" I'm going to try to give you comparison...bear with me:

[Keep reading at BaseTriFit]

Pittsburgh cyclist still has drive after hit-and-run that nearly claimed his life.

After a hit-and-run crash left him unconscious for weeks, biking enthusiast vows to return and continue advocacy here

July 5, 2012 2:08 pm
Fran and Bud Yablonsky walk with their son Dan, 23, down a hall Monday at the HealthSouth Harmarville Rehabilitation Hospital in Indiana Township. Dan Yablonsky was seriously injured in a hit-and-run accident in May while riding his bicycle.
  • Fran and Bud Yablonsky walk with their son Dan, 23, down a hall Monday at the HealthSouth Harmarville Rehabilitation Hospital in Indiana Township. Dan Yablonsky was seriously injured in a hit-and-run accident in May while riding his bicycle.
  • Dan Yablonsky, 23, speaks with the Post-Gazette from HealthSouth Harmarville Rehabilitation Hospital Monday as his mother, Fran, left, listens and his father, Bud, center, takes a phone.
A bicycling enthusiast through and through, Dan Yablonsky has ridden in places that mere mortals would shy away from -- the streets of New York City and Denver and across the Western Continental Divide.
He is now on a journey far longer and more arduous than any of his bike trips. On May 13, Mr. Yablonsky, 23, was run over while cycling on Liberty Avenue in Lawrenceville. The driver of a Jeep fled the scene, leaving Mr. Yablonsky, as he put it, "mangled on the ground."
Police found the Jeep and the remnants of Mr. Yablonsky's bike, which the driver had yanked out of the vehicle's undercarriage some distance from the crash. An investigation continues, and criminal charges are likely.
Another thing is likely, according to Mr. Yablonsky: When he has recovered from injuries that shattered him from head to toe, he will resume his pursuit of a career as a bicycling advocate.
"Now I know the stakes," he said in an interview at HealthSouth Harmarville Rehabilitation Hospital in Indiana Township. "Now I know the stakes of having a safe environment [for cyclists]."

Read more:

DIY: Altoids Tin Bicycle Essentials Kit [Bicycle Times]

By Stephen Haynes
I’m a huge nerd for things in small packages, especially if the small packages are incredibly useful. I also love Altoids. So it should come as no surprise that I’m a major fan of DIY kits that utilize Altoids tins. I’ve poured over the DIY survival, first aid, zombie apocalypse and fishing kits made by industrious people over and have made various kits for myself which I use often.
The thought of making a bicycle equivalent to the outdoorsy survival kit has circulated through my mind several times and I was happy to see someone employ the idea. I ran upon this one the other day made by Instructables member SMART. I really like a lot of what SMART is doing with this kit and I think anyone could use it as a jumping off point for there own bicycle minded survival kit. In fact, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.
What follows are the ingredients that I used and the process by which I made my bicycle survival kit. This isn’t meant to be a be all end all kit. In fact, if I did this ten times I have ten different kits. Have fun and use my experience as a jumping off point for your own custom kit.

Alex Marco "The Bike" (Scopitone)

Bell Muni helmet sports rear lights

The Muni takes the mantle of Bell urban helmets to a new level with outstanding functionality, great features, and well-mannered design and graphics. Visibility is a big part of the Muni story, with a pair ofintegrated rear flashing lights which come as standard equipment. A rear strap allows even more lighting to be added by simply clipping on a rear flasher—we suggest the ultra minimalist Blackburn Flea 2.0 Rear—while a sleek, seamless perch built into the Blade Visor Plus accommodates the diminutive but brightBlackburn Front Flea light. Strap adjustments and sizing are nearly automatic thanks to the helmet’sOneStep Plus fit system that—after a couple quick out-of-the-box adjustments—snugs to a custom fit every time you ride. Carrying over from its predecessors, the Metropolis and Citi, is the Flip Mirror—a super adjustable mirror that clips to special grooves in the visor and stows away neatly when not in use. Rounding out the package is a ratcheting buckle which provides easy fitting with its subtle adjustment range.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

MEDAL QUEST | Paralympic Greats | 2011: Sneak Peak At The Velodrome | PBS

Paradise Garage is partnering with Yay Bikes! to bring Reveal The Path to Columbus. Details will be revealed soon! #letsride

Reveal the Path Trailer from Mike Dion on Vimeo.

