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PHOTOS - Roadway Improvements-Scioto Peninsula-West Broad Street

Project Description: Improvements will be made to West Broad Street between the Norfolk Southern Railroad bridge located west of Starling Street and the bridge over the Scioto Riv er.  Improvements include: •Pavement reconstruction, streetscape upgrades, pedestrian and bike facilities •Utility improvements including new water line, street lighting and storm sewer facilities •Sidewalk reconstruction and widening •Granite curb, street trees, planters, and lighting •Bike lane installation along West Broad Street •Installation of two planted medians •Traffic signal upgrade at Broad Street and Belle Street •Relocation of current above-ground privately and publicly-owned utilities to underground  Schedule: •Design began in spring 2014 and is scheduled for completion in spring 2015 •Construction is tentatively scheduled to start in summer 2015 Questions may be directed to: City of Columbus, Department of Public Service Project Manager, Richard Ortman, P.E., 645-5465, drortman@col

The Road from Karakol


Notes From the Scrum: The thing you love can kill you @velonews

As the car’s front bumper hit my rear wheel, the sound of it wasn’t heard but absorbed. The front wheel popped out, and the tire ripped off as the violence of energy went from car to bike and human being. I came down on a naked fork going roughly 25 miles per hour. And so this is how it happens. This is how you die. My brain is on fire and the slivers of seconds are bending and stretching. I look over my left shoulder and see the car passing above. The time is long still, and the pitch of a terrified nervous system mutes the rest of the world into nothing. My right hip and calf help bring me to a slow, grinding stop on the side of Monarch Road outside of Boulder, Colorado. I rest my head on the asphalt and close my eyes. Awareness is smoke, there and gone. Read more at

This Is How Normal Walking to School Used to Be @KCET

How Seville transformed itself into the cycling capital of southern Europe @peterwalker99

Manuel Calvo bumps his Brompton folding bike along the last few metres of a quiet cobbled street in Seville’s old town, then though a narrow passage and on to a broad ringroad encircling the district. Suddenly, several lanes of cars and buses are zipping past, but Calvo pays no heed – we are on a smooth, green-tarmacked bike lane, separated from motor traffic by both a raised kerb and a waist-high fence. “Here we are,” says Calvo, pedalling unhurriedly along the network he played a key role in designing. “I’d do a few things differently next time, maybe try and make the lanes a bit wider. But they work. People use them.” And people do, in large numbers. They do so to such an extent that Seville, the capital of  Andalucia  in the far south of Spain, has become something of an unlikely poster city for sustainable transport. It is, proponents say, living proof that more or less any urban area can get lots of people on the bikes by the relatively straightforward means of building

Ohio River trail council readies for next phase @TribLIVE

The Ohio River Trail Council is moving forward with plans to establish a 41-mile route that will connect 26 Allegheny and Beaver county communities.  The group plans to start a phase two project study in the spring that will include the design of a 15-mile bikeway segment that will begin at the Sewickley Bridge, travel through several towns, including Edgeworth, Leetsdale and Ambridge, and end at the Beaver County Jail in Center.  A kickoff planning meeting will take place at the Old Economy Village Visitor Center in Ambridge on Feb. 24.  “We are really excited about the possibilities and are working hard to get as many stakeholders at this meeting as possible,” said John Orndorff, a director on the trail council. [Keep reading at TribLIVE]