Ride your bike to Clipper's game 7/8 & park with Pedal Instead (@pedalinstead) gets your a free ticket courtesy of Kenda (@kendatire) #letsride

This Sunday, July 8, Kenda Tire (Bicycle) is giving the 1st 100 cyclists who ride to the Clipper's Game and park at Pedal Instead FREE TICKETS to the game! Game starts at 1:05pm, corral opens at 11am. Bike there!

Discover Urban Cycling with REI

Going Dutch in Amsterdam [Toronto Sun]

A view of Amsterdam. (Shutterstock)

Amsterdam likes its numbers.

One hundred and sixty-eight canals, 1,248 bridges, population of 780,559 with 600,000 bikes and just as many bulb flowers (mostly tulips) in public parks and gardens.
While it's easy to distill the Dutch capital down to stereotypes -- let's not forget the wooden shoes and legalized prostitution and marijuana -- it's harder to articulate it's sophisticated vibe.
Which is how I find myself on Prinsengracht (Prince Canal) on a rental bike from my hotel ready to experience the city like a true Amsterdammer.
I'm not off to a good start.
My rental is a brand new shiny white three-gear model with tourist-issue logos.
Most Amsterdammers ride dark-coloured single-gear utilitarian ones.
After all, they cycle virtually everywhere and the bike is about getting from point A to B efficiently, not posing on a newfangled two-wheeler.
The stretch along the DoubleTree by Hilton's promenade goes smoothly.
There's no heavy commuter traffic there.

2012 Doo Dah Parade Recap 07042012

Yay Bikes! float theme was Yay Vikes!
40+ riders
keg bike
Partnered with Scandinavian Club of Columbus

How to get more people cycling in Vancouver? Ask Copenhagen. [Vancouver Observer]

Copenhagen cycling, biking Copenhagen
Flickr photo of cycling in Copenhagen by Franz-Michael S. Mellbin
The City of Copenhagen claims that 30 minutes of cycling each day increases your mean life expectancy by one to two years. Its analysis indicates that regular cycling means fewer sick days and fewer medical expenses.
The health benefits of cycling in Copenhagen reportedly adds up to about $380 million USD per year. In a recent survey conducted by the City among Copenhagen residents, 58 per cent of cyclists said they found “enjoyment” when cycling around town, versus 34 per cent of people who said they enjoyed driving cars.
These are only two of the many reasons that City staff and politicians in Copenhagen want 50 per cent of the trips people make in the city to be made by bike by 2015. Currently, 36 per cent of trips to school or work are made by bike, which equals about 150,000 bike trips each day in the city.
Not bad for a city of about 300,000 people.
Like Copenhagen, Vancouver has made significant strides in its bike ridership. While our citywide cycle ridership is only at 4 per cent currently, we have increased cycling by 180 per cent since the mid 1990s.  We’ve added significant infrastructure for cycling and are poised with the new transportation plan that is up for consultation, to make significant progress in the next few years.   

There are a few key steps for Vancouver if we are going to achieve what Copenhagen has demonstrated is possible.
Here’s a few ideas from Copenhagen that might help us get there:
1. Create a cycling culture:
Copenhagenites of all types are into cycling. That’s rain or shine. And, it’s whether you’re dressed for work or for play. It’s how families get around too. With a great diversity of family lifestyle bikes, it’s easy for parents to take the kids around by bike. This culture is clearly not something that government alone can make happen.  It’ll take everyone interested in cycling to make it a part of their daily routine, not just something to do on the weekend. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July! #letsride

We will be taking a break from posting today to spend time with family and friends.

Happy Fourth!

Ray, Bill and Cherie

Join Yay Bikes! (@yaybikes) in the Doo Dah Parade today!

Join Yay Bikes! on Wednesday, July 4th, 2012 to Celebrate Liberty & Lunacy at the 29th Annual Doo Dah Parade!

Exercise your First Amendment right, through humor. We will be lining up on Park Street south of Buttles around NOON. Wear a Yay Bikes!, Bike Curious or other RED shirt. We will have props to hand out for our theme. We will then parade our bicycles around the Short North, Victorian & Italian Villages & Harrison West.

2011 Doo Dah Parade pictures

2010 Doo Dah Parade pictures